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The Straits Times, 12 Jul 05
Bye bye birdie
Chang Ai-Lien

Channel NewsAsia, 11 Jul 05

Pulau Ubin ostrich taken to Jurong Bird Park
By Valarie Tan,

SINGAPORE : Jurong Bird Park has a new resident from Pulau Ubin. A 1.8-metres ostrich, weighing 60 kilogrammes, is the last of the kept poultry to be taken out of the island.

'Ubin', the three-year-old ostrich, was shipped to mainland Singapore on Monday. Tests have been conducted on the bird to make sure it was healthy before allowing it to be transported. But 'Ubin' will still be quarantined for a month before making a public appearance. - CNA/de

The Straits Times, 12 Jul 05

Bye bye birdie
Chang Ai-Lien

Ubin resident Lim Choo Zi, 78, saying goodbye to his pet ostrich before the duo part ways. The young male, christened 'Ubin', has been adopted by the Jurong BirdPark, and made the big move to the mainland yesterday. The bachelor will join an existing harem of three females and, hopefully, do what the older male at the park has not been able to for the past few years - father some chicks.

The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority recently banned all poultry on Pulau Ubin, including the ostrich, as part of ongoing efforts to keep the deadly bird flu out of Singapore.

The 2m-tall bird was packed into a specially-constructed crate and ferried away by bumboat. Mr Lim, who has been given membership at the bird park, said he plans to visit his friend soon.

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