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wild news on wildsingapore
  Singapore's wild shores
general marine issues in Singapore
including development, reclamation, aquaculture, conservation and threat.

See also Southern Islands development plans
See also global marine issues; sea turtles and dolphins; marine litter, tsunami and the Environment and global warming

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Dutch, British Coasts Face Serious Flood Threat
PlanetArk 9 Nov 07

Rising Seas Could Threaten Drinking Water Supplies
Andrea Thompson LiveScience.com Yahoo News 7 Nov 07

Johor floods: Deja vu for folks in Kota Tinggi
Teh Eng Hock The Star 6 Nov 07

Climate issue gets a boost in KL
By Martin Khor The Star 5 Nov 07

Stonefish on Sentosa: 6 days and he's still in pain
Electric New Paper 4 Nov 07

Flood alleviation projects on track: PUB
Channel NewsAsia 2 Nov 07

How Singapore can meet the North-West Passage challenge Businesses here should sit up and pay attention to the global shift of balance in shipping routes - lifelines to Singapore's strategic importance as an international maritime hub By Han Kian Kwang Business Times 31 Oct 07

Shell to build 4.5 km pipeline under sea
To transport butadiene from Bukom plant to Jurong Island
By Ronnie Lim Business Times Times 29 Oct 07

Industry must abide by strict rules on pollution
Thong Pao-Yi (Ms) Executive Director, Communications Economic Development Board Straits Times Forum 29 Oct 07

Chemical industry proactive on environment
Terence Koh Executive Director Singapore Chemical Industry Council Straits Times Forum 29 Oct 07

Undersea garden takes root S'pore
Poly team creates marine site off Labrador for corals to regrow By Shobana Kesava Straits Times 29 Oct 07

There’s nothing wrong with reclamation
Discussion of reclamation in Mumbai
Daily News and Analysis India 28 Oct 07

Smell unpleasant but not harmful
Reply from NEA Straits Times Forum 26 Oct 07

Fish Farming: Taste of the wild comes home
By Richard Black BBC 24 Oct 07

Johor floods force 1,000 villagers to flee homes
Today Online 25 Oct 07

Pungent stench, cocoa smell: Safe to breathe?
Letter from Michael Eng Wee Chong
Straits Times Forum 24 Oct 07

S'pore's ethylene push raises green concerns
Letter from Prof Anthony Reid Straits Times Forum 23 Oct 07

US$2b petrochemical plant to be built on Jurong Island
By Nicholas Fang Straits Times 19 Oct 07

Safe to eat fish, farmed or wild caught
Reply from AVA Straits Times Forum 17 Oct 07

AVA should make it compulsory for retailers to state source of fish Letter from Chen Bin Straits Times Forum 17 Oct 07

Seafood caught in the wild may also be unsafe for consumption Letter from Betty L Khoo-Kingsley (Ms) Straits Times Forum 16 Oct 07

Are farmed sea bass safe to consume?
Letter from Edmund Lim Wee Kiat Straits Times 12 Oct 07

Foul smell at Pandan Reservoir caused by dead fish
Channel NewsAsia 8 Oct 07

Kusu spiffs up ahead of annual pilgrimage
Food court set up; Taoist temple and Malay shrine ready for visitors By Lim Wei Chean Straits Times 8 Oct 07

Singapore's very own super sea bass
By Tania Tan Straits Times 5 Oct 07

Despite Warming, Ships to Shun Northwest Passage
Story by David Ljunggren PlanetArk 4 Oct 07

Singapore looks set to build floating oil storage
JTC Corp in talks with interested oil trading firms
By Ronnie Lim Business Times 3 Oct 07

US beach erosion forces officials to search for alternatives to sand Channel NewsAsia 29 Sep 07

MM Lee finds climate change a 'woeful' topic
Governments still lack the will to stop environmental degradation
By Lynn Lee Straits Times 26 Sep 07

Singapore to sail beyond port to maritime centre
By Conrad Raj Business Times 26 Sep 07

Maritime Week 2007: Taking the green route
Surendren Apparoo looks at what Singapore is doing to protect the marine environment Business Times 24 Sep 07

