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  Global warming and climate change
issues, policies, including Singapore's efforts
for impact on biodiversity see global biodiversity

see also green energy and reduce, reuse, recycle

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Rising Seas Could Threaten Drinking Water Supplies
Andrea Thompson LiveScience.com Yahoo News 7 Nov 07

UN: Big boost needed in carbon markets to cut greenhouse gas Kyoto Protocol's CDM must grow from US$5b credits in 2006 to US$100b By Matthew Phan Business Times 7 Nov 2007

'Most people ready to make sacrifices' to help climate
Straits Times 6 Nov 07

Singapore will do its part to mitigate effects of climate change: PM Lee Channel NewsAsia 3 Nov 07

Global Warming's Long-Term Effect Uncertain, Study Says Mason Inman National Geographic 25 Oct 07

Save the planet? It's now or never, warns landmark UN report
by Jean-Marc Mojon Yahoo News 25 Oct 07

Climate Change: Let there be showers of sulphate blessings
By Ken Caldeira Straits Times 26 Oct 07

Indonesian president calls for more climate change action Channel NewsAsia 25 Oct 07

Carbon Dioxide Levels Up Faster Than Thought - Study
Story by Michael Kahn PlanetArk 23 Oct 07

Bangkok has that sinking feeling
By Denis D. Gray, Associated Press Yahoo News 20 Oct 07

NASA: Ozone hole returns to average size
By Seth Borenstein, AP Yahoo News 19 Oct 07

Nobel prize will help keep focus on climate issues: Professor
By Nilanjana Sengupta Straits Times 20 Oct 07

Do Food Miles Make a Difference to Global Warming?
Story by Deborah Zabarenko PlanetArk 18 Oct 07

Gore: Award puts focus on global warming
By Seth Borenstein and Lisa Leff Yahoo News 13 Oct 07

What does global warming have to do with global peace?
And other analyses of the Nobel Prize for Al Gore and IPCC

Al Gore and UN climate body win Nobel Peace Prize
by Alice Ritchie Yahoo News 12 Oct 07

Study: Rise in humidity caused by humans
By Seth Borenstein Yahoo News 10 Oct 07

British Court Rules 'Inconvenient Truth' Represents 'Partisan Political Views,' Requires School Disclaimer The Heartland Institute Earthtimes 9 Oct 07

Decade of Innovation Could Spark Climate Fix
Story by Timothy Gardner PlanetArk 8 Oct 07

Pumping iron into ocean gets chilly reception
By Curtis Morgan Miami Herald 7 Oct 07

Everyone to Pay for Climate Change
Story by Gerard Wynn PlanetArk 5 Oct 07

Global Warming Could Save Lives - Sceptic
Story by Alister Doyle PlanetArk 5 Oct 07

Tourist industry pledges climate-friendly future
Yahoo News 3 Oct 07

Ozone hole has shrunk by nearly a third: European Space Agency Yahoo News 3 Oct 07

Australia to be Hit Hard by Climate Change
Story by Michael Byrnes PlanetArk 3 Oct 07

Tourism set to suffer from the climate change it generates: UN Yahoo News 1 Oct 07

Climate solutions need the local touch
Camilla Toulmin BBC News 1 Oct 07

Watershed week gives strong push in climate crisis
by Richard Ingham Yahoo News 30 Sep 07

Motives behind Bush's climate summit
By Roger Harrabin Environment Analyst BBC 27 Sep 07

Global Warming Fix by Lovelock: Help the Earth Cure Itself Andrea Thompson LiveScience Yahoo News 26 Sep 07

China's Hydropower May be Global Warming Time Bomb
Story by Emma Graham-Harrison PlanetArk 27 Sep 07

UN Summit on Global Warming: Climate change 'is for real' Straits Times 25 Sep 07

190 countries reach 'historic' deal on cutting ozone threats Channel NewsAsia 23 Sep 07

China observes 'Car Free Day' with the usual gridlock
by Peter Harmsen Yahoo News 22 Sep 07

