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Orang utans and other primates
conservation issues, status, threats, efforts, discussions
see also wildlife trade, global biodiversity loss

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Equatorial Guinea bans hunting and eating monkeys
Yahoo News 8 Nov 07

Rare Bearded Monkeys Discovered in Kenya
Zoe Alsop National Geographic 5 Nov 07

Report: Primates in danger of extinction
By Michael Casey, AP Environmental Writer
Yahoo News 26 Oct 07

Indian capital can't cope with monkey menace, mayor says Yahoo News 22 Oct 07

Bounty on Cambodian monkeys terrorising tourists
Straits Times 29 Sep 07

Malaysia returns four orangutans to Indonesia

Yahoo News 28 Sep 07

Possible open season on monkeys?
Elizabeth John New Straits Times 17 Aug 07

Malaysia Seizes 900 Monkeys From Wildlife Poachers PlanetArk 10 Jul 07

Endangered monkeys discovered in Vietnam
By Michael Casey, AP Yahoo News 3 Jul 07

Palm Oil Puts Squeeze on Asia's Endangered Orangutan PlanetArk 29 May 07

Orang utans heading home
The Star 24 May 07

Malaysia plans forest recovery to conserve orangutan
Yahoo News 7 May 07

Two rescued Indonesian orangutans give birth
Yahoo News 18 Mar 07

Illegal logging threatens endangered orangutans: UN
by Karen Calabria Yahoo News 6 Feb 07

Indonesian Minister warns company for posing threat to 1,600 orangutans Antara 25 Jan 07

Rare orang utan returns home Sim Bak Heng
The New Straits Times 14 Dec 06

Some 200 orangutans ready for release in Borneo forest
Yahoo News 13 Dec 06

Endangered Gorillas Prosper in Heart of Africa
Story by Marie-Louise Gumuchian PlanetArk 14 Dec 06

Ebola has Killed 5,000 Gorillas, Study Suggests
Story by Maggie Fox PlanetArk 8 Dec 06

Thailand to send 48 orangutan home to Indonesia
Antara 21 Nov 06

Indonesia forest fires, attacks kill 1,000 orangutans
Yahoo News 3 Nov 06

Beaufort's Proboscis Monkey
By Muammar Kamarudin Bernama 29 Aug 06

Javanese long-tailed monkeys threatened with extinction
Antara 19 Aug 06

Jane Goodall Institute Advances First 'Geoblog' Featuring 'Chimp Soap Opera' By Jane Goodall Institute ENN 27 Jul 06

Malaysian state to log orangutan habitats
Yahoo News 16 Jul 06

Socializing Helped Ebola Wipe Out Gorillas - Study
Story by Maggie Fox Planet Ark 11 Jul 06

Bushmeat "Sold in Secret European, US Markets"
PlanetArk 5 Jul 06

Uganda Says Development Can Protect Great Apes
PlanetArk 27 Jun 06

Three New Lemurs Take a Bow in Madagascar
Story by Ed Stoddard PlanetArk 21 Jun 06

Booming bushmeat trade threat to Africa wildlife
By Antoine Lawson, Reuters Yahoo News 12 Jun 06

Shoppers' thirst for palm oil threatens to wipe out orangutan
By Martin Hickman The Independent 23 May 06

New Monkey Species is More Unique Than Thought
Story by Maggie Fox PlanetArk 12 May 06

Genes record orangutans' decline
By Rebecca Morelle BBC 23 Jan 06

Hundreds of orang-utans captured or killed each year in Kalimantan, new report show WWF and TRAFFIC websites 6 Sep 05

Apes 'extinct in a generation'
By Richard Black BBC News website environment correspondent BBC News website, 1 Sep 05
Poverty Will Make the Great Apes History World’s First Atlas of Great Apes reveals human struggle behind apes’ plight UNEP website, 1 Sep 05
Atlas Highlights Plight of World's Great Apes Story by Jeremy Lovell PlanetArk, 1 Sep 05 New

New lemurs found in Madagascar
BBC online, 9 Aug 05

More efficient law enforcement needed to stop illegal orang-utan and gibbon trade in Indonesia TRAFFIC website, 18 Jun 05

New Monkey Species Discovered in East Africa
By John Roach National Geographic News website, 19 May 05
New African monkey discovered
By Helen Briggs BBC News website, 19 May 05

Primates on the Brink IUCN website, 7 Apr 05
Full article with links to PDF files of full report
Quarter of primates face abyss BBC News, 7 Apr 05

Wild primates of Singapore on the Wildlife Singapore website
Long-tailed Macaque (Macaca fascicularis)

Banded Leaf Monkey (Presbytis femoralis)

Slow Loris (Nycticebus coucang)
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