Johor to get $2.6b flood-control system
Straits Times 21 Sep 07

A mission to save stressed 'trees of the seas'
By Liaw Wy-Cin Straits Times 17 Sep 07

Island building aids river's habitat
By Todd Richmond Yahoo News 15 Sep 07

Global impact of shorter shipping route
Straits Times 16 Sep 07

Malaysia Looks at Tougher Rules to Save Coastal Birds
Story by Clarence Fernandez PlanetArk 12 Sep 07

Protecting nature's beauty
By Liana Tang Straits Times 10 Sep 07

Development of Malaysian shores said destroying birds' homes
By Arthur Max, Associated Press Yahoo News 5 Sep 07

Malacca Strait users to help keep waterway safe and clean
By Khushwant Singh Straits Times 5 Sep 07

ExxonMobil to go ahead with second petrochem complex
on Jurong Island
By Nicholas Fang Straits Times 6 Sep 07

PowerGas to build and operate Singapore's first LNG terminal on reclaimed land at Jurong Island Channel NewsAsia 4 Sep 07

Vulnerable to rising seas, Singapore envisions a giant seawall By Wayne Arnold International Herald Tribune 29 Aug 07

Hit the Beach: Why Humans Love Water
Meredith F. Small LiveScience.com Yahoo News 25 Aug 07

HDB EIA reports on Pulau Tekong reclamation
e-gazette 27 Jul 07

Singapore unveils first coral nursery to conserve underwater habitat Channel NewsAsia 30 Jul 07

Rediscovered documents 'flush out' history of Estero Bay preserve By Julio Ochoa Naples News 28 Jul 07

The island paradise built on a garbage dump
By Francesca de Châtel for CNN CNN 26 Jul 07

Under study - storing oil out at sea
Use of large floating platforms could ease space crunch at Jurong Island By Ronnie Lim Business Times 17 Jul 07

New Amenities At Chek Jawa Wetlands Now Open From 8 July 2007, Visitors Can Tour Chek Jawa Seven Days A Week NParks Press Release 7 Jul 07

STB wants to have new cruise terminal in Marina South soon Channel NewsAsia 6 Jul 07

Diving risks: When panic can be fatal
Doctor starts dive safety blog
Lin Yanqin Today Online 29 Jun 07

A land swallowed by the sea
Straits Times 25 Jun 07

Is S'pore ready for the next big flood?
Arti Mulchand Straits Times 24 Jun 07

Rising Seas to Destroy U.S. Beaches
Andrea Thompson Yahoo News 22 Jun 07

Desalination no answer to water crisis: WWF
By Laura MacInnis Yahoo News 18 Jun 07

Waterspouts spotted off east coast of Singapore
Channel NewsAsia 12 Jun 07

New TV show to promote keeping waterways clean
Straits Times 9 Jun 07

7M pounds of trash pulled from waterways
By Brian Skoloff, Associated Press Yahoo News 7 Jun 07

Jetski race held as sport sees growing interest in S'pore
Channel NewsAsia 4 Jun 07

Cause of death of fish in Serangoon River undetermined
Channel NewsAsia 29 May 07

Garbage of Eden
Straits Times 27 May 07

Waterspout sighted off Singapore's east coast
Channel NewsAsia 25 May 07

High waves force hundreds to flee Indonesia coastline
Channel NewsAsia 18 May 07

Mystery over dead fish in river
By Michelle Neo Straits Times 18 May 07

Water in Sungei Serangoon canal not toxic: NEA
Channel NewsAsia 17 May 07

Dead fish found floating in Serangoon River and canal
Channel NewsAsia 16 May 07

Pulau Semakau: Island paradise . . . and landfill
By Matthew Phan Business Times 11 May 07

Build dykes to protect against rising sea levels: experts
Channel NewsAsia 9 May 07

Two dead, two injured in ExxonMobil refinery blaze in Singapore
Channel NewsAsia 3 May 07

Govt preparing for possibility of rising sea levels
Zakir Hussain The Straits Times 23 Apr 07

Work so risky they quickly signed wills Nature lovers brave lightning, insect and animal bites to document shoreline treasures By Teh Jen Lee Electric New Paper 24 Apr 07

