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Similar deaths, similar verdict
Coroner's court rules open verdict on two separate drownings
By Crystal Chan The Electric New Paper 11 Oct 07

Boar traps found in Ubin NParks gets tough as poaching is on the rise here
Sheralyn Tay Today Online 1 Oct 07

The foam on the shore is really styrofoam
By Shobana Kesava The Straits Times 16 Sep 07

Singaporeans pray for 4D numbers at Ubin rock
Today Online 13 Aug 07

Goodbye Ubin Thai temple
relocated for reopening of Kekek Quarry which eventually was deferred
ubin stories blog 13 Aug 07

Govt defers quarrying granite in Ubin
Straits Times 4 Aug 07

Outward Bound marks 40 years here with book
By Lim Wei Chean Straits Times 23 Jun 07

Ten cyclists injured each month on Pulau Ubin's 'danger spot'
Channel NewsAsia 9 Jun 07

Outward Bound marks 40 rugged years
By Lim Wei Chean Straits Times 21 May 07

Mining work may start at Kekek Quarry in 3-6 months: Grace Fu
Channel NewsAsia 23 Apr 07

Kekek Quarry reopening: Minimal disruption
Channel NewsAsia 15 Apr 07

Reopening of Kekek Quarry on Pulau Ubin: No Cause for Worry
By Teh Jen Lee New Paper 16 Apr 07

Not a concrete plan Leave Pulau Ubin and my wild-boar relatives alone
Down Under with Neil Humphreys Today Online 14 Apr 07

Vanishing Landscapes on the Mr Brown Show: what happens to Ubin and Sentosa?

Pulau Ubin residents welcome move to re-open granite quarries on island
Channel NewsAsia 13 Apr 07

A jewel that needs to be protected Don't destroy Ubin in the name of development Letter from Maryanne Maes Today Online 11 Apr 07

Singapore looking to reopen granite quarry
Channel NewsAsia 9 Apr 07

Lost horizon: Pulau Ubin Singapore's last undeveloped island won't remain unspoiled for long, writes Richard Waters The Australian 3 Mar 07

Changi is unique as S'pore's green lung
Letter from Maryanne Maes Today Online 4 Jan 06

Changi excellent location for future IR
Letter from Huang Pengxie Today Online 3 Jan 07

Make Changi area a home base for the region's businessmen and executives
Letter from Tan Kok Liang Straits Times Forum 29 Dec 06

Don't build all the resorts in town area. Consider Punggol 21 and Coney Island Letter from Jyanzi Kong Straits Times Forum 21 Dec 06

URA puts up for tender Punggol Point site meant for sea sports, F&B By May Wong Channel NewsAsia 20 Dec 06

Make Pulau Ubin a rustic contrast to developed isles
Letter from Edmund Lim Wee Kiat Straits Times Forum 18 Dec 06

Civil Service Chalets up for tender
Bed & Breakfast or resort likely on Pulau Ubin as first public tender called on island
By May Wong Channel NewsAsia 14 Dec 06
Call for first public tender on Pulau Ubin
Govt approves recreational uses for former govt chalet site
By Vincent Wee Business Times Singapore 15 Dec 06
Bidders check out Ubin site
Derrick A Paulo Today Online 15 Dec 06
Rare chance to lease a slice of rustic Pulau Ubin
6,505 sq m chalet site has potential for a signature project
By David Boey The Straits Times 15 Dec 06

Environmental issues not mere evangelism
Letter from Teh Peijing Today Online 12 Dec 06
"I refer to Mr Chia Hern Keng's letter "Country's survival comes first" (Dec 6). I agree that Singapore needs to balance economic growth with environmentalism. His suggestion to turn Pulau Ubin into a tropical eco-tourist resort combines environmental protection with economic benefit and is more practical than an exclusive resort on the Southern Islands."

Country's survival comes first; But there may be a way to make money while saving nature Letter from Chia Hern Keng Today Online 6 Dec 06
"Only by making Singapore very attractive to travellers can this tourism business be assured. Areas such as Bugis, Little India and Suntec, for instance, should be further spruced up. I would even suggest turning Pulau Ubin into a kampung-style tropical ecotourism resort--for locals and foreigners alike--so that the natural environment there would be protected. If we think of environmentalism, we also need to consider man as part of nature. Keeping Pulau Ubin in its current state without letting people appreciate its beauty would be a waste."

