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Forest diversity, deforestation, illegal timber
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US-S'pore plan to tackle green issues
Ending illegal trade in timber and wildlife among items on agenda
By Arti Mulchand Straits Times 2 Nov 07

Seeing the carbon for the trees
Peter Seligmann BBC 21 Oct 07

May a billion trees bloom
Clement Mesenas Today Online 22 Oct 07

Biodiversity said to be key to healthy forests: study
Yahoo News 16 Oct 07

Congo Pygmies Go High-Tech to Protect Forest Home
Story by Pascal Fletcher PlanetArk 12 Oct 07

“Zero” Amazon Deforestation Possible by 2015, Brazilian NGOs say by Alana Herro WorldWatch 10 Oct 07

Greenpeace Urges Indonesia to Stop Forest Destruction
Story by Adhityani Arga PlanetArk 10 Oct 07

Indonesia seeks US$1.8b to keep forests
Business Times 10 Oct 07

Indonesia aims to plant 79 million trees
By Zakki Hakim, Associated Press Yahoo News 5 Oct 07

Brazil Urges World Support for Amazon
Story by Raymond Colitt and Maria Pia Palermo
PlanetArk 4 Oct 07

Jane Goodall says biofuel crops hurt rain forests
by Timothy Gardner Yahoo News 27 Sep 07

Promote sustainable forest management: George Yeo
Straits Times 25 Sep 07

Indonesia Wants Incentives to Halt Deforestation
Story by Lucy Hornby PlanetArk 20 Sep 07

Malaysia to step up laws on illegal logging
Yahoo News 18 Sep 07

Support Builds for Carbon Cash to Save Forests
PlanetArk 13 Sep 07

Australia, Indonesia Back Kalimantan Forest Plan
PlanetArk 10 Sep 07

Greek forest fires could be CO2 threat
By Robin Pomeroy Yahoo News 2 Sep 07

Indonesia calls on rainforest nations to close ranks
Straits Times 2 Sep 07

Indonesia Seeks Plan to Save Rare Tigers, Elephants
PlanetArk 30 Aug 07

Indonesia Hopes to Include Peat in New Climate Deal
Story by Adhityani Arga PlanetArk 28 Aug 07

Indonesia Logging Curbs Hit Pulp Industry - Firms
PlanetArk 24 Aug 07

Amazon Deforestation Drops Sharply - Brazil Govt
Story by Raymond Colitt PlanetArk 13 Aug 07

Trees Won't Fix Global Warming
Andrea Thompson LiveScience.com Yahoo News 12 Aug 07

Abdullah: No new logging licences to be granted
Straits Times 11 Aug 07

Habitat loss threatens pygmy elephants
By Vijay Joshi Yahoo News 9 Aug 07

Indonesia Sees Slower Palm Oil Expansion from 2010
Story by Fitri Wulandari and Lewa Pardomuan
PlanetArk 31 Jul 07

East Africa battles deforestation with butterfly nets
by Beatrice Debut Yahoo News 26 Jul 07

World Bank Fund Encourages Developing Countries to Stop Deforestation Story by Ben Wilson PlanetArk 25 Jul 07

Chinese Paper Firm Profits from Fighting Deserts
Story by Kitty Bu PlanetArk 23 Jul 07

Despite Chinese ban, Myanmar timber still crosses border
by Mon Mon Myat Yahoo News 15 Jul 07

Forestry body pushes for forest rangers to take lead in illegal logging battle Desy Nurhayati The Jakarta Post 14 Jul 07

Voracious China gobbles up forests, recycled paper
by P. Parameswaran Yahoo News 13 Jul 07

Palm Oil Firms Burning Indonesia Forests - Greenpeace
Story by Adhityani Arga PlanetArk 13 Jul 07

China Urges Responsible Logging Overseas
PlanetArk 11 Jul 07

Indonesian Government to revive ruined Central Kalimantan forest Jakarta Post 7 Jul 07

How Can Carbon Trading Save Peatlands and Rainforests? PlanetArk 3 Jul 07

Indonesia Wants Deforestation in New Climate Deal
Story by Adhityani Arga PlanetArk 2 Jul 07

