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  Channel NewsAsia, 12 Sep 05
Pulau Ubin hosts cliff-diving demonstration to promote sport

Singapore hosted its first-ever cliff-dive at Pulau Ubin on Monday.

It's a leap of faith definitely not for the faint-hearted! Athletes can be travelling at speeds of up to 100 kilometres per hour when they hit the water.

Cliff-diving champion Joey Zuber was at hand to explain what the sport is all about, and to share his experience with thrill lovers.

The event is part of a demonstration drive to create awareness of the sport of cliff-diving in Singapore. - CNA/de

The Straits Times, 13 Sep 05
Going off the Cliff

Professional cliff diver Joey Zuber performed a series of somersaults and twists off the disused Kekek Quarry in Pulau Ubin yesterday. The 28-year old Australian was in Singapore for a three-day trip to find a suitable platform here to promote the sport on a competitive level.

There are plans to bring six to eight of the world's best cliff divers here next year.

Mr Zuber has visited Little Guilin in Bukit Batok, but found the Ubin quarry more suitable for its water depth and its surroundings.

With 20 years of diving experience, he is quick to stress the need for ample training in amateur diving before attempting cliff diving. The 2002 champion of the Red Bull World Cliff Diving Championship in Hawaii added: "Singapore's infrastructure and diversity make it an ideal place to introduce a cool sport like cliff diving to Asia".

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