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  Today Online 13 Aug 07
Singaporeans pray for 4D numbers at Ubin rock

CALL it the work of nature or the hand of a god(dess). But a rock formation in an abandoned quarry in the central part of Pulau Ubin is the site of another quirky bit of Singapore.

The rock looks like the Goddess of Mercy. People come in droves, especially on weekends, to offer fruits and flowers, and, most importantly, pray for 4D numbers.

Driver Ong Kin Cheng, 50, told us he's taken loads of visitors there. 'There have been more people going there since beginning of this year,' said Mr Ong, who lives on the island and has been driving a van for seven years.

Miss Koh Bee Choo, 37, who rents bicycles on the island, went to take pictures of the rock when she heard about it. She said in Mandarin: 'It's quite amusing. I tell visitors about it so that they will have another place of interest to check out.'

Mr Chen Liangji, 77, a drinks-seller who lives near the quarry, told Lianhe Wanbao that he heard about the four-storey-high rock formation two months ago from two tourists.

He said: 'I've been living nearby for 18 years but I did not know about it.'

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