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Other websites on nature in Singapore: these are live sites that are updated with new information.
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on nature in Singapore:
these are on-line versions of printed guides and thus are not updated.
Other links on nature in Singapore: interesting pages and sources about nature in Singapore.


wildsingapore google reader
shared posts on blogs dedicated to nature in Singapore (latest entries on the right column).

Singapore Celebrates our Reefs
in support of International Year of the Reef 2008 regular features, stories and updates on activities

wild shores of singapore photos, stories and facts of our wild shores including accounts of field trips, updates on issues and events relating to our wild shores.

wildfilms blog: stories, photos, video clips of wild places that the WildFilms crew visit and film.

Star Trackers a project to track the Knobbly sea stars of Cyrene Reef.

TeamSeagrass blog stories and photos of seagrass monitoring on Singapore's shores

Naked Hermit Crabs blog stories of trips and updates on upcoming walks

Siva's Habitatnews Blog Natural history news for the busy Singaporean - highlighting talks, books, events and issues, in nature, biology and the environment.

Debby's Hantu Blog
Latest on this rich Southern Island, and updates on marine conservation issues

Joseph Lai's eart-h.com updated guide-heets on trees, grasses, insects, and many more written works on nature - ranging from poems, proses, conservation papers and stories, etc. And his flying fish friends blog about nature writing and kids.

Jani's The Blue Tempeh Blog
A Marine Conservation Journal of Events and Sentiments: lots of photos of dives on our very own reefs, and other fun marine discoveries and thoughts

November's Pulau Ubin Stories Stories, old and new, about Pulau Ubin, Singapore and Midnight Monkey Monitor with some entries about environmental issues

Prof Wee Yeow Chin's Bird Ecology blog to share more about our wild birds and their interactions with our wild places! Send your bird photos and stories to him!

Khew Sin Khoon's Butterflies of Singapore blog
fabulous photos and fact sheets and discoveries about our butterflies.

Eugene's Asia Is Green with green tips and news and information on environmental businesses.

Chim Chee Kong's SLOG all about how to know, love, save our Singapore snakes. Checklist and fact sheets. Send your snake photos and stories to him!

Chay Hoon's colourful clouds blog updates on dive and intertidal trips and other conservation issues.

Siyang's urban forest blog almost daily updates of amazing wild places and wild things you can encounter in our city if you take the time to look and the trouble to find out.

Koh Sheng's wonderful creations blog updates on nature trips and research on nature and his Chek Jawa project blog for updates on this shore's recovery from mass death in 2007.

Sijie's nature scouter blog inspirational thoughts and shared nature and scouting activities

Sam's ramblings of a peculiar nature blog adventures on the shores shared

Andy's reddot beachbum blog thoughts about our shores, especially on threats, sgbeachbum blog video clips of our shores.

Labrador Park A brief look into the flora and fauna of the rocky beach at Labrador Park in Singapore by Juanhui, Sivasothi and Wai

Blue Water Volunteers community
stories, photos of adventures of the Blue Water Volunteers volunteers old reefwalk on blogspot

Ubin Volunteers Blog
stories and pictures of volunteers at work on Ubin: guided walks, guided cycling trips, tales of Chek Jawa

NIE Green Club blog
events and activities of the club

Central Nature Reserve Volunteers Blog
stories and pictures of volunteers in our forests.

News from the International Coastal Cleanup Singapore
about ICCS activities and events.

Toddycats! About the volunteers of RMBR.

RMBR news blog
stories from the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research

Ecotax at Yahoo! Groups
announcements of talks, events and job opportunities in environmental issues.

Articles about environmental blogging
Web 2.0 and the power of one: on the leafmonkey blog
Forums, discussion lists

ConservationSingapore by the Nature Society (Singapore)
a discussion list for people interested in conservation.
| subscribe

a discussion list for people interested in nature to discuss anything related to nature. archives | subscribe

habitatnews Natural history news for the busy Singaporean - highlighting talks, books, events and issues, in nature,
biology and the environment. website | archives | subscribe

(for Nature Society members only)
| archives
News sources

wildsingapore news blog daily updates on news for Singaporeans with rss and email feeds

Blog updates see also above
Environmental News Archives blog of news

Local and Regional
Channel NewsAsia updated twice a day
Today Online text version of daily news
Straits Times Forum (still free access to the Forum and some articles)
Antara Indonesian news wire agency with a special section on the environment
Bernama Malaysian news wire agency. No special section on the environment, just scan through the latest articles

Global news sources
Yahoo News science and environment section has links to stories from Reuters, AFP, AP and LiveScience.com (click on the Science tab at the top row)
BBC science and environment news: stories and videos
National Geographic News stories and videos.
PlanetArk Reuter's compilation of environmental articles from around the world (weekdays only, no updates on weekends. See Yahoo News for this period).
Underwater Times focusing on marine, diving and related issues
Earthwire UK environmental news portal by the UK Dept for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
EurekAlert global news portal for academics to bring their news to the media
ENN Environmental News Network

International organisations
WWF World Wildlife Fund news and articles
TRAFFIC wildlife traffic news
IUCN The World Conservation Union news and initiatives

Other websites on nature in Singapore

Chan Kwok Wai's Wildlife Singapore
fact sheets and photos focusing on mammals and other vertebrates of Singapore. Regularly updated.