US considers Indonesian debt-for-nature swap
Yahoo News 3 Jul 07

Germany to write off Indonesia's debts if national parks in Sumatra are preserved Antara News 30 Jun 07

Congo to Cancel Logging Deals to Protect Forests
Story by Joe Bavier PlanetArk 25 Jun 07

Are You Eating Dinner on a Piece of Rainforest?
Story by Sylvia Westall PlanetArk 12 Jun 07

Logging May Wreck Orangutan Forests in Decade - UN
Story by Alister Doyle PlanetArk 5 Jun 07

China Struggles to Choke Off Illegal Wood Trade
Story by Emma Graham-Harrison PlanetArk 12 Jun 07

Chinese demand drives global deforestation
By Tansa Musa Yahoo News 11 Jun 07

Indonesian Vice-President's Call to the World: Help us save our forests, or suffer consequences By Devi Asmarani The Straits Times 5 Jun 07

What's So Bad About Deforestation?
PlanetArk 5 Jun 07

Palm Oil Puts Squeeze on Asia's Endangered Orangutan PlanetArk 29 May 07

Malaysia Uproots Forest to Build Graveyard
Story by Clarence Fernandez PlanetArk 28 May 07

EU stops importing Malaysian ramin
Elizabeth John New Straits Times 27 May 07

Indonesian hardwood on brink of extinction: activists
Yahoo News 25 May 07

Malaysia on PR Campaign Over Rainforests, Wildlife
Story by Naveen Thukral PlanetArk 24 May 07

The 2010 Climate Change Challenge
UNEP 22 May 07

Slowing Deforestation Key to Climate Fight - Experts
PlanetArk 15 May 07

Malaysia Cracks Down on Smuggled Indonesian Logs
PlanetArk 10 May 07

World Must Seek Change in China Timber Trade - Report
Story by Jeremy Lovell PlanetArk 10 May 07

China's reforestation programme hurts farmers' livelihood
Channel NewsAsia 9 May 07

Indonesia deforestation fastest in world: Greenpeace
By Ahmad Pathoni Yahoo News 3 May 07

EU governments failing the forests
WWF 30 Apr 07

Indonesian minister questions release of illegal logging suspects Channel NewsAsia 28 Apr 07

Indonesia's Aceh, Papua Pledge to Protect Forests
PlanetArk 27 Apr 07

Don't Buy Products From Illegal Logging - Indonesia
Story by Achmad Sukarsono PlanetArk 10 Apr 07

Australia Seeks Backing for Deforestation Fund
Story by Rob Taylor PlanetArk 30 Mar 07

S'pore-based firm uses DNA test to curb illegal timber trade Channel NewsAsia 6 Apr 07

Tracking System Aids Fight Against Illegal Logging
Story by Jeremy Lovell PlanetArk 22 Mar 07

Save forests to fight global warming: Stern
Yahoo News 23 Mar 07

World's Forests Disappearing But at Slower Rate
Story by Robin Pomeroy PlanetArk 13 Mar 07

Malaysians in buying bid to save forests, says report
Yahoo News 27 Feb 07

Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei agree to save "Heart of Borneo"
Yahoo News 12 Feb 07

Illegal logging threatens endangered orangutans: UN
by Karen Calabria Yahoo News 6 Feb 07

Indonesian Minister warns company for posing threat to 1,600 orangutans Antara 25 Jan 07

EU bio-fuel demand threatens Indonesian forests: Greenpeace Yahoo News 18 Jan 07

Indonesian floods leave 12 dead, 70,000 homeless: Illegal logging blamed Yahoo News 23 Dec 06

Indonesia's forest destruction downgrades international confidence Antara 8 Dec 06

Palm Oil Wildlife Conservation Fund launched
The Star 6 Dec 06

Brazil Creates Largest Tropical Rainforest Preserve
PlanetArk 5 Dec 06

Guardians of the region's greenery M'sia, Indonesia, Brunei agree to prevent destruction of Borneo's rainforest Fawziah Selamat Today Online 29 Nov 06

Eight officials sentenced for illegal logging in Cambodia
Yahoo News 24 Nov 06

World's Forests are Making a Comeback - Study
PlanetArk 14 Nov 06

Amazon deforestation lowest since 1991
By Tales Azzoni, Associated Press Writer Yahoo News 27 Oct 06

