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  Global issues: Marine
global marine issues including mangroves, coral reefs, oceans, shores, aquaculture, conservation and threats.
See also sea turtles, dolphins and other cetaceans,
shark's fins
, seagrasses, marine litter, tsunami and the Environment and global warming.

For local Singapore marine issues see wild shores, recreation in our wild places and wildlife trade

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Overfishing: Fish-head curry a rare dish in 10 years?

By Nilanjana Sengupta Straits Times 8 Nov 07

Argentina seizes five tons of protected Philippine coral, seashells Yahoo News 5 Nov 07

Parrotfish on Menu Puts Caribbean Coral at Risk
Story by Ben Hirschler PlanetArk 1 Nov 07

Tourism Threatens One of East Asia's Top Diving Spots
Story by Ralph Jennings PlanetArk 1 Nov 07

Faroes go against the current for a sustainable fishing industry by Slim Allagui Yahoo News 29 Oct 07

South African Cabinet Bans Abalone Fishing
PlanetArk 26 Oct 07

Japanese tuna scandal starts to bite
Andrew Darby The Age 24 Oct 07

Without action, global warming damage to reefs soon irreversible Consensus declaration on coral reef futures University of Queensland 22 Oct 07

Oceans Are Soaking Up Less CO2, Research Shows
PlanetArk 22 Oct 07

Moon's Blue Light a Coral Aphrodisiac, Say Scientists
Story by Michael Perry PlanetArk 22 Oct 07

Ambitious Inventory of Marine Life
By Zilia Castrillón PS-Interpress service 19 Oct 07

Acid Oceans From Carbon Dioxide Will Endanger One Third Of Marine Life, Scientists Predict Science Daily 17 Oct 07

Bluefin Tuna: Last rites for a marine marvel?
By Richard Black BBC 17 Oct 07

Coastal habitats are the biosphere’s most imperiled ecosystems Innovations Report 18 Oct 07

Possible new marine species found in Celebes Sea
Yahoo News 16 Oct 07

Scientists call for drastic cuts in EU cod fishing
Yahoo News 15 Oct 07

Southern bluefin tuna fishing fleets a danger to wildlife in the Pacific WWF 11 Oct 07

Mauritius Scientists Fear Tourism Impact on Coral
Story by Ed Harris PlanetArk 10 Oct 07

China tightens environmental criteria for coastal projects
Straits Times 6 Oct 07

Corals May Have Defense Against Global Warming
Helen Scales National Geographic 4 Oct 07

Illegal Divers Forced To Bomb, Dive Deep Reefs As Shallows Wiped Out The Daily Express 3 Oct 07

Philippines Bans Fishing to Revive Biggest Reef
PlanetArk 3 Oct 07

Sushi craze threatens Mediterranean's giant tuna
By Ben Harding Yahoo News 1 Oct 07

Alien intrusions threaten Sweden's seas
Yahoo News 28 Sep 07

US beach erosion forces officials to search for alternatives to sand Channel NewsAsia 29 Sep 07

Illegal prawn farms killing mangroves in forest reserve
Straits Times 29 Sep 07

Wanted: greener fish Market trends require stronger environmental performance by seafood industry FAO 25 Sep 07

European Fishing Pirates Hit Pacific: Greenpeace
Story by Rob Taylor PlanetArk 26 Sep 07

Fish disappear from stressed Philippines coral reefs
Yahoo News 24 Sep 07

Horror stories from 'History of the Sea'
By Sandy Bauers Philadelphia Inquirer 23 Sep 07

10 Solutions to Save the Ocean
Brian Halweil World Watch Institute 21 Sep 07

EU bans tuna fishing as quotas breached
Yahoo News 19 Sep 07

SOS for Fading Ocean Life: National Parks of the Sea
World Watch Institute 19 Sep 07

Plunder or protection: WWF calls for safeguarding Coral Sea WWF 18 Sep 07

Coral Triangle Intiative: drive on coral reefs and food security
Abdul Halim and Sheldon Cohen Jakarta Post 17 Sep 07

Naomi Campbell casino plan sparks worry over rare Kenyan turtle by Bogonko Bosire Yahoo News 14 Sep 07