Opening of Pulau Ubin Volunteer Hub will boost nature conservation
By Julia Ng Channel NewsAsia 29 Oct 06

Pulau Ubin headman, 101, dies
The Straits Times 7 Oct 06

Hong Kong to promote eco-tours to rural islands
By Channel NewsAsia's Hong Kong Bureau Chief Roland Lim
Channel NewsAsia 27 Aug 06

Eco-Centre Pulau Ubin
Email from Grant Pereira to GVN members 12 Jul 06

Queue-jumping at ferry terminal takes away fun of visiting Pulau Ubin
The Straits Times Forum Online 18 Apr 06

No site yet for wild animal shelter
by Radha Basu The Straits Times 7 Apr 06

Malaysia's "Kampung Homestay" initiative gives tourists a taste of local life
Johnson Choo Channel NewsAsia, 4 Jan 06

Singapore steps up testing of wild birds for bird flu as winter season approaches
Ubin birds tested have been found to be clear of the H5N1 virus.
Lee Ching WernToday Online 18 Nov 05

Back to Nature More Singaporeans are swapping the concrete jungle for the green one (including Pulau Ubin) on weekends Today Online 24 Sep 05

Uniquely Bollywood
Indian film crew in town, lavish sets and all, to shoot the sequel to India's E.T.
Rahul Venkit Today Online 16 Sep 05

Filming for Hindi movie "Krrish" begins in Singapore
By Asha Popatlal Channel NewsAsia, 15 Sep 05

Race track on Ubin? Outlet for drivers from mainland
Some fuel for thought
Use ethanol fuel in cars instead of non-renewable source-based propane
Letter from Noel Mahesan Today online 15 Sep 05
Ban driving once a week
Rotating enforced rest days can help reduce number of vehicles on road
Letter by John Lucas Today Online 14 Sep 05

Pulau Ubin hosts cliff-diving demonstration to promote sport
Channel NewsAsia, 12 Sep 05

Waterfront developments: celebrating Chek Jawa and Pulau Ubin
By Chang Ai-Lien The Straits Times 9 Aug 05

Pulau Ubin ostrich taken to Jurong Bird Park
By Valarie Tan Channel NewsAsia, 11 Jul 05
Bye bye birdie Chang Ai-Lien The Straits Times, 12 Jul 05

Care of Ubin's wild boar adequate
Reply by AVA to Letters to The Straits Times, 8 Jul 05

8 Pulau Ubin poultry farmers accept resettlement offer
By Lian Cheong/Joanne Leow Channel NewsAsia, 5 Jul 05

Singapore-Malaysia Youth Camp on Ubin
80 youths participate in Singapore-Malaysia Youth Camp
By Pearl Forss Channel NewsAsia, 4 Jul 05
M'sian youth get first taste of HDB life Today Online, 4 Jul 05

Life's a boar for this Pulau Ubin resident
Letter by Susannah Low Xiao Rong (Mdm) to The Straits Times, 2 Jul 05

AVA makes nightly rounds on Ubin for poultry
Ubin Stories blog 29 Jun 05

Seeking the green light for animal sanctuaries:
YES Plans for halfway house on Pulau Ubin for confiscated wildlife get in-principle OK
By Chang Ai-Lien Science Correspondent
The Straits Times, 24 Jun 05

Ever changing Pulau Ubin?
Frontline, TCS 8, 17th June 2005
(posted on the Ubin Stories blog)
Will it become another artificial island?
Will the continuous development rob it of its rustic charm?