Global forests disappearing for a pittance: World Bank
Carbon trading can save forests Yahoo News 23 Oct 06

Paper firm posing threat to Indonesian forest: WWF
Yahoo News 20 Oct 06

Indonesia: Community given opportunity to participate in forest conservation Antara 4 Oct 06

Indonesia to offer 17 mln hectares of forest concessions
Yahoo News 28 Sep 06

Indonesia won't compromise with illegal loggers
Antara 26 Sep 06

Illegal Logging Costing Nations Billions - World Bank
Story by David Fogarty PlanetArk 18 Sep 06

IMF, WB also responsible for forest destruction in Indonesia
Antara 17 Sep 06

Malaysia Denies Rain Forests Being Destroyed for Palm Oil Cultivation By Associated Press ENN 13 Sep 06

Forest land in Indonesia may be reduced to 10 % by 2020
Antara 31 Aug 06

Deforestation rates slashed in Paraguay
WWF 30 Aug 06

China denies plundering world's rain forests
Yahoo News 15 Aug 06

Tsunami boosts illegal Indonesia logging
By Michael Casey Yahoo News 5 Aug 06

Amazon Rain Forest Not Helped by "Light" Logging
Scott Norris National Geographic 1 Aug 06

DNA Technology To Curb Illegal Timber Trade
Bernama 29 Jul 06

Malaysia, Indonesia in one-million-euro palm oil promotion
Yahoo News 20 Jul 06

Direct link established between tropical tree and insect diversity EurekAlert 18 Jul 06

WWF warns over pulp giant in Indonesia
Yahoo News 11 Jul 06

Malaysian state to log orangutan habitats
Yahoo News 16 Jul 06

Ex-Indonesian general arrested for illegal logging
AFP Yahoo News 5 Jul 06

World Bank vows to improve forestry program in Cambodia
Yahoo News 30 Jun 06

China Cracking Down on Illegal Timber from Myanmar
By Reuters ENN 1 Jun 06

Tropical Timber is Better Protected, Not Safe - Report
Story by Jeremy Lovell PlanetArk 26 May 06

Shoppers' thirst for palm oil threatens to wipe out orangutan
By Martin Hickman The Independent 23 May 06

Himalayan forests disappearing
New Scientist EurekAlert 17 May 06

El Salvador Tropical Coffee Forests Threatened
PlanetArk 17 May 06

Colombia Steps up Sales of Eco-Friendly Coffee
Story by Jeff Coelho PlanetArk 18 May 06

The forest is a pharmacy and more
Coffee with Dr Paul Cox Ethnobotanist
Today Online 28 Apr 06

Crane opens up forest canopy

BBC 27 Apr 06

Heart of Borneo: medical treasure trove at risk
WWF 27 Apr 06

Environmentalists urge Malaysia to save 130 million-year-old rainforest Written by AP PlanetSave 20 Apr 06

S'pore can do more to rein in illegal logging
Letter from Tan Choon Ming Straits Times Forum Online 19 Apr 06

Developing nations may save the tropical forest
Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute EurekAlert 14 Apr 06

The future of tropical forests: New projections hopeful
Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute EurekAlert 6 Apr 06

World's Forests Continue To Shrink
By Earth Policy Institute ENN 5 Apr 06

WWF Hails Decision to Create Malaysia's Largest Protected Area for Endangered Orangutans, Rhinos and Elephants
By World Wildlife Fund ENN 3 Apr 06

Borneo Rainforests a Treasure Trove of Rare Species
Story by Diyan Jari and Reuben Carder PlanetArk 30 Mar 06

Heart of Borneo: Conservation vision gives hope to treasure island WWF 28 Mar 06

China Major Conduit for Illegal Wood, Report Says
Story by Reuben Carder PlanetArk 24 Mar 06

Greater Efforts Needed to Save Amazon Rainforests
PlanetArk 23 Mar 06

Women on patrol: Curbing illegal logging on the Tibetan Plateau
By Alex Marston WWF 8 Mar 06

Brazil Opens Chunks of Amazon Forest to Logging
Story by Raymond Colitt PlanetArk 3 Mar 06

