Eastern Route at Ubin

The short Eastern Route heads right at the Jetty along Jalan Pekan Ubin towards the Police Post and along the Sensory Trail.

Some of the major sights on your journey East include:

The NParks Info Kiosk: get some tips from the friendly NParks officers on how to spend your day. The Nature Gallery is a small exhibition area with more information and photos about Ubin.

The beach infront of the Info Kiosk has some rock pools that are interesting to explore at low tide. But be careful, the rocks are slippery.

The Police Post (Coast Guard) office: If you plan to camp overnight on Ubin, do stop by to leave your particulars so they can help you out if need any. They will also update you on the latest safety issues on the island.

There is a
large Banyan tree near the Police Coast Guard station which is growing over a breadmaking oven complete with air vents. It is believed that it belonged to a French family that lived and sold bread on Ubin 100 years ago.

A quaint Shell station lies right around the corner.

The Sensory Trail: designed for the visually handicapped but just as exciting for the rest, this trail allows you to use all your senses to experience nature. Touch, smell and taste of the fruit trees, spices and herbs found on the trail, from common ones such as pandan and bananas, to some seldom encountered plants.

Mangroves, abandoned prawn farms and shore views: scenic views and closer look at some strange flora and fauna.

The route joins the Northern route in front of the formerHeadman's house passing a fish farm and a coconut plantation.

The Sensory Trail.

Kampung views.

The Headman's house.
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