Greenhouse Earth: Methane powered runaway global warming
by Richard Ingham Yahoo News 19 Sep 07

Unfinished business of ozone protection
Joe Farman BBC 16 Sep 07

Could Kyoto Protocol Use a Touch of Montreal?
Story by Deborah Zabarenko PlanetArk 17 Sep 07

Bangladesh says new flood-resistant rice offers hope to farmers by Shafiq Alam Yahoo News 16 Sep 07

Island building aids river's habitat
By Todd Richmond Yahoo News 15 Sep 07

Global impact of shorter shipping route
Straits Times 16 Sep 07

Netherlands has 200-year global warming plan
By Toby Sterling www.iol.com 8 Sep 07

Tuvalu, About to Disappear, Pleas on Global Warming
PlanetArk 14 Sep 07

Many of Earth's "Vital Signs" in Bad Shape - Report
Story by Ed Stoddard PlanetArk 14 Sep 07

Global Warming Impact Like "Nuclear War" - Report
Story by Jeremy Lovell PlanetArk 13 Sep 07

World Crops Could Decline 16 Pct Due to Warming
Story by Deborah Zabarenko PlanetArk 13 Sep 07

Slash global meat consumption to tackle climate change: Lancet paper Yahoo News 13 Sep 07

Impact of Climate Change on Security: Beware the slippery road to conflict By Hoo Tiang Boon & Ng Sue-Chia Straits Times 10 Sep 07

PM Lee hails Apec statement on climate Although goals are non-binding, he says consensus among members 'significant'
By Peh Shing Huei Straits Times 10 Sep 07

APEC climate call is just hot air, say activists
by Neil Sands Yahoo News 9 Sep 07

Climate change to be key item at Asean meet
PM Lee pledges to keep the momentum going in November summits, By Peh Shing Huei Straits Times 9 Sep 07

APEC leaders commit to tackle climate change: Singapore views Channel NewsAsia 8 Sep 07

Apec 'muddies the climate waters'
By Richard Black BBC 7 Sep 07

Developing nations resist Australian climate change move Channel NewsAsia 5 Sep 07

Battle lines drawn on climate change at asian summit
by Martin Abbugao Yahoo News 3 Sep 07

Save The Planet Before It's Too Late, Pope Urges
Story by Philip Pullella PlanetArk 31 Aug 07

Spreading deserts threaten world food supply
By Robert Evans Yahoo News 31 Aug 07

World leaders must wake up: Many do not realise danger their populations face from global warming: MM Lee Jasmine Yin Today Online 31 Aug 07

Sea to "Engulf" Tract of China's Pearl River Delta
PlanetArk 31 Aug 07

Drought draining Australian food bowl
Straits Times 30 Aug 07

Global Warming Might Spur Earthquakes and Volcanoes
Andrea Thompson LiveScience.com Yahoo News 30 Aug 07

Vulnerable to rising seas, Singapore envisions a giant seawall By Wayne Arnold International Herald Tribune 29 Aug 07

Marina Barrage will house world's largest water pumps
Channel NewsAsia 29 Aug 07

Flooding risk from global warming badly under-estimated: study by Richard Ingham Yahoo News 29 Aug 07

Heavy 7-hour rainfall causes floods
Jane Ng Straits Times 29 Aug 07

Energy Efficiency Seen Easiest Path to Aid Climate
Story by Alister Doyle PlanetArk 29 Aug 07

Climate Change: Asean has its work cut out
By Lee Poh Onn Straits Times 29 Aug 07

Natural disasters more destructive than wars: Egeland
Yahoo News 28 Aug 07

Asia's wet, wild weather here to stay
By Cheong Suk-Wai Straits Times 27 Aug 07

U.N. climate talks focus on business end
By William J. Kole, Associated Press Yahoo News 26 Aug 07

Global warning, ExxonMobil style
Group's stance now is not to assume the worst
will necessarily happen
By Matthews Phan Business Times 25 Aug 07

