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Who do you call? if you come across any errant pet shops that trade in illegal animals, you can call

Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA)
6471 7198 or 6227 0670

Acres Wildlife Crime Hotline
9783 7782 (24-hours) more

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Argentina seizes five tons of protected Philippine coral, seashells Yahoo News 5 Nov 07

US-S'pore plan to tackle green issues
Ending illegal trade in timber and wildlife among items on agenda
By Arti Mulchand Straits Times 2 Nov 07

China's Caged Bears in Long Battle for Freedom
Story by Gillian Murdoch PlanetArk 23 Oct 07

Protection or profit? Wildlife farming in China
Reuters 22 Oct 07

Once Cool now Cruel: No sponsors for historic Tiong Bahru Bird Corner By Ng Tze Yong The New Paper 8 Oct 07

Enforcement officers being trained to spot rare reptiles
Move to tackle illegal wildlife trade passing through Singapore
By Tania Tan The Straits Times 4 Oct 07

More funds needed to create awareness of illegal wildlife trade here Sheralyn Tay Today Online 27 Sep 07

Pythons skinned and left to die
The shocking reality behind fashion's new obsession
By Tom Rawstorne The Daily Mail 20 Sep 07

Malaysia looks for bear bile in medicine
Yahoo News 17 Sep 07

Genetic "barcodes" may cut illegal trade
By Alister Doyle Yahoo News 15 Sep 07

Wildlife rescue centre to open next month
Tania Tan Straits Times 11 Sep 07

Record Cache of Snow Leopard Parts Seized in China
Kelly Hearn National Geographic 10 Sep 07

Malaysia Seizes 168 Smuggled Pangolins - Report
PlanetArk 6 Sep 07

Police Find Two Tigers in Hanoi Woman's Fridge
PlanetArk 6 Sep 07

Myanmar wildlife pays the price for Chinese demand
Reuters 3 Sep 07

Possible open season on monkeys?
Elizabeth John New Straits Times 17 Aug 07

Tourists Fuelling Endangered Wildlife Trade
PlanetArk 16 Aug 07

DNA analysis promises a new chapter in wildlife management and conservation By Tan Cheng Li The Star 7 Aug 07

Experts fear Jatukham fever may endanger dugongs
Phuket Gazette 31 Jul 07

Wildlife Smuggling Boom Plaguing L.A., Authorities Say
Stefan Lovgren National Geographic 26 Jul 07

Experts seek to stop turtles' extinction
By Dorie Turner, Associated Press The Yahoo News 26 Jul 07

300kg of 'delicacies' seized in Johor
The Electric New Paper 10 Jul 07

China Internet Surfers Save More Than 800 Cats
Story by Benjamin Kang Lim PlanetArk 10 Jul 07

Malaysia Seizes 900 Monkeys From Wildlife Poachers PlanetArk 10 Jul 07

Malaysia to Return Smuggled Tortoises to India
PlanetArk 26 Jun 07

Cash row at wildlife trade forum
By Richard Black Environment BBC 16 Jun 07

China in the hotseat at UN wildlife trade forum
by Marlowe Hood Yahoo News 15 Jun 07

Red and Pink Corals Get UN Trade Protection
Story by Alister Doyle Yahoo News 14 Jun 07

Detection kit helps crack down on illegal bear bile trade
by Marlowe Hood Yahoo News 12 Jun 07

Looking for clues in the ivory jungle
By Richard Black BBC 11 Jun 07

Slow loris trade: Too cute for comfort
By Richard Black BBC 7 Jun 07

Wildlife advocates disagree on how humans fit into picture
by Marlowe Hood Yahoo News 4 Jun 07

Wildlife smuggling in Asia still a roaring trade
by Kevin McElderry Yahoo News 31 May 07

CITES to study species over-exploitation
By Arthur Max Yahoo News 31 May 07

EU: Top global importer of wildlife
WWF 31 May 07

Wildlife rescue centre needs $250k more or construction halts Total $1m bill includes operation costs for centre till year end
By Melissa Tan Straits Times 31 May 07

