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  Singapore's biodiversity
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animal/plant sightings, public reaction to wildlife
commercial applications of our biodiversity,
efforts to develop biodiversity industries
See also exotic species and animal release
and putting a price on nature

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Birds swarm Choa Chu Kang residents can't decide if they're airborne pests OR good luck charms? By Zaihan Mohamed Yusof The Electric New Paper 4 Nov 07

Flying Lemurs Are Primates' Closest Kin
Scott Norris National Geographic News 1 Nov 07

Solution to bird problem? Let grass grow densely
Letter from Ho Hua Chew Straits Times Forum 24 Oct 07

The amazing Bird Race
By Shaan Seth Straits Times 21 Oct 07

Nature reserves may be reunited by eco-passage
Green link will let wildlife move freely and preserve health of Bukit Timah and Central Catchment forests
By Arti Mulchand Straits Times 11 Oct 07

Species at risk: S'pore red list being updated Global list classifies 100 species here as under threat, but problem underestimated: Experts By Arti Mulchand & Shobana Kesava Straits Times 6 Oct 07

Snake venom production varies with prey
By Tania Tan Straits Times 29 Sep 07

Native species: Eunice grubei (Polychaetes)
Wilson Chan, NParks Straits Times 8 Sep 07

Native species: Brachygonia oculata
Robin Ngiam, NParks Straits Times 1 Sep 07

Native species: Sealingwax palm
Yang Shufen, NParks Straits Times 18 Aug 07

World's largest moth makes early appearance in S'pore this year
Channel NewsAsia 17 Aug 07

New book on biodiversity in Singapore waters launched by NUS, ExxonMobil Channel NewsAsia 3 Aug 07

Bumper harvest for anemone hunters
Research mission uncovers many new species in S'pore waters By Shobana Kesava Straits Times 4 Aug 07

Infection fight: Crab blood link leads to NUS team's breakthrough By Liaw Wy-Cin Straits Times 31Jul 07

Singapore unveils first coral nursery to conserve underwater habitat Channel NewsAsia 30 Jul 07

Lead by example on biodiversity
Straits Times 23 Jul 07

Singapore's biodiversity may provide potential cures for diseases
Channel NewsAsia 19 Jul 07

Nature lovers, sign up to be the 'official eyes and ears of the forest' Daphne Chuah Today Online 10 Jul 07

New series of flower stamps to be released next week
Channel NewsAsia 1 Jun 07

35 new plant, animal species found in big wildlife survey
2-year NParks project unearths another 7 thought extinct
By Chang Ai-Lien Straits Times 1 Jun 07

NParks to study biodiversity changes
Arti Mulchand Straits Times 31 May 07

Let's make use of natural heritage to cut down huge ecological footprint No matter how small the habitats, protecting them is better then having them eliminated By Hugh Tan Straits Times 26 May 07

Ornamental fish exports hit $98m
S'pore still world's top exporter; growth up 9%
By Liaw Wy-Cin Straits Times 25 May 07

Tommy Koh's green mission: Save 2 species Top diplomat getting Zoo's help to save monkey and squirrel unique to Singapore By T. Rajan Straits Times 23 Apr 07

S'pore scientists research fish to find cures for human diseases Channel NewsAsia 22 Apr 07

Global Biodiversity: Our absent-minded destruction
By Jeffrey D. Sachs Straits Times 22 Mar 07

Mood lighting peps up spiders' sex life: Singapore scientists discover Yahoo News 25 Jan 07

Some people ignorant of wildlife around them
Letter from Anthony Lee Mui Yu Straits Times Forum 12 Jan 07

Bee attack: Don't fight back, just run
Straits Times 7 Jan 07

Snapping shots on mobile phone instead of rendering help first Letter from Cho Yan Fatt Straits Times Forum 10 Jan 07

50 students and a teacher attacked by bees in Labrador Park
By Wong Mun Wai Channel NewsAsia 5 Jan 07

Python squeezes pet dog to death at River Valley condo
By Lee Hui Chieh & Chong Chee Kin
The Straits Times 19 Nov 06