Airlines wrong target for environmentalists
Straits Times 25 Aug 07

Singapore urges ASEAN partners to tackle energy, climate issues Channel NewsAsia 23 Aug 07

Climate change and Asia's padi fields
By Michael Richardson Straits Times 23 Aug 07

Sea Rise Seen Outpacing Forecasts Due To Antarctica
Story by Alister Doyle PlanetArk 23 Aug 07

"Volcano Cure" for Warming? Not So Fast, Study Says
Kate Ravilious National Geographic 17 Aug 07

Urban planning needs rethink as climate change looms
by Sophie Mongalvy Yahoo News 17 Aug 07

Subway Flooding: Expect More
Andrea Thompson LiveScience.com Yahoo News 16 Aug 07

DiCaprio Brightens Up on Gloomy Green Outlook
Story by Bob Tourtellotte PlanetArk 14 Aug 07

Warming up to climate change
YouthInk writers Straits Times 13 Aug 07

I survived a low-carbon week - you can do it too
Jessica Cheam Straits Times 13 Aug 07

Trees Won't Fix Global Warming
Andrea Thompson LiveScience.com Yahoo News 12 Aug 07

Sunny forecast on global warming leaves me cold
By Warren Fernandez Straits Times 11 Aug 07

Ten-year climate model unveiled
BBC 9 Aug 07

UN: Weather extremes match forecast
Yahoo News 7 Aug 07

Climate deal talks gain global support
By Edith M. Lederer, Associated Press Yahoo News 3 Aug 07

China Floods Put Three Gorges Dam to the Test
PlanetArk 1 Aug 07

Current carbon efforts overlook the real problem - lifestyles
Eamon O'Hara BBC 30 Jul 07

Ozone has 'strong climate effect'
By Paul Rincon BBC 25 Jul 07

Plan to Dump Iron in Ocean as Climate Fix Attracts Debate Kelly Hearn National Geographic 25 Jul 07

Are Britain's Floods Linked to Global Warming?
Andrea Thompson and Ker Than Yahoo News 24 Jul 07

Humans 'affect global rainfall'
BBC 23 Jul 07

Floods force many to face climate change reality
By Douwe Miedema Yahoo News 23 Jul 07

Indonesians told 'inconvenient truth' of climate change
by Samantha Brown Yahoo News 19 Jul 07

Global Warming: How Do Scientists Know They’re Not Wrong? Andrea Thompson LiveScience Staff Yahoo News 16 Jul 07

"Two Billion" Rats Invade China Lake Towns
Stefan Lovgren National Gerographic 11 Jul 07

Solar Variations Not Behind Global Warming - Study
Story by Ben Hirschler PlanetArk 11 Jul 07

10 things I acted on after watching Live Earth
Letter from Gilbert Goh Keow Wah Straits Times 11 Jul 07

Expert says rising sea levels pose threat to rice
by Cecil Morella Yahoo News 9 Jul 07

Singapore pitches in through fringe event: Live Earth
By Michelle Tay Straits Times 9 Jul 07

Earth Underwhelmed by Environment Pop Extravaganza
Story by Mike Collett-White PlanetArk 9 Jul 07

Watch the concert, contribute to global warming?
Letter from Tan Chee Sean Today Online 6 Jul 07

Live Earth's First Green Test: Clean Up Own Mess
Story by Alister Doyle PlanetArk 5 Jul 07

Arctic Monkeys shiver at Live Earth 'hypocrisy'
by Adam Plowright Yahoo News 5 Jul 07

Schroders launches Singapore's first climate change theme fund Holdings to range from power generation, energy efficiency to agro-business, water resources By Genevieve Cua Business Times 4 Jul 07

Live Earth set to rock the world on July 7
by Catherine Hours Yahoo News 4 Jul 07

Global warming will have dire impact on regional health, say experts Straits Times 3 Jul 07