Do you know about Tuas' secret beach?
Electric New Paper 23 Apr 07

Land clearing, sand mining affect rivers
New Straits Times 16 Apr 07

Tourism plans for Southern Islands put on hold
Krist Boo Straits Times 12 Apr 07

Ferry ticket prices to Southern Islands going up from May 2 Channel NewsAsia 11 Apr 07

Shell to construct butadiene extraction plant on Pulau Bukom Channel NewsAsia 10 Apr 07

Singapore Growth Quandary: What's Enough? Land Reclamation and Influx of 'Foreign Talent' Risk an Internal Backlash By Yaroslav Trofimov Asian Wall Street Journal 9 Apr 07

Beware sea current when tide is low or high
Letter from Patrick Low Soh Chye Straits Times 10 Apr 07

Goa, Going, Gone - Asia Tourism Faces Climate Chaos
Story by Simon Gardner PlanetArk 10 Apr 07

Though dangerous, illegal jetty an avenue to rare simple pleasures Letter from Derrick Wong Kum Yau
Straits Times 7 Apr 07

Too much concrete, diminishing greenery and the slow death of a sanctuary Letter from Paulina Bohm Today Online 4 Apr 07

Private operators to run boat services to southern islands
Channel NewsAsia 2 Apr 07

Cruise terminal in Marina South ready in 6 years
Jasmine Yin Today Online 30 Mar 07

Fairy Point Hill site in Changi may fetch $45m
By Kalpana Rashiwala Business Times 29 Mar 07

No more Chek Jawa tours - for now
Boon Chan Straits Times 25 Mar 07

Nature conservationists focus on seagrass to preserve eco-system By Noor Mohd Aziz Channel NewsAsia 24 Mar 07

A stroll along Singapore's north coast URA's plan to develop Woodlands waterfront will give residents another recreational getaway Leong Wee Keat Today Online 19 Mar 07

For some, living on water is more than gazing at the boats
By Vincent Wee Business Times Singapore 17 Mar 07

Fairy Point Hill site at Changi to draw developer interest: analysts By Daryl Loo Channel NewsAsia 13 Mar 07

Boat owners sail into rough weather
Letter from Heng Koon Today Online 7 Mar 07
Boat storage at East Coast Park not meant to be a leisure facility Reply from NParks Today Online 13 Mar 07
NParks should stick to things botanical
Letter from Heng Koon Today Online 17 Mar 07

Risk management vital concept in training of divers and scuba professionals SUF 25 Feb 07

Raise safety standards for recreational diving Letter from Dr Gregory Chan Chung Tsing Vice-President Occupational and Environmental Health Society Straits Times Forum 24 Feb 07

Body of missing diver found in waters off Pulau Hantu
By S Ramesh Channel NewsAsia 20 Feb 07

Singaporeans flock to East Coast to spend Lunar New Year holidays By Patwant Singh Channel NewsAsia 19 Feb 07

Jumping wild dolphins 'confirmed' their love
By Teh Jen Lee Electric New Paper 15 Feb 07

Johor floods: Tekong works not to blame
Letter from Errol Goodenough Straits Times 14 Feb 07

S'pore urged to build new cruise terminal soon
By Donald Urquhart Business Times Singapore 13 Feb 07

Change of tack needed to bolster yachting industry
By Vincent Wee Business Times Singapore 10 Feb 07

PA to build multi-million dollar sea sports, recreational hub in Marina Bay By Asha Popatlal Channel NewsAsia 6 Feb 07

A rude reminder of dependency
By Seah Chiang Nee The Star 3 Feb 07

Govt to boost security to enforce sand export ban
Fadli The Jakarta Post 3 Feb 07

M'sian govt says drainage system partly to blame for Johor floods By Wong Mun Wai Channel NewsAsia 3 Feb 07

S'pore can cope with sand ban in the long term as well
By Farah Abdul Rahim Channel NewsAsia 3 Feb 07

Singapore reclamation work seems to be having environmental impact The Star 3 Feb 07

Stop pointing fingers, just act
about reclamation in Singapore and flooding in Johor
Letter from Jeffrey Law Today Online 3 Feb 07