Singapore youths help set up the Acres Wildlife Rescue Centre
Acres Press Release 30 May 07

Thousands of pangolins among illegal Asian animal shipments Yahoo News 22 May 07

ASEAN meets on illegal wildlife trade
Channel NewsAsia 21 May 07

Smugglers using Malaysia as transit point
By Eddie Chua The Star 12 May 07

Asian markets push illegal ivory
BBC 11 May 07

Wildlife caught in Web of Internet sales
by Ken Dermota Yahoo News 4 May 07

US to lock horns over wild species trade
by Ken Dermota Yahoo News 4 May 07

Cambodian rangers trained to help bears
Yahoo News 27 Apr 07

India steps up protection for rare Asiatic lions
By Rupam Jain Nair Yahoo News 7 Apr 07

China Breeders Urge Lifting of Tiger Parts Ban
PlanetArk 30 Mar 07

Tigers in the eye of Vietnam conservation storm
by Frank Zeller Yahoo News 29 Mar 07

China's Turtle Farms Threaten Rare Species, Experts Say

Scott Norris National Geographic 23 Mar 07

Two rescued Indonesian orangutans give birth
Yahoo News 18 Mar 07

Take shark's fin soup off menu for Olympics: lawmaker
Yahoo News 13 Mar 07

Wildlife Groups Urge China to Keep Tiger Trade Ban
PlanetArk 13 Mar 07

China Delegate Says Bear Bile Farming in Bad Taste
Story by Lindsay Beck PlanetArk 8 Mar 07

Mexico Passes Shark Finning Ban, New Protections for Great White, Whale and Basking Sharks, Manta Rays Underwatertimes 3 Mar 07

Chinese Medicine Shops Busted In Bear Goods Sting Tortured bears in volunteers’ minds when they’re posing as customers… They say of sting: Hardest part is pretending to be happy By Teh Jen Lee The New Paper 2 Mar 07

Scheme to stamp out sale of endangered species products in traditional chinese medicine shops
Gracia Chiang Today Online 2 Mar 07

New Curbs Proposed on Trade in Endangered Species
Story by Robert Evans PlanetArk 1 Mar 07

Abalone - are you getting what you pay for?
By Sarah Ng Straits Times 18 Feb 07

S'poreans splurge on New Year dinners
By Wee Li-En Business Times 17 Feb 07

Five things not to eat for Chinese New Year
TRAFFIC 12 Feb 07

Illegal wildlife trade in China undiminished by bans, health threats by Stephanie Wong Yahoo News 12 Feb 07

US launches international campaign against illegal wildlife trade by Karen Calabria Yahoo News 10 Feb 07

Whale on your plate? Tell AVA
Today Online 10 Feb 07

Whale on our plates? How?
Letter from Wee leng leng Today Online 7 Feb 07

'Fa cai' has many medicinal benefits and is important for CNY celebrations Letter from Heng Cho Choon Straits Times Forum 2 Feb 07

CITES: Proposals to change wildlife regulations unveiled
WWF 17 Jan 07

Indian police rescue 2,000 turtles from smugglers
Yahoo News 8 Jan 07

Southeast Asia hunts wildlife poachers
By Michael Casey, AP Yahoo News 23 Dec 06

Thai students enlisted to combat illegal wildlife trade
Yahoo News 22 Dec 06

China Tiger Farms Lobby to Sell Animal Parts to Aid Conservation Scott Norris National Geographic 22 Dec 06

24kg of python skin seized at Tuas checkpoint, two men arrested Channel NewsAsia 16 Dec 06

UK report supports use of primates in research
By Patricia Reaney Yahoo News 12 Dec 06

Bird's nest, the viable alternative
Letter from Oscar Lee Shing Kian
Straits Times Forum 11 Dec 06

Exotic pets in U.S. may pose health risk
By Margaret Ebrahim and John Solomon, Associated Press Yahoo News 28 Nov 06