EU Warns Citizens: Adapt to Climate Change Now
Story by Jeff Mason PlanetArk 2 Jul 07

Live Earth Concerts to Deliver Climate SOS - Gore
Story by Michelle Nichols PlanetArk 2 Jul 07

Society 'needs the right chemistry'
Stefaan Simons BBC The Green Room 29 Jun 07

2007 seen as second warmest year as climate shifts
By Alister Doyle Yahoo News 29 Jun 07

Desert invasion
Once a verdant oasis, Minqin county is now 95 per cent sandy wasteland - and what is left is on the verge of being engulfed by deserts By Tracy Quek Straits Times 29 Jun 07

Thousands flee floodwaters in Solomon Island
Channel NewsAsia 28 Jun 07

Australia's Great Barrier Reef
Global warming threatens the survival of fragile coral reefs
By Tracy Quek Straits Times 28 Jun 07

Hotter weather might have contributed to increase in dengue cases Channel NewsAsia 26 Jun 07

Summer comes too early
By Ong Hwee Hwee Straits Times 26 Jun 07

Countries agree to tackle environmental problems together
Channel NewsAsia 25 Jun 07

Bangkok governor ups the tempo on green measures
Nirmal Ghosh Straits Times 25 Jun 07

A land swallowed by the sea
Straits Times 25 Jun 07

Is S'pore ready for the next big flood?
Arti Mulchand Straits Times 24 Jun 07

Rising Seas to Destroy U.S. Beaches
Andrea Thompson Yahoo News 22 Jun 07

Galapagos experiment sparks alarm
BBC 21 Jun 07

'Lights out' as London does its bit for climate change
Yahoo News 21 Jun 07

Live Earth's hot air, burn oil instead: Daltrey
Yahoo News 19 May 07

Weather said to blame for bee die-off
By Kristen Wyatt, Associated Press Yahoo News 14 Jun 07

Rising egg prices mainly due to rise in temperatures
Channel NewAsia 7 Jun 07

HP injects US$2m to help WWF curb climate change
Channel NewAsia 7 Jun 07

China ready to fight global warming, but not at any cost
by Robert J. Saiget Yahoo News 4 Jun 07

Indonesia threatened by global warming, rising sea levels
Yahoo News 4 Jun 07

Climate change a long-term security threat: PM
By Zakir Hussain & Goh Chin Lian Straits Times 2 Jun 07

Islands Offer Sun, Sand and Climate Change Lessons
Story by Mica Rosenberg PlanetArk 1 Jun 07

Political will needed for global response to climate change: George Yeo Channel NewsAsia 30 May 07

Climate change will 'seriously harm Indonesia'
Adianto P. Simamora Jakarta Post 26 May 07

Live Earth concerts
Channel 5 to broadcast LIVE EARTH concerts July 7
Channel NewsAsia 18 May 07
Live Earth's hot air, burn oil instead: Daltrey
Yahoo News 19 May 07

Welcome rain falls on parched Australia
Channel NewsAsia 18 May 07

Southern Ocean Saturated With Carbon Dioxide - Study
Story by Deborah Zabarenko PlanetArk 18 May 07

Clinton, Cities, Unveil US$5 Bln Buildings Energy Plan
Story by Michelle Nichols and Timothy Gardner PlanetArk 17 May 07

NASA satellites reveal vast snow melt on Antarctica
Yahoo News 16 May 07

World's cities call for action on global warming
Channel NewsAsia 16 May 07

World faces 5-year deadline for decisions on climate change: WWF by Peter Capella Yahoo News 15 May 07

Slowing Deforestation Key to Climate Fight - Experts
PlanetArk 15 May 07

Global warming: Four possible scenarios
Letter from Eugene Tay Tse Chuan Straits Times 15 May 07

Policymaking mindset must change to combat global warming Letter from Kua Harn Wei (Dr) Straits Times 15 May 07

We're small and worried about your inaction
By Eugene Wee New Paper 14 May 07

Yahoo Puts Marketing Muscle Into Climate Campaign
Story by Eric Auchard PlanetArk 14 May 07

Warming world threatens migratory birds
By Arthur Max Yahoo News 13 May 07

Why I am not a climate change sceptic
By Warren Fernandez Straits Times 12 May 07

Singapore's green drive: Is enough being done?

