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  Today Online 4 Jan 06
Changi is unique as S'pore's green lung
Letter from Maryanne Maes

Today Online 3 Jan 07
Changi excellent location for future IR
Letter from Huang Pengxie

Straits Times Forum 29 Dec 06
Make Changi area a home base for the region's businessmen and executives
Letter from Tan Kok Liang

In view of the rapid development in the neighbouring countries, especially the proposed Iskandar Development Region in South Johor, Changi Airport and the surrounding areas can be developed into an ideal location for businessmen and senior executives who work in the region to set up their homes there.

Their daily commuting to and from work would be considerably shortened, with options such as budget airlines, ferries or a third link such as a bridge linking Changi Point via Pulau Ubin to the Eastern Gate Development of the Iskandar Development Region.

To make the area more attractive to this high-income group, new measures and the existing facilities will certainly help.

Make the area an education centre for their children. There is a private university coming up in the Singapore Expo vicinity. Nearby is the ITE College East, and there are many schools, kindergartens and childcare centres. More effort is needed to ensure that these educational institutions can cater to non-citizens.

Make Changi an interesting place to live, shop and relax in. The shopping options are already very exciting, with megastores and big shopping malls in nearby Tampines, Simei and Pasir Ris. Entertainment centres include the NTUC Downtown East in Pasir Ris. Outdoor dining can be found near the swimming lagoon, Changi Point, Pasir Ris beach park and the Bark Cafe along Upper Changi Road North.

To make full use of our limited land resources, the residential areas along Upper Changi Road North and the Toh Estate area should be allowed more than the current two-storey height limit when they are not in the flight path of aircraft. Changi Heights and Changi Prison have already been built to a much higher height.

The Changi Point coastal area and Pulau Ubin can be developed for waterfront housing. Landed property in the area should also be open to foreign buyers. Most of the mid- and low-range house-buyers are local executives who depend on CPF contributions to support their property purchases. Given the current CPF contribution cap and low percentage of 13% contribution from the employer, the mid- to low-range segment of the landed property market lacks vibrancy. Implement measures to help the landed property owners cut their losses, and open up more housing options for foreigners.

I urge the government to look into developing Singapore in a more holistic manner rather than focusing only on the Marina Bay area.

Today Online 3 Jan 07
Changi excellent location for future IR
Letter from Huang Pengxie

I REFER to the letter, "Develop Changi as attractive home-base for execs commuting to work in S Johor" (Dec 29).

I agree with Mr Tan Kok Liang that Changi Airport and the surrounding areas can be developed into an ideal area to live, shop and relax.

The Changi area is an excellent location for a future integrated resort (IR) and shopping cum entertainment hub which could be sited on land along the stretch of Loyang Avenue up to Changi Point.

It has the advantage of being close to the airport which makes it very accessible for people arriving by air. It is away from the city so as not to add further congestion. In other countries, entertainment centres are not sited in the city.

Disneyland is not located in downtown Los Angeles but at Anaheim, and Hong Kong Disneyland on Lantau Island near the airport.

Today Online 4 Jan 06
Changi is unique as S'pore's green lung
Letter from Maryanne Maes

I read with disdain Huang Pengxie's proposal to have a future integrated resort (IR) built along Loyang Avenue. ("Changi excellent location for future IR", Jan 3)

Singapore already faces an uphill task of meeting the people's diverse needs when it comes to urban planning.

We need to strike a delicate balance of providing services to make this country relevant to the world with the building of the IRs, and providing its people with a country that feels homely.

We have already lost our claim to the Southern Islands, with the authorities' bid to build a spa resort to attract super-rich tourists.

The part of Changi where Loyang Avenue leads to Changi Point whispers gently of pristine calm and solace. There is hardly a place left like this, where Singaporeans, tired of the city's bustle and noise pollution, can find peace driving along an avenue flanked by beautiful trees or where they can soak in Changi Village's nostalgia.

Changi has a unique breath of its own. It should remain untainted by Singapore's addiction to developing shopping-cum-entertainment hubs on every corner.

Discuss this proposal on the focus ubin forum
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