Wildlife under pressure find second chance
By Charles J. Hanley Yahoo News 26 Nov 06

Scientists say SARS-civet cat link proved
Yahoo News 22 Nov 06

UK Police Crack Down on Rare Species Medicine Trade PlanetArk 17 Nov 06

Manila wants tougher enforcement of environmental laws
By Manny Mogato Reuters 10 Nov 06

Wild about wildlife: Acres
Acres chief talks about dolphins, polar bears, death threats and his beef with the Singapore Zoo Today Online 3 Nov 06

Hunting for conservation solutions
Viewpoint by Eugene Lapointe BBC 27 Oct 06

Wild bird trade ban 'should stay'
BBC 27 Oct 06

What is wildlife crime?
BBC 19 Oct 06

Malaysian intercepts 6,000 exotic animals bound for Hong Kong Yahoo News 20 Oct 06

Wildlife rescue centre to be set up by April next year
By Asha Popatlal Channel NewsAsia 11 Oct 06

Protected species traded quite openly in Indonesia
Bambang Parlupi Jakarta Post 10 Oct 06

Brit Tourists Warned After Seahorse Smuggling Arrests
'One of the Most Serious Global Problems of Our Time' Underwatertimes 3 Oct 06

On a mission: about ACRES
By Hilary Chiew The Star 3 Oct 06

Reptile skin smuggler jailed, fined
by Elena Chong Straits Times 23 Sep 06

ACRES needs support for Wildlife Rescue Centre
Email from Louis Ng 22 Sep 06

Smuggler found with 1,460 star tortoises
Elizabeth John New Straits Times 15 Sep 06

Rare Olive Ridley turtles seized in Agra
NDTV.com 14 Sep 06

253kg of endangered reptile skins seized from barge
Channel NewsAsia 15 Sep 06

Vietnam police seize truckload of illegal wildlife
Yahoo News 15 Sep 06

Vietnam Becoming Asia's Illegal Animal "Supermarket," Experts Warn Maryann Mott National Geographic 13 Sep 06

Thai monkey business over as orangutans head home
Yahoo News 14 Sep 06

Zoos targets for exotic animal thieves

By Sue Leeman, Associated Press Yahoo News 10 Sep 06

BOS Foundation ready to pick up orangutans from Thailand Antara 8 Sep 06

"Taiping Four" Gorillas to Return to Cameroon
Story by Ed Stoddard PlanetArk 5 Sep 06

Exotic Monkeys Find Home in South African Suburb
Story by Sarah McGregor PlanetArk 1 Sep 06

Record Ivory Cache Traced to Zambia Elephants, DNA Shows
Susan Brown National Geographic 17 Aug 06

Illegal wildlife trade takes heavy toll in Vietnam
by Frank Zeller Yahoo News 14 Aug 06

Researchers appeal for new regulations to save coral reefs from live fish trade University of Cambridge website 4 Aug 06

Thai elephants begin controversial journey to Australia
Channel NewsAsia 31 Jul 06

Vietnam to send two smuggled orangutans back to Indonesia Channel NewsAsia 24 Jul 06

Indonesia to protect native wildlife at all costs
From Loretta Ann Soosayraj 20 Jul 06

Ape Meat Sold in U.S., European Black Markets

Sara Goudarzi National Geographic 18 Jul 06

Airport law enforcers net valuable reef fish cargo (Humphead wrasse) TRAFFIC 11 Jul 06

More than 5 tonnes of ivory from Tanzania seized in Taiwan within three days TRAFFIC 7 Jul 06

Singapore rescues 630 endangered turtles destined for cooking pots Channel NewsAsia 5 Jul 06

Bad taste to broadcast programme on the eating of the endangered Napoleon wrasse
Letter from Law Sin Ling Straits Times Forum 6 Jul 06