Ocean time bomb: Acid caused by greenhouse gases is ravaging marine life Graham Phillips The Sydney Morning Herald 12 Sep 07

Drop in tuna catch rattles Philippines' cannery row
By Alastair McIndoe Straits Times 10 Sep 07

Malacca Strait users to help keep waterway safe and clean
By Khushwant Singh Straits Times 5 Sep 07

Algae DNA analysis to help fight reef damage
ABC 29 Aug 07

Australian Jellyfish Invade U.S. Waters

Scott Norris National Geographic 27 Aug 07

Crushed Glass to Be Spread on Beaches
By Brian Skoloff, Associated Press Yahoo News 26 Aug 07

Avoiding a Coral Catastrophe
By Krista Mahr Time 23 Aug 07

Weird Creatures Found on Deep-Sea "Mountain Range"
Kate Ravilious National Geographic 21 Aug 07

Monster Jellyfish Invade Gulf of Mexico
Robert Roy Britt Yahoo News 18 Aug 07

US states petitioned on ocean acidification
By Dan Joling, Associated Press Yahoo News 17 Aug 07

Israeli-Jordanian team set up first artificial coral reef in the Red Sea By Nicky Blackburn Israel 21C 13 Aug 07

Eating fish: good for heart, bad for environment?
By Ed Stoddard Yahoo News 10 Aug 07

Call for $300m to clean up mud pouring into the Great Barrier Reef Wendy Frew Environment Reporter The Sydney Morning Herald 10 Aug 07

Researcher: Texas 'Dead zone' shrinking
By Michael Graczyk, Associated Press Yahoo News 10 Aug 07

Mediterranean jellyfish plague
independent.ie 6 Aug 07

Coral reefs dying faster than expected
By Michael Casey, AP Yahoo News 7 Aug 07

Mass coral bleaching off Okinawa
Daily Yomiuri Online 5 Aug 07

Coral bleaching as record cold hits Great Barrier Reef
Matthew Warren, Environment writer The Australian 4 Aug 07

Gulf of Mexico plagued by record "dead zones"
By Jeff Franks Yahoo News 3 Aug 07

New York Marshes Vanishing Fast - Study
Story by Daniel Trotta PlanetArk 3 Aug 07

Johor: Firm to work with environs groups on Sungai Pulai development R. Sittamparam New Straits Times 15 Aug 07

SOS to save Sungai Pulai estuary
By R. Sittamparam New Straits Times 2 Aug 07

Post-flood 'dead zone' found off Texas
By Michael Graczyk, Associated Press Yahoo News 31 Jul 07

Rare Reef-building Sponge Found in Pacific
Andrea Thompson LiveScience Yahoo News 31 Jul 07

Hundreds of Oil-Covered Penguins Surface in South America Robin Lloyd LiveScience Yahoo News 27 Jul 07

Malaysian fishermen fight to save livelihood
By R. Sittamparam New Straits Times 26 Jul 07

Voracious jumbo squid invade California
Yahoo News 26 Jul 07

New Report Finds 80 Percent Loss of Coastal Marine Habitats in Europe emediawire 23 Jul 07

Ecosystems of Vietnam's Long Coastline are in Peril
Story by Grant McCool PlanetArk 17 Jul 07

Coral "shuffle" helps reefs survive warmer world: study
Yahoo News 13 Jul 07

Soft Corals "Melting" Due to Warming Seas, Expert Says
Mati Milstein National Geographic 13 Jul 07

Research: C02 Hurts Reef Growth
'Dissolving Instead Of Growing' Underwatertimes 11 Jul 07

Study: Recovery Of Fish Populations From Overfishing Can Take Decades; 'Up To 37 Years' Underwatertimes 11 Jul 07

Florida Raises Ill-Fated Artificial Reefs
Story by Jim Loney PlanetArk 10 Jul 07

Green campaigners keep watch on Dubai's man-made isles
by Laith Abou-Ragheb Yahoo News 5 Jul 07

'Fishcams' make their case
By Sarah Mukherjee BBC 3 Jul 07

Surge of dead seabirds alarms scientists
By Bruce Smith, Associated Press Yahoo News 3 Jul 07