By Aaron Low Straits Times 12 May 07

Climate Change Casts Shadow Over World Agriculture
Story by Christine Stebbins PlanetArk 11 May 07

Urban poor part of climate change equation - top UN official
Yahoo News 10 May 07

Bangkok launches lights-out campaign
Yahoo News 9 May 07

Migratory Birds, Whales Confused by Warming - UN
Story by Alister Doyle PlanetArk 8 May 07

Experts say nations have means to tackle global warming
by Karl Malakunas Yahoo News 4 May 07

Climate action 'needs devolution'
Matthew Spencer BBC 4 May 07

Experts say lifestyle changes key to fighting global warming Yahoo News 4 May 07

Science triumphs over politics at UN climate change meeting
Channel NewsAsia 5 May 07

Asia has few plans yet to deal with rising seas
By Neil Chatterjee Reuters 4 May 07

Metropolis 'may become ghost city'
By Maggie Ayre BBC Costing The Earth 3 May 07

Thai scientists fear global warming could empty world's rice bowl by Charlotte McDonald-Gibson Channel NewsAsia 2 May 07

Bangkok Faces Flooded Future, Expert Says
Story by Gillian Griffith-Jones PlanetArk 3 May 07

Nuclear storm gathers as climate change experts meet
Channel NewsAsia 2 May 07

Poor countries demand a voice on climate change
Channel NewsAsia 1 May 07

Experts target rice as climate culprit
By Michael Casey, AP Yahoo News 1 May 07

Scientists eye climate change masterplan
Channel NewsAsia 30 Apr 07

Australian cities facing 'Big Dry' water shortages
Channel NewsAsia 30 Apr 07

Study: Arctic sea ice melting faster
Yahoo News 1 May 07

Oddball schemes to fix global warming get thumb's down
by Richard Ingham Yahoo News 29 Apr 07

Officials: Climate change harms security
By Matt Crenson Yahoo News 28 Apr 07

Climate report to warn time running out in greenhouse gas battle by Marlowe Hood Yahoo News 28 Apr 07

The Frightening Future of Earth
Andrea Thompson and Ker Than Yahoo News 19 Apr 07

Drought-Hit Australia to Stop Irrigating Food Bowl
Story by Rob Taylor PlanetArk 20 Apr 07

Waking up to 'An Inconvenient Truth' Even if the world agrees with the findings on climate change, it disagrees on the remedies By G Panicker Business Times 18 Apr 07

Little Time to Avert Big Temperature Rise - UN Study
Story by Alister Doyle PlanetArk 11 Apr 07

Some deforestation may help offset global warming: study Channel NewsAsia 10 Apr 07

Goa, Going, Gone - Asia Tourism Faces Climate Chaos
Story by Simon Gardner PlanetArk 10 Apr 07

Earth-Fire-Ice campaign to highlight global warming effects Channel NewsAsia 8 Apr 07

Scientists get last say in climate study
By Seth Borenstein Yahoo News 7 Apr 07

Asia faces floods, drought, disease: UN climate report
Channel NewsAsia 6 Apr 07

Green is the colour of money as Singapore banks ride new wave
By Matthew Phan Business Times 6 Apr 07

The tide is turning on climate change Companies find it makes economic sense to be eco-conscious says Pamela Chew Business Times 6 Apr 07

Shedding some light on global dimming
Sheralyn Tay Today Online 6 Apr 07

Researchers: Seas Could Rise Dramatically in Rapid Ice Melt; 'What We are Doing is Irreversible' Underwatertimes 5 Apr 07

Global Warming Happens: But is it "Catastrophic"?
Story by Alister Doyle PlanetArk 5 Apr 07