Bushmeat "Sold in Secret European, US Markets"
PlanetArk 5 Jul 06

African Grey Parrots "Under Threat From Pet Trade"
PlanetArk 5 Jul 06

Taiwan seizes huge haul of smuggled ivory from Tanzania
Yahoo News 4 Jul 06

Rules set by the Palau government on the catching of Napoleon fish highlighted in show Reply from Mediacorp Straits Times Forum 4 Jul 06

Aunt lost $20,000 when nephew jumped bail for smuggling endangered birds By Elena Chong Straits Times 30 Jun 06

More hands-on opportunities needed to curb animal abuse

Letter from Niam Xing Wei Straits Times Forum 28 Jun 06

Take a strong stance against animal smugglers, abusers
By Louis Ng Straits Times Forum 23 Jun 06

Thai authorities seize illegal cargo of pangolins and freshwater turtles at Bangkok airport TRAFFIC Southeast Asia and WildAid 26 Jun 06

China, India and Nepal work together to address illegal trans-boundary wildlife trade TRAFFIC 27 Jun 06

MediaCorp shouldn't air programme which shows feast on endangered species
Letter from Ang Fui Gan Straits Times Forum Online 21 Jun 06

Tragic End for Box Turtles
Straits Times 21 Jun 06

Singapore's action on box turtle smuggling commended by TRAFFIC Southeast Asia and WildAid the habitatnews blog

Indonesian arrested for attempting to smuggle protected turtle species through S'pore
By Wong Siew Ying Channel NewsAsia 16 Jun 06

Elephants' journey to Australia in limbo after protests in Thailand Channel NewsAsia 7 Jun 06

Southeast Asia Plans Wildlife Crime-Busting Units
PlanetArk 26 May 06

Monkey rescued from captivity repatriated to India
By Asha Popatlal Channelnews Asia 19 Apr 06

China Seizes Hundreds of Bear Paws, Pangolins
PlanetArk 28 Apr 06

Boxing orangutans offer hope on animal trade war
Channel NewsAsia 23 Apr 06

Falcon Smugglers Swoop to Profits, Endanger Birds
Story by Alister Doyle PlanetArk 21Apr 06

No site yet for wild animal shelter
by Radha Basu The Straits Times 7 Apr 06

World Must Tackle Wildlife Smuggling - UN Official
Story by Alister Doyle PlanetArk 27 Mar 06

Man caught at airport with 12 rare birds
by Shefali Srinivas The Straits Times 16 Feb 06

Tarantulas found abandoned
by Radha Basu The Straits Times 7 Feb 06

Seizures of illegal wildlife at new low
by Radha Basu The Stratis Times 2 Feb 06

Scientist jailed for smuggling Malaysia's rarest orchids
By Michael McCarthy The Independent 18 Jan 06

AVA gets more teeth against illegal wildlife trade
by Lim Wei Chean The Straits Times 18 Jan 06
Going straight for the jugular Wednesday
Loh Chee Kong Today Online 18 Jan 06

Illegal wildlife trade second only to drugs
by Khushwant Singh The Straits Times 3 Jan 06

Building capacity in key international airports of Southeast Asia by Chris R. Shepherd, Regional Programme Officer TRAFFIC Dispatches (PDF file) 22 Dec 05

Malaysia sends smuggled orang-utans home to Indonesia
AFP Channel NewsAsia 18 Dec 05

Southeast Asian countries launch law enforcement network to fight wildlife smuggling
Written by Michael Casey PlanetSave 1 Dec 05

Wildlife endangered
By Hilary Chiew The Star 22 Nov 05

APEC to enhance bio-security to keep out “invasive alien species” Radio Singapore International 15 Nov 05

Whistle on wildlife Today Online 14 Nov 05

New study uncovers major inaccuracies in global wildlife trade monitoring By Conservation International Eurekalert 3 Nov 05

Call for new wildlife trade rules
By Helen Briggs BBC Online 31 Oct 05

ASEAN countries pave way for world's largest wildlife law enforcement network TRAFFIC website 25 Oct 05

