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5 rare Asiatic lions found dead in India

By R.K. Misra, Associated Press Yahoo News 20 Oct 07

Rare Chinese tiger spotted for first time in decades
Yahoo News 12 Oct 07

China Growth Seen Raising Threat to Tigers
Story by Alister Doyle and Gerard Wynn PlanetArk 3 Oct 07

Tigers Rediscovered in Indian Rainforest
Story by Krittivas Mukherjee PlanetArk 12 Sep 07

Police Find Two Tigers in Hanoi Woman's Fridge
PlanetArk 6 Sep 07

Indonesia Seeks Plan to Save Rare Tigers, Elephants
PlanetArk 30 Aug 07

China says ban on tiger trade 'not forever'
Yahoo News 19 Jun 07

UN Meeting Rebukes China Over Tiger Trade
Story by Alister Doyle PlanetArk 14 Jun 07

Claws out after farm served tiger meat
Straits Times 14 Jun 07

World's tigers on "catastrophic" path to extinction
By Nita Bhalla Yahoo News 8 Jun 07

Taste for tiger A plan to farm tigers for their body parts is troubling wildlife groups.
Stories by Tan Cheng The Star 29 May 07

India Considers China Move to Lift Tiger Trade Ban
PlanetArk 29 May 07

India Tiger Numbers Far Lower Than Thought - Experts
Story by Nita Bhalla PlanetArk 24 May 07

India Plans World's First Tiger Move After Debacle
Story by Nita Bhalla PlanetArk 8 May 07

17 rare Asiatic lions perish in India
Yahoo News 30 Apr 07

Hunters kill one of last Amur Leopards
Yahoo News 23 Apr 07

WWF urges Russia to set up reserve for endangered Amur leopard Yahoo News 18 Apr 07

Iron Traps, Pits Haunt India's Rare Asiatic Lions
Story by Rupam Jain Nair PlanetArk 17 Apr 07

India steps up protection for rare Asiatic lions
By Rupam Jain Nair Yahoo News 7 Apr 07

Vietnam PM approves tiger farms
Yahoo News 6 Apr 07

Tigers in the eye of Vietnam conservation storm
by Frank Zeller Yahoo News 29 Mar 07

Three more rare lions killed by poachers in India
Yahoo News 30 Mar 07

China Breeders Urge Lifting of Tiger Parts Ban
PlanetArk 30 Mar 07

Wildlife Groups Urge China to Keep Tiger Trade Ban
PlanetArk 13 Mar 07

Drowning Deaths of Indian Lions Points to Apathy
PlanetArk 8 Mar 07

New Great Cat Species Identified in Borneo - WWF
Story by Robert Evans PlanetArk 15 Mar 07

Vietnam Orders Measures on Private Tiger Breeding
PlanetArk 14 Mar 07

Cameras key to saving endangered tigers
By Jerry Harmer Yahoo News 3 Mar 07

Coffee Growing Risks Indonesia Tigers - WWF
PlanetArk 17 Jan 07

Saving the Malayan tiger
by Tan Cheng Li The Star 2 Jan 07

Fast Breeding Keeps Tiger Numbers Steady
Story by Ed Stoddard PlanetArk 15 Dec 06

Getting wild tigers to leave farm animals alone
Story and photo by Lee Yuk Peng The Star 5 Oct 06

Conservationists blast India, China for rampant tiger trade
Yahoo News 27 Sep 06

Tiger Play at Private Zoo in Vietnam
PlanetArk 26 Sep 06

China to Release Rare Tigers to Shrinking Forests
PlanetArk 26 Sep 06

Sumatra tiger's habitat reported to have drastically shrunk
Antara 21 Aug 06

Killing pumas doesn't lessen attacks on man
By Adam Tanner Yahoo News 8 Aug 06

Tiger Habitat Shrinks By 40 Percent in 10 Years
Story by Deborah Zabarenko PlanetArk 21 Jul 06

Tigers get a business plan
Wildlife Conservation Society EurekAlert 6 Jul 06

Bangladesh to desilt rivers to help conserve tigers
AFP Yahoo News 5 Jul 06

Indian Tidal Power Plant to Threaten Tigers - Critics
Story by Bappa Majumdar PlanetArk 3 Jul 06

India to Give Army Powers to Protect Wildlife
Story by Nita Bhalla PlanetArk 20 Jun 06

India's Tigers in Losing Battle Against Poachers
Story by Krittivas Mukherjee PlanetArk 5 Jun 06

Lion Killings Spur Fears of Regional Extinction in Kenya
John Roach National Geographic 22 May 06

India Eyes Chinese Help to Protect Tigers
Story by Krittivas Mukherjee PlanetArk 18 May 06

Amid Extinctions, Parrots, Panthers Get Costly Aid
Story by Alister Doyle PlanetArk 10 May 06

Lions and People Must Learn to Get Along, Experts
Say Leon Marshall National Geographic 3 May 06

Amur tiger cubs born in southeast Siberia for first time over 100 years WWF 10 Apr 06

Dalai Lama Offers Lifeline to Indian Tiger
Story by Simon Denyer PlanetArk 7 Mar 06

Bangladesh tags second Royal Bengal tiger with radio collar
Beth Duff-Brown Associated Press Channel NewsAsia 5 Mar 06

India Searches for Ways to Head off Extinction of its Endangered Tigers By Gavin Rabinowitz ENN 15 Feb 06

India turns to spy technology to save tigers
By Justin Huggler The Independent 15 Jan 06

Saving the Pride of Africa: African Governments Pull Together to Conserve their Lions IUCN 13 Jan 06

India Begins Count of Threatened Tigers
Story by Krittivas Mukherjee PlanetArk 6 Jan 06

India to Count Tigers with Computers
Story by Krittivas Mukherjee PlanetArk 21 Dec 05

Indian government relooks tiger conservation programme
By Vaibhav Varma India Correspondent
Channel NewsAsia 10 Dec 05

The Malaysian Conservation Alliance for Tigers: MYCAT
contributed by Loretta Ann Soosayraj WildAsia website 7 Dec 05

Endangered Siberian tiger, other rare species, at risk from Chinese chemical spill Written by Burt Herman PlanetSave 5 Dec 05

Re-opening of tiger trade in China spells disaster, says WWF and TRAFFIC WWF website 26 Sep 05

Massive Tiger bone seizure in Taiwan highlights continued poaching threat TRAFFIC website, 8 Aug 05

Indian Task Force Says Tigers under Siege
PlanetArk website, 8 Aug 05

Extinction looms for wild tigers in Asia
By Nirmal Ghosh The Straits Times, 6 Jul 05

More about the trade in tigers on the TRAFFIC website tigersfile with links to how you can help

Cat Action Treasury www.felidae.org
Cat Specialist Group http://lynx.uio.no/catfolk/
Great Cats www.nationalzoo.si.edu/Animals/GreatCats/tigerfacts.cfm
The Tiger Foundation www.tigers.ca/
Tiger Information Centre www.savethetigerfund.org
21st Century Tiger www.21stcenturytiger.org/
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