Global warming hits Mars too: study
Yahoo News 4 Apr 07

S'poreans warm to climate change
Leong Wee Keat Today Online 4 Apr 07

Climate change could carry huge, hidden costs: UN report
by Richard Ingham Yahoo News 1 Apr 07

Sydney in climate change blackout
David Strahan BBC 31 Mar 07

End of oil heralds climate pain
David Strahan BBC 29 Mar 07

SIA chief blasts emissions taxes, carbon offset schemes for airlines By Ven Sreenivasan Business Times 30 Mar 07

Australia Seeks Backing for Deforestation Fund
Story by Rob Taylor PlanetArk 30 Mar 07

One in 10 at Risk From Rising Seas, Storms - Study
Story by Alister Doyle PlanetArk 29 Mar 07

A hot topic ... and it's not going to go away
David Shukman Today Online 28 Mar 07

Sweeping changes to global climate seen by 2100: study
Yahoo News 27 Mar 07

Save forests to fight global warming: Stern
Yahoo News 23 Mar 07

Water scarcity: Global warming to deepen thirst for blue gold
by Richard Ingham and Anne Chaon Yahoo News 22 Mar 07

Southern Ocean current faces slowdown threat
By Michael Byrnes Yahoo News 22 Mar 07

Global Warming Action Could Curb Nightmare Impacts
Story by Alister Doyle PlanetArk 20 Mar 07

Global Warming Cuts US$5 Billion in Grain Crops - Study
Story by Timothy Gardner PlanetArk 19 Mar 07

Nature runs riot after Europe's warmest winter
Yahoo News 16 Mar 07

Scientist Says Sea Level Rise Could Accelerate
Story by Michael Byrnes PlanetArk 13 Mar 07

Sun Blamed for Warming of Earth and Other Worlds
Ker Than LiveScience Yahoo News 12 Mar 07

Climate report warns of drought, disease
By Seth Borenstein, AP Yahoo News 11 Mar 07

Australia's Longest River is Drying Up
Story by Michael Perry PlanetArk 8 Mar 07

Singapore: 2-year study to gauge impact of global warming Jessica Cheam Straits Times 7 Mar 07

Climate talk is no hot air S'pore can be global green model with conducive rules Liang Dingzi Today Online 7 Mar 07

Asian pollution linked to stronger Pacific storm system: study
by Louise Daly Yahoo News 6 Mar 07

US Companies Feel Heat of Global Warming Awareness
Story by Mary Milliken PlanetArk 5 Mar 07

It's not just about climate
Ahmed Djoghlaf BBC 2 Mar 07

MPs warm up to debate on going green
Loh Chee Kong Today Online 28 Feb 07

London Plans to be World's Greenest City
Story by Jeremy Lovell PlanetArk 28 Feb 07

Singapore Getting ready for rising sea levels
Arti Mulchand Straits Times 26 Feb 07

Future of global warming has arrived in Bangladesh
By Henry Chu Business Times Singapore 23 Feb 07

Jakarta floods may erode growth: Economic losses estimated to be 5.2t rupiah Business Times 21 Feb 07

Recent floods in Jakarta are strong evidence that urbanisation must be reduced by Deden Rukmana Straits Times Forum 21 Feb 07

Artificial trees: A green solution?
BBC 19 Feb 07

Politicians sign new climate pact
BBC 16 Feb 07

Rising sea levels present China with 'unimaginable challenges' Yahoo News 16 Feb 07

Indonesia VP blames officials for flooding
Channel NewsAsia 16 Feb 07

Ask ourselves how we are contributing to the problem of global warming Letter from Chia Hern Keng Straits Times 16 Feb 07

Global warming spells rise in tropical diseases
The Star 16 Feb 07

Futuristic fleet of 'cloudseeders'
Professor John Latham BBC 15 Feb 07

Al Gore launches July 7 global concert focusing on climate change Yahoo News 16 Feb 07

