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  Straits Times Forum 18 Dec 06
Make Pulau Ubin a rustic contrast to developed isles
Letter from Edmund Lim Wee Kiat

I REFER to the article, 'Rare chance to lease a slice of Pulau Ubin' (ST, Dec 15).

I appreciate the plans of the Singapore Land Authority to provide visitors with 'a unique experience of rustic Singapore'.

At the same time, I hope the redevelopment of the former Civil Service College Chalet site will not affect or compromise the rustic nature of Pulau Ubin.

A number of offshore islands, including Sentosa and the Southern Islands, have undergone or will undergo extensive development and commercialisation.

The authorities and the new tenants of Pulau Ubin should actively preserve and conserve the natural environment and heritage of Pulau Ubin.

Rustic Pulau Ubin will make an attractive contrast to other highly developed and urbanised offshore islands.

It can also be a useful site for the study of flora and fauna on a tropical isle. The rich natural landscape of Pulau Ubin should be safeguarded and cherished so we can share it with present and future generations of Singaporeans and overseas visitors.

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