Study: Hurricanes may aid stressed coral
Yahoo News 2 Jul 07

The Green Fins programme aims to educate divers and protect coral reefs Normita Thongtham Bangkok Post 1 Jul 07

Bahrain: Are coral reefs history?
By Adele O'Shea Gulf Daily News 1 Jul 07

Thousands flee floodwaters in Solomon Island
Channel NewsAsia 28 Jun 07

Australia's Great Barrier Reef
Global warming threatens the survival of fragile coral reefs
By Tracy Quek Straits Times 28 Jun 07

Tuna shortage sets off national panic in Japan
Straits Times 27 Jun 07

Fewer fish in the sea and they're smaller too
By Reme Ahmad Straits Times 27 Jun 07

Poaching feeds and bleeds Russian Kamchatka
By Olesya Dmitracova Yahoo News 27 Jun 07

Mangroves vanishing from Indonesia's Tangerang coastal areas Multa Fidrus Jakarta Post 26 Jun 07

More Species Overfished in US in 2006 - Report
PlanetArk 25 Jun 07

Herpes Virus Killing Coral Reefs
Andrea Thompson Yahoo News 21 Jun 07

Jellyfish taking over the seas
Brian Williams news.com.au 18 Jun 07

Japan grows coral to boost claims to islets
Straits Times 16 Jun 07

Pollution, ships harm Florida coral reefs
By Brian Skoloff Yahoo News 15 Jun 07

Global warming could kill off reef fish
The Age 12 Jun 07

Red and Pink Corals Get UN Trade Protection
Story by Alister Doyle Yahoo News 14 Jun 07

Plastic from Asia blights Hawaii's beaches
By Matt Wells BBC News, Hawaii BBC 11 Jun 07

U.N. seeks to conserve genetic resources
By Nicole Winfield Yahoo News 11 Jun 07

US judge dumps horseshoe crab protection
Yahoo News 9 Jun 07

Myanmar Poachers Looting Andaman Ecology - India
PlanetArk 8 Jun 07

Global warming threatens to wipe out Caribbean coral: report Yahoo News 7 Jun 07

Europe's seas face 'bleak future'
BBC 7 Jun 07

7M pounds of trash pulled from waterways
By Brian Skoloff, Associated Press Yahoo News 7 Jun 07

Warm seas and overfishing hit Mauritius lagoon
By Ed Harris Yahoo News 7 Jun 07

Seafood alert as 'red tide' hits China
Channel NewsAsia 7 Jun 07

Slow decline of reef latest woe for Bali
By Olivia Rondonuwu news.au.com 5 Jun 07

Indonesia threatened by global warming, rising sea levels
Yahoo News 4 Jun 07

Mystery of the Sargasso Sea Solved
LiveScience Staff LiveScience.com Yahoo News 23 May 07

Japanese may soon eat more meat than fish
Reuters 22 May 07

Marine life all at sea from climate change threat: WWF
Yahoo News 22 May 07

Marine Species Suggest Antarctic 'Cradle of Life'
Story by Maggie Fox PlanetArk 17 May 07

Indonesia Counts its Islands Before it's Too Late
Story by Ed Davies PlanetArk 17 May 07

Study: Coral Reefs Able To Bounce Back 'Magnificently' From Bleaching Events Underwatertimes 15 May 07

'Reef doctor' is taking a big plunge
By Cammy Clark Miami Herald 14 May 07

Empty nets as tide turns on Asia's fishermen
By Jalil Hamid Reuters 13 May 07

'Balloons can kill marine life'
thisispymouth.com 7 May 07

Famous Caymans Coral Reefs Dying, Scientists Say
Story by Shurna Robbins PlanetArk 7 May 07

Young Fish Return to "Home Reefs" to Settle Down
Scott Norris National Geographic News 4 May 07

Australia, Asian nations vow to crack down on illegal fishing Channel NewsAsia 5 May 07

20 nations agree on new fishing limits

By John Heilprin, Associated Press Yahoo News 4 May 07

Coral Is Dying. Can It Be Reborn?
By Cornelia Dean Tavernier New York Times 1 May 07

Cleanup of tire 'reef' ready to roll

By Amy Sherman Miami Herald 2 May 07

Coral Reef Devastation Linked to Global Warming
LiveScience Yahoo News 1 May 07

Kazakh Officials: Abnormally Warm Winter, Early Sea Ice Melt to Blame for Over 800 Seal Deaths Underwatertimes 1 May 07