Illegal Loggers Clearing PNG's Forests - Report
PlanetArk 1 Mar 06

Illegal logging may have contributed to disaster
By Paul Alexander The Associated Press Seattle Times 17 Feb 06

Brazil's president creates new forest reserves in Amazon
Written by Michael Astor PlanetSave 14 Feb 06

Outrage over Indonesian plans for palm oil plantation in rainforest By Associated Press Channel NewsAsia 8 Feb 06

UN Reaches New Pact to Manage Tropical Timber
PlanetArk 31 Jan 06

Biofuel to Drive Indonesian Palm Oil Expansion
PlanetArk 27 Jan 05

Malaysia Eyes Green Bonds to Grow Forests
Story by Barani Krishnan PlanetArk 27 Jan 05

Study of Tropical Forests Worldwide Reveals that Nature Encourages Diversity By Kim McDonald EurekAlert 26 Jan 06

Forests in Indochina receive FSC certification
WWF 26 Jan 05

The Power to Change... By Choosing the Coffee We Drink
A Guest Commentary by Gordon Feller, Urban Age Institute
ENN 13 Jan 06

Deadly landslide in Indonesia sets off debate over role of logging in disaster Written by Michael Casey PlanetSave 6 Jan 06

Indonesia faces more disasters unless govt reforests: activists Channel NewsAsia 4 Jan 06
Illegal logging may spark more disasters
Story by Carey Gillam The Straits Times 5 Jan 06

Fears for Dwindling Forests in Pakistani Quake Zone
By Abu Arqam Naqash, Reuters ENN 23 Dec 05

Researchers discover trees in Amazon much older than assumed EurekAlert 13 Dec 05

Greenpeace Warns WTO Threatening Last Ancient Forests PlanetArk 12 Dec 05

Incentives to curb deforestation needed to counter climate change FAO 9 Dec 05

Study: Temperate Forests Could Worsen Global Warming EurekAlert 6 Dec 05

Brazil Says Deforestation Slows, Critics Cautious
Story by Raymond Colitt PlanetArk 6 Dec 05

Modern forests suffer from century-old logging legacy
EurekAlert 5 Dec 05

Governments making progress in curbing illegal logging
FAO website 1 Dec 05

Forests Urged as New Front in Global Warming Fight
Story by Alister Doyle PlanetArk 1 Dec 05

Nations want cash not to fell trees
By Tim Hirsch BBC 30 Nov 05

Showering with a clean conscience: Palm oil will soon be produced without threatening tropical forests WWF 23 Nov 05

Illegal timber trade in Europe driving global forest loss and poverty WWF website 22 Nov 05

Forests flushed down the toilet
WWF website 21 Nov 05

Deforestation slowing, UN says
BBC Online 14 Nov 05
FACTBOX - The World's Forests
PlanetArk, 15 Nov 05 World
Forest Losses Slowing But Still Alarming - UN Story by Crispian Balmer PlanetArk 15 Nov 05

Rainforest conservation worth the cost, University of Alberta shows Eurekalert 31 Oct 05

Malaysia To Introduce Prison Sentences for Illegal Logging
By Associated Press ENN website 30 Aug 05

Deforestation of Amazon 'halved'
By Tom Gibb BBC Online 26 Aug 05

World's largest oil palm plantation scould spell disaster for upland forests of Indonesian Borneo
WWF website, 12 Aug 05

'Myth' That Forests Improve Water Flows - Study
Story by Alister Doyle PlanetArk website, 29 Jul 05

Most of Borneo's lowland forests could be lost within the next decade WWF website, 7 Jun 05

Consumer group charges palm oil plantations
threaten rain forests in Indonesia, Malaysia

Written by Michael Casey PlanetSave website, 3 Jun 05

WWF and World Bank join forces to reduce global deforestation
WWF Newsroom 25 May 05

NGOs Say World Bank Policies Harm Forests
by David Lewis PlanetArk website, 15 Apr 05

Forests, Natural Disasters and Human Security: Examining the Linkages IUCN website 5 Apr 05

Forest fires, tsunami, deforestation and Millennium Goals
FAO newsroom 15 Mar 05

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