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  Global biodiversity
biodiversity loss, value, threats to
see also forests, big cats, primates, dolphins
global marine issues, climate change, wildlife trade

for local issues see also Singapore's biodiversity and wild shores

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High tech lake clean-up to save Vietnam's legendary turtle
by Frank Zeller Yahoo News 5 Nov 07

Big Pig-Like Beast Discovered
Robin Lloyd LiveScience Yahoo News 2 Nov 07

One third of Europe's freshwater fish face extinction: IUCN
Yahoo News 1 Nov 07

Frog killer fungus 'breakthrough'
By Kim Griggs BBC 29 Oct 07

Scientists Link Extinctions, Rising Temperatures
Nick Wadhams National Geographic 24 Oct 07

Disease killing Australia's Tasmanian devil spreads to key refuge Yahoo News 18 Oct 07

45 bird species in Malaysia face extinction: report
Yahoo News 18 Oct 07

Otters hailed as unofficial peace ambassadors of Korea
Channel NewsAsia 18 Oct 07

Environmental problems loom in Myanmar
By Michael Casey, AP Yahoo News 15 Oct 07

Survey: Sandpiper on brink of extinction
By Michael Casey, AP Environmental Writer
Yahoo News 11 Oct 07

Butterflies used to check climate
BBC 8 Oct 07

Farmland yields to major wetland
By Jeremy Cooke BBC 7 Oct 07

Cambodia's National Animal Is "Real," Study Says
Anne Casselman National Geographic 5 Oct 07

Captive breeding 'weakens' beasts
By Richard Black BBC News 5 Oct 07

Cities Breed the Toughest Birds
Andrea Thompson Yahoo News 30 Sep 07

Local communities celebrate largest protected area in Papua New Guinea WWF 28 Sep 07

New reserves in Vietnam provide lifeline for endangered wild ox WWF 28 Sep 07

New animal and plant species found in Vietnam
WWF 26 Sep 07

Study: Farms Fuel Frog Deformities
Dave Mosher LiveScience Yahoo News 24 Sep 07

Chinese seabird on verge of extinction
By Alexa Olesen, Associated Press Yahoo News 21 Sep 07

Arctic Vault Takes Shape for World Food Crops
Story by John Acher PlanetArk 21 Sep 07

Philippines Finds New Breed of Flying Fox
PlanetArk 17 Sep 07

The Encyclopedia of Life Project: A log to stand on
By Edward O. Wilson Straits Times 17 Sep 07

Cambodia Sets Up Sanctuary for Rare Crane
PlanetArk 17 Sep 07

Mussels Disappear from Streams and Dinner Plates
Andrea Thompson Yahoo News 16 Sep 07

Genetic "barcodes" may cut illegal trade
By Alister Doyle Yahoo News 15 Sep 07

Code red for threatened species
WWF 12 Sep 07

Asian Catfish Migrates Hundreds of Miles, Rivals Salmon
Stefan Lovgren National Geographic 7 Sep 07

Most polar bears could be lost by 2050: report
By Deborah Zabarenko Yahoo News 7 Sep 07

Study: Wrong fish used to save species
By Judith Kohler, Associated Press Yahoo News 6 Sep 07

Development of shores said destroying birds' homes
By Arthur Max, Associated Press Yahoo News 5 Sep 07

Researchers warn of livestock extinctions
By Robert Evans Yahoo News 3 Sep 07

Group to meet, launch frog-saving effort
By Cheryl Wittenauer, Associated Press Yahoo News 23 Aug 07

Group launches plan to save 189 birds
By Michael Casey Yahoo News 15 Aug 07

"Living Fossil" Fish Making Last Stand in China
Stefan Lovgren National Geographic 15 Aug 07

Australia holds the world's last great savanna
By Rob Taylor Yahoo News 14 Aug 07

Research reports good environmental news
By Randolphe E. Schmid, AP Yahoo News 10 Aug 07

New species of bat, frogs found in Congo forests
By Claudia Parsons Yahoo News 7 Aug 07

New species of shrew and orchid found in Palawan
National Geographic 7 Aug 07

"Sex Tree," Other Medicinal Plants Near Extinction in Uganda Alexis Okeowo National Geographic 3 Aug 07

Greatest Mysteries: How Many Species Exist on Earth?
Andrea Thompson LiveScience.com Yahoo News 3 Aug 07

Sailboat Island Odyssey Has Grim Message for Earth
Story by Alistair Thomson PlanetArk 1 Aug 07

Megafishes Project to Size Up "Real-Life Loch Ness Monsters" Stefan Lovgren National Geographic 24 Jul 07

Insufficient protection of crop diversity centres threatens world food security WWF 20 Jul 07

Ecotourism Driving Tibetan Monkeys to Infanticide
Brian Handwerk National Geographic 20 Jul 07

Giant 'pilgrim fish' disappear from river by Myanmar pagoda
Channel NewsAsia 19 Jul 07

How are species classed as extinct?
BBC 16 Jul 07

Australia to Build Cross-Continent Climate Corridor
Story by Rob Taylor PlanetArk 10 Jul 07

US considers Indonesian debt-for-nature swap
Yahoo News 3 Jul 07

Germany to write off Indonesia's debts if national parks in Sumatra are preserved Antara News 30 Jun 07

Wilderness almost non-existent on planet Earth: study
Yahoo News 28 Jun 07

Too much tourism: Galapagos islands go on UNESCO's danger list Yahoo News 26 Jun 07

Industrial farming threatens species diversity: UN
Yahoo News 15 Jun 07

Scientists examine cause of bee die-off
By Genaro C Armas, Associated Press Yahoo News 15 Jun 07