Are safety checks conducted on sea sports operators?
Letter from Irene Wong Wai Ping (Mrs)
Straits Times Forum 2 Feb 07

Sungei Buloh rubbish comes from Johor Straits
Letter from Wong Tuan Wah Director, Conservation National Parks Board Straits Times Forum 2 Feb 07

Better than the ban Indonesia's eco-friendly move is potentially lucrative but must be managed well Gavin
Chua Hearn Yuit and Martha Maulidia Today Online 1 Feb 07

'Study causes of floods before blaming S'pore' Najib's remarks come as S'pore says reclamation work not to blame Straits Times 1 Feb 07

Rubbish everywhere at Sungei Buloh
Letter from Katharine Evans (Ms) Edinburgh, United Kingdom Straits Times Forum 31 Jan 07

Singapore land reclamation caused recent floods in Malaysia, official says By Farah Abdul Rahim The China Post 31 Jan 07

Singapore’s Shifting Sands
Asia Sentinel 31 Jan 07

Sand ban a wake-up call for industry: architects
By Farah Abdul Rahim Channel NewsAsia 30 Jan 07

Consignment of land sand from source outside Indonesia arrives in S'pore Channel NewsAsia 29 Jan 07

ADB in $42.8 million marine rescue package for Philippines Yahoo News 25 Jan 07

Singapore's Waste Pollutes Batam
Rumbadi Dalle Tempo 25 Jan 07

Indonesia bans sand exports
By Pearl Forss Channel NewsAsia 24 Jan 07

Singapore Sailing plans to introduce sport to all primary schools By Patwant Singh Channel NewsAsia 16 Jan 07

Two bunker tankers collide south of St John's Island
By Sharon Tong Channel NewsAsia 11 Jan 07

Changi is unique as S'pore's green lung
Letter from Maryanne Maes Today Online 4 Jan 06

Changi excellent location for future IR
Letter from Huang Pengxie Today Online 3 Jan 07

Mystery found: Barges come out of nowhere
Shahrum Sayuthi New Straits Times 2 Jan 07

Make Changi area a home base for the region's businessmen and executives Letter from Tan Kok Liang
Straits Times Forum 29 Dec 06

Changi beach is fast disappearing. Act now to stop the erosion Letter from Ms Tay Yean Ching Straits Times Forum 28 Dec 06

Bringing back the coastal life-savers: mangroves
Nirmal Ghosh The Straits TiImes 22 Dec 06

Discern the truth about save-the-sharks drive
Letter from Wong Hoong Hooi Straits Times Forum 11 Dec 06

Bird's nest, the viable alternative
Letter from Oscar Lee Shing Kian
Straits Times Forum 11 Dec 06

Riau Islands halts all sand exports
Fadli JakartaPost 5 Dec 06

Letters about shark's fins; responses to Dr Giam Choo Hoo's article 'Shark's fin soup - eat without guilt'
Straits Times Forum 6 Dec 06

Save the sharks, forgo that bowl of fin soup
Letter from Bernard Harrison

Eat shark's fin soup without feeling guilty?
That's wrong message to send out
Letter from Christopher von Mitschke-Collande

How long can we go on killing sharks before wiping them out totally? Letter from Grant W. Pereira Asian Educational Coordinator Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Was the shark finned alive? When in doubt, skip the soup Letter from Louis Ng Kok Kwang Executive Director Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (Acres)

S'pore can lead by example to ban shark's fin soup
Letter from Masood Mohajer

Shark Finning: Shark's fin soup-eat without guilt
By Giam Choo Hoo The Straits Times 1 Dec 06

Indonesian company gets contract from Singaporean firms to supply reclamation work Antara 24 Nov 06

Why there will never be another Marine Parade
The New Paper 18 Nov 06

Sinking feeling over vanishing fish
By Paul P.S. Teng The Straits Times 18 Nov 06

A sea sports centre may be developed in Sembawang
By Joanne Leow Channel NewsAsia 11 Nov 06

70 divers help clean parts of seabed at Pulau Hantu
By May Wong Channel NewsAsia 4 Nov 06