Loh Tse-Lynn's Coral Reefs of Singapore a comprehensive site with lots of photos and maps, tons of info on all our southern islands, and all about reef conservation efforts in Singapore.

Nick Baker's Ecologyasia fact sheets and photos on a wide range of Southeast Asian fauna including mammals, snakes, lizards (from geckos to the Komodo Dragon), amphibians, turtles and butterflies.

Khew Sin Khoon's Butterflies of Singapore blog
see also his previous Singapore Butterfly Checklist checklist, fact sheets and photos of our wild butterflies.

Timothy's Frogs of Singapore checklist and fact sheets with lots of photos of all our wild frogs.

Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research, the National University of Singapore news, gallery, newsletter, bulletin, SEA biodiversity and other activities of the museum

NParks website with links to these sites

  • National Biodiversity Reference Centre checklists of many major groups, links to sites, bibliography of articles on Singapore's biodiversity.
  • NParks Flora and Fauna Web: fact sheets on a wide range of plants grouped by these categories: indoor, fragrant, water plants, trees, palms, cycads, wayside trees, shrubs, climbers/creepers, ferns and allies, native species of Singapore.

Habitatnews by Siva with vast sections on a wide range of environmental and nature news, events, thoughts.

Blue Water Volunteers featuring marine news, events and opportunities to make a difference for our marine life.

David Tan has a wonderful website of his marvellous nature photos which he hopes will allow more people to get in touch with nature. more about David.

SingGov website listing of information and policies on the environment. Links to energy conservation, flora, weather forecast, haze hot spots and spi readings, parks information, pollution control, Singapore Green Plan and other environmental issues.

online magazines, newsletters and bulletins

NParks newsletters

Links to these newsletters from the NParks website
NParks News: the NParks newsletter featuring latest events by the Board.
Ubin Tides about Pulau Ubin: flora, fauna, activities.

See also
Wetlands about Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve
Gardenwise by the Singapore Botanic Gardens: lots of photos and info on flora in general in the Gardens, region and internationally.

The Raffles Museum of
Biodiversity Research resources

Download articles from The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology between 1928-2004. More about this effort to make these valuable resources available to the public on Siva's habitatnews

Raffles Museum online Newsletter with interesting articles about nature in Singapore, the region and the world.

South East Asian Biodiversity: a selection of Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research and biodiversity related articles that have appeared in the local, regional and international media.

Elements a newsletter by the Singapore Environmental Council focusing mainly on reduce, reuse, recycle and other consumption issues.
On-line guides on nature in Singapore
Mangroves of Singapore: A full on-line version of the complete BP-Science Centre guide by Peter K L Ng and N. Sivasothi (eds.). Includes fact sheets on the flora and fauna of Singapore mangroves, an introduction to mangroves in general and mangroves in Singapore, history and biodiversity, mangroves in Singapore to visit (Pasir Ris and Sungei Buloh), mangrove conservation in Singapore, general introduction to the mangrove ecosystem (abiotic and biotic components), economic value of mangroves.

Seashore Life of Singapore: A full on-line version of the complete BP-Science Centre guide by Leo W H Tan and Peter K L Ng. Includes fact sheets on the flora and fauna of Singapore seashores, an introduction to the shore environment in general, Singapore shores to visit, preparing for a visit, dangerous animals, introduction to special communities on the shore, the strand line, symbiosis Intro and Man and the Sea.

Marine Fishes of Singapore: A full on-line version of the complete BP-Science Centre guide by Kelvin K P Lim and Jeffrey K Y Low. Includes fact sheets on common marine fishes of Singapore, an introduction to coastal marine habitats, fishy trivia, dangerous fishes, fishes and man.

Freshwater Fishes of Singapore: A full on-line version of the complete BP-Science Centre guide by Kelvin K P Lim and Peter K L Ng. Includes fact sheets on common freshwater fishes of Singapore, an introduction to general parts of a fish, freshwater habitats, conservation, amazing fishy facts, fish in our Singapore cultures, role of fishes in the habitat.

Common Spiders of Singapore: A full on-line version of the complete BP-Science Centre guide by Joseph K H Koh. Includes fact sheets on common spiders of Singapore, and introduction to spiders, how to identify spiders, where to find spiders, how to collect and preserve spiders, how to rear spiders.
Other links
Singapore Nature Map A google map with annotations of our wild places on the asia is green blog
Links for some nature locations in Singapore on Habitatnews: includes links to Lower Peirce, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Pulau Ubin, Pasir Ris.
Singapore Green Map produced by the Singapore Environment Council. The on-line version shows only part of this wonderfully useful map. Get it for only S$2 from the SEC.
Singapore-Anything Left to Conserve by N. Sivasothi (launches WinWord document); html view.
Conserving Singapore's Biodiversity by Lim Kim Seng on Nature Watch, a publication of the Nature Society (Singapore), including a map of Singapore's nature areas.
Learning about plants on Siva's habitatnews: lots of links, long lists of books and activities to do and join in order to learn more about plants.
Libraries and bibliographies on fauna of Singapore, coral reefs of Singapore, malayan colugo by Norman T. Lim and Asian Otters by N. Sivasothi.


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