New Species of Blue Coral Found Off the Coast of Oman Underwatertimes 30 Apr 07

Pacific whale decline 'a mystery'
By Richard Black BBC 30 Apr 07

Human genes may hold secret to saving Barrier Reef
Rosslyn Beeby The Canberra Times 26 Apr 07

Protecting Tioman marine life
By Simon Khoo The Star 27 Apr 07

Birds, dolphins, sea-lions sickened, killed by algae in California Yahoo News 27 Apr 07

Fish Growing Faster in Warming Waters
John Roach National Geographic 23 Apr 07

In an Indonesian bay, fish, tumours and controversy
by Nabiha Shahab Yahoo News 23 Apr 07

S'pore scientists research fish to find cures for human diseases Channel NewsAsia 22 Apr 07

Vietnam oil spill mystery plot thickens
by Frank Zeller Yahoo News 21 Apr 07

Rubbish ruining fragile coastline
BBC 20 Apr 07

Monster warning to protect oceans
Mark Norman BBC 13 Apr 07

Indonesia Quake Caused Huge Coral Die-Off - Survey
PlanetArk 13 Apr 07

Hong Kong party demands UN protection for harbour
Yahoo News 12 Apr 07

Goa, Going, Gone - Asia Tourism Faces Climate Chaos
Story by Simon Gardner PlanetArk 10 Apr 07

Acidic Oceans Threatening Sea Life, UN Panel Says
PlanetArk 10 Apr 07

Manatees could lose 'endangered' status
Yahoo News 9 Apr 07

Saving the Sea Cow
The Bangkok Post SeagrassWatch International 1 Apr 07

Seals found dead on Caspian Sea shores
Yahoo News 8 Apr 07

Quake lifts Solomons island out of the sea
by Neil Sands Yahoo News 7 Apr 07

Barrier Reef 'dead in 20 years'
By Rosemary Desmond news.com.au 6 Apr 07

Global Warming Driving Australian Fish South - Report
Story by Michael Byrnes PlanetArk 5 Apr 07

Threat to tropical reefs growing
NZ Herald 5 Apr 07

Conservation Group: Starfish Invasion Threatening Philippines' Coral Reefs; 'Far From Normal' Underwatertimes 4 Apr 07

Deadly Tsunami Sweeps Solomon Islands
Richard A. Lovett National Geographic 2 Apr 07

Seafood poisoning rises with warming
By Michael Casey Yahoo News 2 Apr 07

Chinese Hunger for Reef Fish Emptying Asian Seas
Story by Nao Nakanishi PlanetArk 27 Mar 07

Australian Barrier Reef Faces Chemical Threat: WWF
Story by Rob Taylor PlanetArk 23 Mar 07

Erosion Threat Highlighted in Portugal Beach Flood
PlanetArk 22 Mar 07

River Dolphin Closer to Extinction Despite Reports, Experts Say Stefan Lovgren National Geographic 21 Mar 07

Twenty coral reef fishes threatened with extinction
IUCN 6 Mar 07

Birds play key role in restoring seagrass
By Kevin Lollar news-press.com 18 Mar 07

Poachers Suspected as 1800 Olive Ridley Turtle Carcasses Found Along Indian Coast Underwatertimes 15 Mar 07

Aussie Researchers: 'Fat' Corals More Likely to Survive Stress of Global Warming Underwatertimes 14 Mar 07

Save our seahorses
Chai Mei Ling New Straits Times 11 Mar 07

Rains helping cool Barrier Reef
By Phil Mercer BBC 11 Mar 07

Cancun, nature at war over beaches
By Julie Watson Yahoo News 11 Mar 07

WWF Urges Hong Kong to Reel in Fishing Industry
PlanetArk 9 Mar 07

Verde Island Passage centre of world's marine biodiversity
Yahoo News 7 Mar 07

20 new ocean species found in Indonesia
By Michael Casey, AP Yahoo News 28 Feb 07

Exotic Animals Seen Where Antarctic Ice Used to Be
Story by Deborah Zabarenko PlanetArk 26 Feb 07