More campaigns needed in Singapore to save the earth
Letter from Nandakumaran s/o Muthiah
Straits Times Online 4 Oct 06

NUS student finds new animal species
by Tania Tan The Straits Times 4 Sep 06

Fish 'n' herbs
Sheralyn Tay Today Online 23 Aug 06

Birds and ants cause pest problem in Choa Chu Kang
Letter from Josephine Fong Hau Wan (Mdm)
Straits Times Forum 14 Aug 06

Dreadful if Singapore forests have to make way for urbanisation Letter from Joyce Chng Siok Hwee (Ms)
Straits Times Forum 27 Sep 05

NUS conducts first Wild Biodiversity Field Study Camp for overseas students By Valarie Tan Channel NewsAsia 30 Jun 06

Beef up laws on nature conservation, says don
By K.C. Vijayan The Straits Times 15 Jun 05

Rare mangrove finds highlight rich biodiversity here
by Chang Ai-Lien and Meng Yew Choong
The Straits Times 22 May 05

Tekong's treasures
by Chang Ai-Lien The Straits Times Forum 25 Apr 05

Upgrade Pasir Ris East, but please keep its rustic charm
Letter from George Hitchins
The Straits Times Forum Online 25 Apr 05

Singapore's last unique animals face extinction
PlanetArk 19 Feb 05

Slingshot attack: Baby flying lemur put to sleep
by Radha Basu The Straits Times 30 Mar 06

Flying lemur and baby shot down at MacRitchie
by Radha Basu The Straits Times 22 Mar 05

Mangrove appeal
by Radha Basu The Straits Times 1 Mar 05

150 new species of flies found
by Chang Ai-Lien The Straits Times 6 Feb 05

From plant virus to remedy for the tummy
Heather Chi Today Online 27 Jan 05

Sentosa peacocks attacked, probably by wild animal
The Straits Times, 13 Jan 06

12-foot python caught in Toa Payoh
by Hasnita A. Majid Channel NewsAsia 24 Nov 05

Pufferfish toxin mystery: S'pore team finds the key
by Chang Ai-Lien The Straits Times 22 Nov 05

S'pore can lead Asean in preserving biodiversity
Letter from Koh Lian Pin and Lee Tien Ming
Straits Times Forum Online 11 Nov 05

Give native plants, local wildlife more space
Straits Times Forum online 5 Sep 05

How about squirrel as our National Animal?
Gan Yung Chyan The Straits Times Forum Page, 11 Aug 05
Honour the squirrel? Not for the lionhearted
Grace Tang Shi Min (Miss) The Straits Times Forum Page, 16 Aug 05

Inside Track: flora & fauna
Nature's rescuers: people who protect our wild places
Living sanctuary: Nee Soon Swamp, Pulau Tekong
Garden of Eden: Tree Top Walk
Green peace: Bukit Timah Nature Reserve
Waterfront developments: Chek Jawa and Pulau Ubin
Coral islands: Southern Islands
Swamp things: Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve
Coast guard: Labrador Park
I pick my battles: interview with Prof Peter Ng
Singapore namesakes: plants and animals named after Singapore

Attack by crows in Marine Parade
By Khushwant Singh The Straits Times, 18 Jul 05

Book archives 67 species of birds spotted at the Istana
By Jermyn Chow Channel NewsAsia, 6 Jul 05
There's a right royal gathering of birds at Istana
by Vinita Ramani Today Online, 7 Jul 05
Istana grounds a big draw for winged visitors
The number of bird species spotted is now 67, up from 59 eight years ago By Radha Basu The Straits Times, 7 Jul 05

Mam-moth invasion
by Dawn Quek Today Online, 11 Jun 05

Researchers launch new book on Bukit Timah Nature Reserve
By Wong Siew Ying Channel NewsAsia, 23 May 05

Same tree species in Bt Timah forest for last 5,000 years
The Straits Times 21 May 05

Cobia bred off St John's Island hits local fish markets
By Patricia Yap Today Online 14 May 05

Escaped farmed fish threaten wild salmon stocks, warns WWF
WWF website 12 May 05

AVA, private firm to develop tracking system for farmed fish
By Johnson Choo Channel NewsAsia 23 Mar 05

