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The Straits Times 20 Sep 04

AVA buys up poultry from Pulau Ubin residents

THE Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA), in an anti-bird flu move on Monday, bought up chickens and ducks from those Pulau Ubin families that had exceeded the 10-bird limit that each had been allowed.

All in, more than 100 birds were 'mopped up' from 18 households on the island. Advertisement The exercise came a day before the Sept 21 deadline for the islanders to comply with an AVA directive - not more than 10 caged birds per household. The residents were paid the market rate for each bird - S$10 for each chicken and S$15 for a duck - over the 10-bird limit. These birds were then slaughtered, processed and given away to charities.

An AVA spokesman said that while Singapore and Pulau Ubin remained free of bird flu, the agency wanted to be sure that the disease will not enter Singapore via the island's backyard farms, where it is impractical to errect biosecurity fences.

Ubin resident Lim Chor Gan, 62, who had to give up five chickens and three ducks, pointed out that AVA's move still doesn't totally 'ringfence' the island, which he says is overrun by wildfowl.


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