Don't be cruel to sharks
Letter from Charmaine Chong Jia Min (Ms)
Straits Times Forum 31 Oct 06

Go truly green--look to the blue
Letter from Maryanne Maes Today Online 20 Oct 06

S'pore waterfronts can be turned into an exciting landscape Letter from Ms Liu I-Chun Taipei Straits Times Forum 19 Oct 06

Water's edge - exciting part of future landscape
By Tan Hui Yee Straits Times 16 Oct 06

Revamped Changi Point offers breathtaking views of coastline
By Satish Cheney Channel NewsAsia 15 Oct 06

MPA making special arrangements for pilgrims to Kusu Island By Dominique Loh Channel NewsAsia 12 Oct 06

Republic Poly breeds aquaculture successfully in captivity
By Satish Cheney Channel NewsAsia 12 Oct 06

Take preventive measures to reduce silt from marine construction activities Letter from Nature Society (Singapore)
The Straits Times 7 Oct 06

Environment and progress can coexist
By Sonia Kolesnikov-Jessop
International Herald Tribune 19 Sep 06

Beaches here cleaned daily
Reply from NEA and MPA The Straits Times 3 Sep 06

Even Yao Ming is sidelined as China shark fin debate falls flat Channel NewsAsia 31 Aug 06

Indonesia stops sand export to Singapore
The People's Daily 17 Aug 06

Mr Joseph Lai and Chek Jawa
The Straits Times 19 Aug 06

11 endangered sea turtles to be released, tracked
By Wong Mun Wai Channel NewsAsia 31 Jul 06

Shell confirms plan to build multi-billion cracker plant on Bukom By Jeana Wong Channel NewsAsia 27 Jul 06

Bad taste to broadcast programme on the eating of the endangered Napoleon wrasse
Letter from Law Sin Ling Straits Times Forum 6 Jul 06

Rules set by the Palau government on the catching of Napoleon fish highlighted in show Reply from Mediacorp Straits Times Forum 4 Jul 06

Tanker, container ship collide in Singapore waters
Channel NewsAsia 30 Jun 06

Marina South Pier launched
Tor Ching Li Today Online 1 Jul 06

Don't release balloons at Sentosa. They kill the turtles which eat them Letter from Isabel Kang (Ms) Straits Times Forum online 8 Jun 06

'Marine sanctuary' plan for Pulau Hantu dropped
by Radha Basu The Straits Times 3 Jun 06

Rollerbladers rescue baby turtles at East Coast
by Radha Basu The Straits Times 26 May 06

Baby turtles rescued and returned to sea off Changi
By Wong Siew Ying Channelnews Asia 25 May 06

Dead dolphin washed ashore
The Straits Times 25 May 06

Learning to dive in Singapore more popular with locals
By Ng Bao Ying Channelnews Asia 21 May 06

Labrador Park to get a hotel and spa
by Krist Boo The Straits Times 10 May 06

End of an era for boatman
Chen Siya Today Online 6 Apr 06

First step to create marine sanctuary on Pulau Hantu
by Tania Tan The Straits Times 31 Mar 06

Reclaimed land under threat
by Radha Basu The Straits Times 6 Mar 06

Up to 50 people drown along coastline a year: Minister
Today Online 28 Feb 06

Follow Thai government's lead - release dolphins at Sentosa back into the wild Letter from ACRES Straits Times Forum Online 25 Feb 06
Releasing dolphins is good animal husbandry
Letter from Richard Gascoigne
Straits Times Forum Online 25 Feb 06

Singapore disputes Malaysian article on Causeway pollution
By May Wong Channel NewsAsia 15 Feb 06
Straits pollution not due to Causeway, S'pore tells NST
Today Online 16 Feb 06

Students take on the weather for national study
How will global warming affect Singapore's coastline?
by Radha Basu The Straits Times 6 Feb 06

Problem of illegal netters at beaches
Letter from Nur Azzahar Today Online 4 Feb 06

Marine Ecosystems in Singapore
Oral answers to Dr Geh Min's questions at Parliament
HANSARD 17 Jan 06