Woman finds pangolin in her HDB flat
By Teh Jen Lee The New Paper, 23 Mar 05

Deadly venom's saving grace
By Grace Ng The Straits Times 15 Mar 05

Breeder plans 10 fish farms off Ubin
By Chang Ai-lien The Straits Times 18 Mar 05

Semakau Landfill may be opened up for selected recreational activities NEA newsroom, 8 Mar 05

Speech by Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, at the Committee of Supply Debate 2005 8 Mar 2005 Discussing Environmental Sustainability, Community Participation in the Environment, Enjoying Our Environment and Water Resources, Raising awareness and consultation on environmental issues, Improving Energy Efficiency and Carbon Intensity, Green Vehicles. Singapore Government Media Release, 8 Mar 05

Pulau Semakau rich in biodiversity
Fancy a nature trek on Pulau Landfill?
by Alexis Hooi The Straits Times, March 9, 2005
From dump to play haven: Environment minister announces new lease of life for Semakau landfill
by Sheralyn Tay Today, 9 Mar 05
Pulau Semakau
by Hasnita A. Majid Channel NewsAsia , 8 Mar 05

Bush fires endanger scrubland species THE recent spate of bush fires here has not only polluted the atmosphere, but also devastated the homes of hundreds of species of local plants and animals, damage that may take months, even years, to remedy. by Chang Ai-lien The Straits Times, 28 Feb 05

Edutainment - that's one big secret of their success Singapore's successful theme parks turn charismatic fauna into edutainment The Straits Times, 27 Feb 05

What bush fires mean Singaporeans should develop a deeper understanding of issues that some may consider faraway
The Straits Times, 27 Feb 05

Bush fires may have been caused by human activity Singapore is experiencing its most severe dry spell in nearly 40 years. Channel NewsAsia, 23 Feb 05

Singapore scientists research gene sequencing of elephant shark By Hasnita A. Majid Channel NewsAsia, 10 Feb 05

Shark holds secret to human DNA
by Chang Ai-lien The Straits Times, 8 Feb 05

NUS lands exclusive deal with scientific breakthrough in the study of horseshoe crabs by Tan Huileng Today, 8 Feb 05

Scientists back NMP's call to protect nature
by Chang Ai-lien The Straits Times, 28 Jan 05

Hantu coral life dying out fast
by Radha Basu The Straits Times, 4 Feb 05

Breakthrough in sea horses
by Tracy Quek The Straits Times, 28 Dec 04

Marine Conservation in Singapore
on Ecowatch by Yvonne Gomez
Radio Singapore International, 22 Nov 04

Finding Nemo at Kusu Island on the NTUC online website: an article of the Blue Water Volunteers free guided reef walks.

Singapore has lost half its animal species: study
By Chang Ai-Lien The Straits Times 24 Jul 03

URA's nature plans get strong backing from public
By Wong Sher Maine The Straits Times, 26 Nov 02

Going... Going... Gone? Urbanisation could mean the end of two breeds of mammals unique to Singapore, once common in the rainforests here By Chang Ai-Lien The Straits Times 8 Apr 02

Conserving Singapore's Biodiversity
By Lim Kim Seng Chairman, Conservation Committee Nature Society (Singapore) in Nature Watch, a magazine of the Nature Society (Singapore) Vol 8 No 2 Apr-Jun 00

Other global environmental issues: global warming, global biodiversity
Biodiversity and Protected Areas: Country Profile for Singapore on the World Resources Institute's EarthTrends - The Environmental Information Portal - details of protected areas, number and status of species, legal trade in selected wildlife and CITES, unique species per 10,000km2, threatened species, portion of land areas protected by IUCN category.
South East Asian Biodiversity on the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research website: updates on journals and activities in biodiversity research in the region.

Singapore-Anything Left to Conserve by N. Sivasothi (launches WinWord document); html view.
Conserving Singapore's Biodiversity by Lim Kim Seng on Nature Watch, a publication of the Nature Society (Singapore), including a map of Singapore's nature areas.
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