Farewell, farmer
Pulau Ubin says goodbye to its chickens and farmers
Loh Chee Kong Today Online, 18 Jun 05

Ban on rearing of live poultry on Pulau Ubin kicks in
By Wong Siew Ying/Li Siew Li Channel NewsAsia, 17 Jun 05

Bye-bye birdie
The Electric New Paper, 17 Jun 05

Ubin ostrich saved from chopping block
By Chang Ai-Lien The Straits Times, 16 Jun 05

Big poultry round-up at Ubin
As ban looms on Friday, nine farms emptied to keep bird flu virus away
By Chang Ai-Lien The Straits Times, 15 Jun 05

Press release on the AVA website, 3 Jun 05

Agri-Food & Vet Authority collects Pulau Ubin poultry from farmers
By Joanne Leow and Lee Ching Yee Channel NewsAsia, 14 Jun 05

Bird flu fears lead to Ubin poultry ban
Residents have two weeks to get rid of their birds; farmers offered compensation

By Chang Ai-Lien The Straits Times, 4 Jun 05

Poultry rearing to be banned on Ubin but wild chickens still roost
By Joanne Leow Channel NewsAsia, 4 Jun 05

Ban on all live poultry in Ubin
by Sheralyn Tay Today online, 3 Jun 05

No poultry rearing on Pulau Ubin from 17 June
By Wong Siew Ying Channel NewsAsia, 3 Jun 05

Ubin's 'Pacific Blue' cops
The Straits Times, 31 May 05

Ubin will keep its natural ambience
Reply to letter to the Straits Times Forum, 23 May 05

Adventure race at Pulau Ubin attracts 48 teams
By Patwant Singh Channel NewsAsia, 15 May 05

Ubin's charms to stay
Today Online, 11 May 05 Reply to letter to Today

Don't let Pulau Ubin become Sentosa No. 2
by Nelson Quah Letters to the Straits Times Forum Page, 9 May 05

Do not allow Pulau Ubin to become another East Coast Park
by Liana Jeffrey Letter to Today 3 May 05

Launch of Pulau Ubin Conservation and Management Plans - Ubin-HSBC Volunteer Hub, Chek Jawa, Jelutong Campsite & Bike Park
NParks media statement, 29 Apr 05

The Ubin adventure begins
Jasmine Yin Today Online, 29 Apr 05

$7m plan unveiled to enhance Chek Jawa experience
By Julia Ng Channel NewsAsia , 29 Apr 05

Residents of popular HK island concerned over threat to ecology
By Roland Lim Channel NewsAsia 15 Apr 05

Pulau Ubin headman celebrates turning 100
By Sharlene Tan The Straits Times 3 Apr 05

Breeder plans 10 fish farms off Ubin
By Chang Ai-lien The Straits Times 18 Mar 05

Is Singapore still special to tourists?
by Prithpal Singh Today, 27 Jan 05

Ailing country club loses battle for new members
by Daryl Loo The Straits Times, 17 Jan 05

$8m Changi Ferry Terminal opens
The Straits Times, 5 Jan 05

New ferry terminal to open
The Straits Times, 31 Dec 04

Changi Point Ferry Terminal to be operational from 5 Jan 05 with map
Maritime Port Authority News Release, 30 Dec 04

The great escape: about camping in Singapore including Pulau Ubin
The Straits Times, 5 Dec 04

NParks relaxes rules on camping permits
Channel NewsAsia 26 Nov 04

Ancient relics under your feet? by Serene Goh
Experts believe more sites here may hold treasure trove from the country's past
The Straits Times 15 Nov 04

HSBC staff to turn 'gardeners' for Chek Jawa
By Arlina Arshad
The Sunday Times, 17 Oct 04

HSBC 'adopts' Chek Jawa under NParks scheme
By Pearl Forss
Channel NewsAsia, 16 Oct 04

AVA buys Ubin birds to cut risk of backyard flu
by Chew Seng Kim The Straits Times 20 Sep 04

AVA buys up poultry from Pulau Ubin residents
The Straits Times 20 Sep 04

Youth to clean up Chek Jawa
Today, 18 Sep 04

AVA gives Ubin farmers one-week extension on poultry quotas
By Pearl Forss Channel NewsAsia 15 Sep 04

Student gets green award for bid to preserve P. Ubin

She started online archive of info on how to protect Ubin's ecology; 3 others also win award
By Radha Basu The Straits Times 14 Sep 04

From Ubin to Germany
Student's love for island earns her title of environmental envoy
Eveline Gan Today 14 Sep 04

Sons of Ubin keep tradition alive
by Kor Kian Beng Photos by Kua Chee Siong The New Paper 3 Sep 04
at the Pulau Ubin Stories blog 3 Sep 04

The much loved babe of Chek Jawa: about the death of Priscilla the Pig
By Desmond Wong
The New Paper 9 Jun 04
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