Weather said to blame for bee die-off
By Kristen Wyatt, Associated Press Yahoo News 14 Jun 07

U.N. seeks to conserve genetic resources
By Nicole Winfield Yahoo News 11 Jun 07

Biodiversity: New challenge for the financial services industry
IUCN 7 Jun 07

Hundreds of Bird Species Endangered by 2050
LiveScience Yahoo News 4 Jun 07

Scientists find 24 species in Suriname
By Arny Belfor, Associated Press Yahoo News 5 Jun 07

New frog species found in Thailand
Yahoo News 23 May 07

UN Urges World to Slow Extinctions: 3 Each Hour
Story by Alister Doyle PlanetArk 23 May 07

Study: Climate change may imperil plants
By Ariel David Yahoo News 23 May 07

Group: European mammals face extinction
By Frank Jordans Yahoo News 22 May 07

The 2010 Climate Change Challenge
UNEP 22 May 07

Dwarf buffalo fights for survival in the Philippines
by Cecil Morella Yahoo News 16 May 07

West Nile virus decimates US suburban birds
By Seth Borenstein, AP Science Writer Yahoo News 16 May 07

Rare turtle discovered in Cambodia
By Ker Munthit, Associated Press Yahoo News 16 May 07

Warming world threatens migratory birds
By Arthur Max Yahoo News 13 May 07

Birds 'starve' at South Korea wetland
BBC 12 May 07

Website to catalog 1.8 million known living creatures
by Jean-Louis Santini Yahoo News 8 May 07

Madagascar Creates Millions of Acres of New Protected Areas
M Stefan Lovgren National Geographic 4 May 07

Honeybee die-off threatens food supply
Seth Borenstein Yahoo News 3 May 07

Koala Groups Face Extinction Due to Changing Forests
John Roach National Geographic 27 Apr 07

Plant vault passes billion mark
By Richard Black BBC 26 Apr 07

Taiwan Stung by Millions of Missing Bees
PlanetArk 27 Apr 07

WWF captures extraordinary video of rare Borneo rhino
WWF 24 Apr 07

Mauritius Turns Wildlife Clock Back 400 Years
Story by Ed Harris PlanetArk 19 Apr 07

High alert in India over rhino poaching
Yahoo News 16 Apr 07

Heavily-toured Galapagos islands in peril
by Hector Velasco Yahoo News 14 Apr 07

Air travel threatens biodiversity
Roger Highfield The Daily Telegraph 11 Apr 07

French cosmetics industry champions bio-diverse orchid farmers
by Frederic Garlan Yahoo News 10 Apr 07

Tasmanian devil rescue plan sparks worry
by Rod McGuirk Yahoo News 10 Apr 07

Man's fellow creatures scorched by the heat
Straits Times 10 Apr 07

Rare Striped Rabbit Spotted in Indonesia Rainforest
PlanetArk 10 Apr 07

Effort to catalog species tops 1 million
By Randolph E. Schmid Yahoo News 9 Apr 07

Mysterious disappearance of US bees creating a buzz
Channel NewsAsia 7 Apr 07

Natural wonders feel the heat
WWF 5 Apr 07

Climate draft charts extinctions
By Seth Borenstein Yahoo News 31 Mar 07

China's Turtle Farms Threaten Rare Species, Experts Say
Scott Norris National Geographic 23 Mar 07

Mother Nature Still a Rich Source of New Drugs
Story by Julie Steenhuysen PlanetArk 20 Mar 07

G8 plus Five launch biodiversity initiative, debate climate gridlock by Richard Ingham Yahoo News 16 Mar 07

Waterbirds Threatened, Need Better "Flyways" - Study
Story by Alister Doyle PlanetArk 13 Mar 07

Giant Australian Salt Lake Springs to Life
PlanetArk 13 Mar 07

Vanishing bees threaten US crops
By Matt Wells BBC 11 Mar 07

Biodiversity 'fundamental' to economics
Sigmar Gabriel BBC 9 Mar 07

Aquarium Fish Threatened With Extinction Just Months After Discovery Maryann Mott National Geographic 7 Mar 07

'Extinct' bird found in Thailand
Yahoo News 7 Mar 07

Ho Chi Minh Trail area safe for wildlife
By Jerry Harmer Yahoo News 3 Mar 07

It's not just about climate
Ahmed Djoghlaf BBC 2 Mar 07

Tens of elephants run amuck in Jambi, Indonesia
Antara 27 Feb 07

Biologists record call of rare bird
Yahoo News 27 Feb 07

Five things not to eat for Chinese New Year
TRAFFIC 12 Feb 07

Palm oil - eco-vandal turned environmental saviour?
by Hamish Townsend Yahoo News 12 Feb 07

'Fa cai' has many medicinal benefits and is important for CNY celebrations Letter from Heng Cho Choon Straits Times Forum 2 Feb 07

Fa cai meets local safety standards: AVA
Sheralyn Tay Today Online 1 Feb 07

Survey: Waterbird species are in decline
By Michael Casey Yahoo News 24 Jan 07

Scientists Try to Save World's Rarest Creatures
Story by Jeremy Lovell PlanetArk 16 Jan 07

Mystery of World's Biggest, Yuckiest Flower Solved
Story by Will Dunham PlanetArk 12Jan 07

Rare giant turtle rediscovered in Thailand
WWF 10 Jan 07

Rare Nepal Rhinos Mysteriously Disappear
Story by Gopal Sharma PlanetArk 4 Jan 07

The Big Question: How quickly are animals and plants disappearing, and does it matter?
By Steve Connor The Independent 2 Jan 07

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