Britain suspects bird flu infection originated from Taiwan
Channel NewsAsia 24 Oct 05

Britain calls for EU ban on wild birds after parrot dies of bird flu Channel NewsAsia 23 Oct 05

China Bear Bile Farmer Eaten by own Animals
PlanetArk, 12 Oct 05

Laws can't keep up with surge in exotic pets--or irresponsible owners By The Asahi Shimbun Channel NewsAsia, 1 Oct 05

Trader fined $56,000 for smuggling clams, corals
The Straits Times 26 Sep 05

Record fine for smuggling sea gems
The New Paper 27 Sep 05

US launches campaign against Asian wildlife trade amid bird flu threat Channel NewsAsia 24 Sep 05

Rare species ending up in Indian school labs
Times of India 22 Sep 06

Web Shoppers Destroying Endangered Wildlife -Report
Story by Jeremy Lovell PlanetArk, 17 Aug 05

Web trade threat to rare species
BBC website, 15 Aug 05

Wildlife Act being reviewed
The AVA may also revise penalties
Reply by AVA Today Online, Voices Page 4 Aug 05

Seized: 500kg of python skins Haul from a lorry on Causeway which was carrying audio speaker parts
By K.C. Vijayan The Straits Times, 30 Jul 05

Customs officers foil attempt to smuggle python skins into Singapore By Joanne Leow Channel NewsAsia, 29 Jul 05

Pet shops selling at-risk species
By Arlina Arshad The Straits Times, 23 Jul 05
Turtle soup? Banned species in pet shops
by Jasmine Yin Today Online, 23 Jul 05
The authorities need to clamp down on illegal wildlife trade
Letters from Parameshvathy Sivalingam and Pramod Madhavan Haridass Today Online, Voices Page 25 Jul 05
Endangered Turtles Sold in Singapore Pet Shops
Story by Teresa Geow PlanetArk website, 26 Jul 05

UK wildlife law closes loophole on illegal endangered species trade World Wildlife Fund website, 22 Jul 05

The thrill of the hunt ...
Reply by Grant Pereira Letter to Today Online, 1 Jul 05

He hunts to help save endangered species
Today Online, 29 Jun 05

Seeking the green light for animal sanctuaries:
YES Plans for halfway house on Pulau Ubin for confiscated wildlife get in-principle OK
By Chang Ai-Lien Science Correspondent
NO Expats' proposal to turn Pulau Tekukor into Monkey Island rejected and Monkeys that turn too aggressive culled
By Jane Ng
The Straits Times, 24 Jun 05

Poacher hunter's escape and status of wildlife trade in Singapore
Jasmine Yin Today Online , 24 Jun 05

Providing hope for animals
3-day conference in Singapore for activists to address animal-related concerns by Jasmine Yin Today Online, 23 Jun 05

The state of animal welfare in Singapore
Radio Singapore International, 23 Jun 05

ASEAN stands firm against illegal wildlife trade
Written and produced by Daphne Koh
Radio Singapore International website, 6 Jun 05

Ecuador Lifts Galapagos Sea Cucumber Fishing Ban
PlanetArk website, 1 Jun 05

Importers of diseased plants face fine of up to $1,000
By Ng Lian Cheong/Julia Ng Channel NewsAsia 30 May 05

ASEAN combats illegal wildlife trade in Southeast Asia
WWF website, 26 May 05

Turtle trafficking on the rise in Japan
Wild tortoise and freshwater turtle populations in Asia are being threatened by the growing pet trade in Japan, says TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoring network. Japan is the largest importer of live tortoises for pets in the world.
WWF Newsroom 10 Mar 05

Shortage in supply leads to price hike for abalone, shark's fins and sea cucumber By Lee Ching Yee and Tan Bee Leng Channel NewsAsia, 13 Jan 05

ASEAN Wildlife Trade Initiative on the TRAFFIC website
Animal Concerns Research and Education Society ACRES is dedicated to the issue of wildlife trade in Singapore
The Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) website
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