Acid Oceans Threatening Marine Food Chain, Experts Warn Scott Norris National Geographic 17 Feb 07

Religious leader steps in to stop whale shark slaughter in India Yahoo News 18 Feb 07

Ban subsidies to deep-sea fishing 'bandits': scientists
Yahoo News 19 Feb 07

Wind shifts devastate ocean life
By Jonathan Fildes BBC 17 Feb 07

Tire reef off Florida proves a disaster
By Brian Skoloff, Associated Press Writer
Yahoo News 18 Feb 07

Top End toxins pose risk to Great Barrier Reef
Leigh Dayton, Science writer The Australian 17 Feb 07

Hong Kong marine parks fail to protect fish: WWF
Yahoo News 15 Feb 07

Thailand struggles to save rare dugong
by Charlotte McDonald-Gibson Yahoo News 15 Feb 07

First aerial survey to map dugong numbers
Apinya Wipatayotin Bangkok Post 14 Feb 07

Five things not to eat for Chinese New Year
TRAFFIC 12 Feb 07

Europe fights to save its fish stocks
By Raf Casert and Daniel Woolls, Associated Press
Yahoo News 11 Feb 07

Theft of 'More than a Hectare of Coral Reefs' Uncovered in the Philippines Underwatertimes 10 Feb 07

Can Fish Farming Save Depleted Cod?
Story by Simon Rabinovitch PlanetArk 7 Feb 07

South Africa Bids to Sate Asia's Abalone Cravings
Story by Wendell Roelf PlanetArk 6 Feb 07

Rare marine species discovered in Philippines
Yahoo News 5 Feb 07

Mystery ship suspected in oil spill off Vietnam
Yahoo News 3 Feb 07

Global warming threatens Australia's Barrier reef
By Rob Taylor Yahoo News 2 Feb 07

Algiers Beach becomes Algae Beach
Water infestation troublesome for Sanibel, Lee
By Kevin Lollar News-Press.com 2 Feb 07

Seas Rising Faster than U.N. Predicts - Study
Story by Alister Doyle PlanetArk 2 Feb 07

Scientists warn of hysteria over state of Barrier Reef
Matthew Warren, Environment writer The Australian 1 Feb 07

Oil spill hits Vietnam's central coast
Yahoo News 1 Feb 07

Japan Atlantic Tuna Quota Slashed by Nearly a Quarter
Story by Elaine Lies PlanetArk 1 Feb 07

Warming Oceans Put Kink in Food Chain, Study Says
John Roach National Geographic 30 Jan 07

Dead dugong causes stir in Langkawi
New Straits Times 25 Jan 07

Over 9,000 Indonesian islands to be named
Channel NewsAsia 27 Jan 07

Global plan to save tuna stocks, critics say not enough
by Harumi Ozawa Yahoo News 26 Jan 07

Live-fish market grows, stripping reefs
By Michael CaseyYahoo News 24 Jan 07

Spiritual guru's word saves hundreds of whale shark in Gujarat Sreenivas Janyala The Indian Express 24 Jan 07

Limiting visitor numbers to protect Pulau Redang
The Star 24 Jan 07

Survey: Waterbird species are in decline
By Michael Casey Yahoo News 24 Jan 07

Japan Meeting Seeks to Save Tuna from Extinction
Story by Elaine Lies PlanetArk 23 Jan 07

Sperm secrets of male seahorses uncovered
By Patricia Reaney Yahoo News 19 Jan 07

WTO plans threaten sea life: Greenpeace
By Daniel Wallis Yahoo News 19 Jan 07

Environmentalists: Chinese Poaching in the Philippines 'Organized Crime'; Pressure from Envoy's Letter by Inday Espina-Varona Underwater Times 14 Jan 07

Panel: Strong, Clear Guidelines Needed to Regulate U.S. Offshore Marine Aquaculture Underwatertimes 11 Jan 07

Safer way to catch shrimp with traps, not nets
By Al Jones The Sun Herald 7 Jan 07

Ocean's 30: Poachers arrested in Philippine marine park
WWF 5 Jan 07

Chinese Poachers Charged, Jailed in the Philippines Over Wrasse Poaching in Marine Park Underwatertimes 2 Jan 07

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