NY Students Imagine City Plan after Global Warming
Story by Christine Kearney PlanetArk 15 Feb 07

Sea Level Rise Could Hit Poor Countries Hard - Study
Story by Deborah Zabarenko PlanetArk 14 Feb 07

Tens of thousands of Jakarta residents down with flood-related ailments By Sujadi Siswo Channel NewsAsia 10 Feb 07

Scientists to vie for $25M climate prize By Tariq Panja, Associated Press Writer Yahoo News 10 Feb 07

Greenhouse gas ocean burial can start Feb 10
By Alister Doyle Yahoo News 9 Feb 07

Nowhere to run in hot red dot Coffee With Howard Shaw, Executive Director of the Singapore Environment Council Sheralyn Tay Today Online 9 Feb 07

Face up to harsh truths about global warming
By Robert Samuelson Business Times Singapore 9 Feb 07

Floods over, drought looms in Malaysia El Nino is likely to exacerbate the annual dry season, and could trigger a water crisis Straits Times 8 Feb 07

Before it's too hot to handle Economic gains won't match losses if Earth continues to be destroyed Letter from Lua Jia Sin Today Online 7 Feb 07

Will Asia heed warning of Jakarta's Katrina?
Mely Caballero-Anthony Today Online 7 Feb 07

Indon flood losses may surge to 4.1t rupiah Govt estimate covers disruption to economic activities, public services By Laurel Teo Business Times 7 Feb 07

It's high time we talked about the weather
Philip Ang Keng Hong Today Online 6 Feb 07

Earth Will Survive Global Warming, But Will We?
Ker Than, LiveScience.com Today Online 1 Feb 07

How You Can Fight Global Warming
LiveScience Staff LiveScience.com 31 Jan 07

Vietnam highly vulnerable to climate change: expert
Yahoo News 5 Feb 07

Sea May Swallow Maldives if Global Warming unchecked
by Simon Gardner PlanetArk 5 Feb 07

Kiribati: Action on Global Warming Good, but Late
Story by Takanori Isshiki PlanetArk 5 Feb 07

Bangladesh Faces Bleak Future from Global Warming
Story by Anis Ahmed PlanetArk 5 Feb 07

The world will need our help when it gets hot
Nikita Lopoukhine International Herald Tribune 2 Feb 07

46 nations back body to protect planet
By Angela Charlton and Seth Borenstein Yahoo News 4 Feb 07

Toll hits 20 in Florida's deadliest storm in nearly 10 years
Yahoo News 4 Feb 07

M'sian govt says drainage system partly to blame for Johor floods By Wong Mun Wai Channel NewsAsia 3 Feb 07

Jakarta flooded due to lack of water catchment areas: minister Antara 3 Feb 07

Global warming to continue for centuries
By Seth Borenstein, AP Yahoo News 2 Feb 07

Worst floods in 5 years hit Jakarta
Business Times Singapore 3 Feb 07

Singapore reclamation work seems to be having environmental impact The Star 3 Feb 07

Stop pointing fingers, just act
about reclamation in Singapore and flooding in Johor
Letter from Jeffrey Law Today Online 3 Feb 07

Climate Change Predictions Not Exaggerated, Analysis Says John Roach National Geographic 1 Feb 07

US thinktank offering cash to dispute UN climate panel: report Yahoo News 2 Feb 07

Seas Rising Faster than U.N. Predicts - Study
Story by Alister Doyle PlanetArk 2 Feb 07

Scientists warn of hysteria over state of Barrier Reef
Matthew Warren, Environment writer The Australian 1 Feb 07

Carbon offsets: Self-imposed tax for guilt-ridden polluters
by Emmanuel Angleys and Marlowe Hood
Yahoo News 31 Jan 07

Singapore land reclamation caused recent floods in Malaysia, official says The China Post 31 Jan 07

Climate change means hunger and thirst for billions: report
Yahoo News 30 Jan 07

"Global Cool" Asks 1 Billion People to Save Planet
Story by Gerard Wynn PlanetArk 30 Jan 07

Indonesia Wants Countries Paid to Keep Forests
Story by Ahmad Pathoni PlanetArk 30 Jan 07

Warming Oceans Put Kink in Food Chain, Study Says
John Roach National Geographic 30 Jan 07

Indonesia May Lose 2,000 Islands to Climate Change
PlanetArk 30 Jan 07

Malaysia says devastating floods caused losses of 1.5b ringgit Channel NewsAsia 29 Jan 07

Europe and Asia must up response to natural disasters: report Yahoo News 29 Jan 07

Asian CEOs most concerned about climate change: survey Business Times Singapore 29 Jan 07

Climate change: Public concern is rising fast
Yahoo News 25 Jan 07

Warming to raise seas for 1,000 years: U.N. draft
By Alister Doyle Yahoo News 25 Jan 07

The little red dot that could ... and should
Let's take the lead on climate change issues
Let's show the world how to be environment friendly
Letter from phillip ang keng hong
Letter from niti athavle
Today Online 25 Jan 07

Flood Mitigation Should Consider S'pore Reclamation Project
By Mohd Haikal Mohd Isa Bernama 25 Jan 07

PUB to implement flood management works in affected areas
By Wong Mun Wai Channel NewsAsia 25 Jan 07

‘Third wave’ flood warning for Johor
By Florence A. Samy The Star 25 Jan 07

Get on the flight to self-preservation
Liang Dingzi Today Online 24 Jan 07

Facing Global Warming, are People Like Frogs?
Story by Alister Doyle PlanetArk 24 Jan 07

Business Smells Whiff of Money in Climate Change
Story by Gerard Wynn PlanetArk 23 Jan 07

We're cooking ourselves alive
Maryanne Maes Today Online 23 Jan 07

Dawn of The Hot Age? 2007 could be hottest year ever, but not for long as temperatures are expected to soar even higher Sheralyn Tay Today Online 22 Jan 07

Rising temperature in Indian Ocean may have caused Johor floods By Royce Cheah The Star 21 Jan 07
Wild weather ahead By Chin Mui Yoon
Signs of the times: climate change incidents worldwide
Peril from the sea: impact of rising sea levels
Recipe for disaster: why Johor flooded

Johor wades into Operation Clean-up
Today Online 20Jan 07

Supply of vegetables from M'sia for Chinese New Year under threat By Wong Mun Wai Channel NewsAsia 19 Jan 07

Flash floods cause huge jams in west and south
Cars stalled by rising waters, which were knee deep in some areas By Tanya Fong & Tracy Sua Straits Times 19 Jan 07

Indian Ocean shift seen stoking Indonesia droughts
By Alister Doyle Yahoo News 17 Jan 07

Over 110,000 Malaysians forced to flee their homes
Yahoo News 15 Jan 06

Thursday downpour: Why no alert There was no strong indication of extreme weather, says weatherman By T. Rajan The Straits Times 13 Jan 07

50,000 Malaysians displaced in second wave of flooding
Channel NewsAsia 13 Jan 07

20,000 flee homes as second wave of floods hits Malaysia's south Channel NewsAsia 12 Jan 07

At least 16 killed, dozens missing in Indonesia's Sulawesi floods
Channel NewsAsia 12 Jan 07

Malaysia says flood damage cost more than 100 million ringgit Yahoo News 11 Jan 07

Warming Could Spur 'Evolution Explosion' - Study
Story by Deborah Zabarenko PlanetArk 9 Jan 07

Asean must act on climate change now
Letter from Abigail Jabines Climate & Energy Campaign Greenpeace Southeast Asia Today Online 10 Jan 07

Bird flu, climate change among Asia's threats
Channel NewsAsia 8 Jan 07

Scientists say 2007 may be warmest yet
By Raphael G. Satter, Associated Press Yahoo News 4 Jan 07

'If we fail to act, we will end up with a different planet'
By Steve Connor The Independent 1 Jan 07

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