Republic Polytechnic the first to breed lobsters in captivity Channel NewsAsia 18 Jan 06
RP students breed lobsters in captivity
Serene Chua Today Online 19 Jan 06

Pets are not toys. Don't turn hermit crabs into ornaments
Letter from Liao Shuxin Straits Times Forum Online 17 Jan 06

Singapore unlikely to be hit by a tsunami: Yaacob
By Hasnita A Majid Channel NewsAsia 16 Jan 06

Here's the dirt on S'pore's beaches
by Radha Basu The Straits Times 5 Dec 05

Study Cites Risks of Eating Farmed Salmon
By Candice Choi, Associated Press ENN 2 Dec 05

Stung by a stonefish? Advice available 24/7
Straits Times Forum Online 29 Nov 05

Stonefish on Sentosa no surprise
Letter from Eng Ting Ting (Ms)
Straits Times Forum Online 21 Nov 05

Stung by a stonefish, he is suing Sentosa
by K.C. Vijayan The Straits Times 14 Nov 05

Relax the rules. Don't deprive anglers the joys of fishing
Letter from Teh Boon Hong Straits Times Forum Online 29 Oct 05

Sandcastle Building Centre to be built at East Coast Park
By Wong Siew Ying Channel NewsAsia 8 Oct 05

Support for reef-building project in restricted waters
Letter from John Hooi Yin Cheong Consultant Fishingkaki.com Straits Times Forum Online 6 Oct 05

Feathers ruffled but Singapore’s eco-dump wins fans
by Sonia Kolesnikov-Jessop
The South China Morning Post 3 Oct 05

Set up marine parks offshore
Letter from Dr Geh Min President Nature Society (Singapore)
The Straits Times Forum Online 3 Oct 05

Shark extinction remains a real threat
Letter from Wu Tzong Kwang
Straits Times Forum Online 3 Oct 05

Trader fined $56,000 for smuggling clams, corals
The Straits Times 26 Sep 05

Record fine for smuggling sea gems
The New Paper 27 Sep 05

AVA, private firm to develop tracking system for farmed fish
By Johnson Choo Channel NewsAsia 23 Mar 05

Coral reefs need help to restore themselves
Letter by Dr Chou Loke Ming
Straits Times Forum Online 12 Sep 05

'Geotubes’ fail to halt erosion in Johor
R. Sittamparam New Straits Times 7 Sep 05

Better to leave natural coral reefs untouched
Letter from the Nature Society (Singapore) ST Forum online 7 Sep 05

Shark's fin soup: Can govt take lead to save sharks?
Letter from Low Wai Mun ST Forum online 7 Sep 05

Innovative Singapore turns Semakau island into eco-tourism attraction Channel NewsAsia 29 Aug 05

One man's passion ensures S'pore waterways stay clean
By Lee Hui Chieh The Straits Times 11 Aug 05

Inside Track: flora & fauna
Nature's rescuers: people who protect our wild places
Living sanctuary: Nee Soon Swamp, Pulau Tekong
Waterfront developments: Chek Jawa and Pulau Ubin
Coral islands: Southern Islands
Swamp things: Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve
Coast guard: Labrador Park
Singapore namesakes: plants and animals named after Singapore

Republic Poly students successfully breed lobsters in captivity
By Pearl Forss Channel NewsAsia, 5 Aug 05

AVA protects marine life by regulating trade
Reply from the AVA to Letter in the Straits Times, 5 Aug 05

Released into the wild
137 Singapore-born hawksbill turtle hatchlings are released to sea, 2 months after their mum laid eggs at East Coast Park
By Chang Ai-Lien The Straits Times Forum Page, 4 Aug 05

Tanker blown off course near Sentosa's Siloso Beach
Channel NewsAsia, 30 Jul 05

Punggol beach not so clean
Letter by Gene Kam Letters to the Straits Times Forum Page, 25 Jul 05

Underground reservoir beneath reclaimed land
By Alexis Hooi The Straits Times 25 Jul 05

To Battle Barnacles, Ships Test Fake Sharkskin
Brian Handwerk National Geographic website, 22 Jul 05

Act to protect marine life by Ng Chee Heong
Letter to the Straits Times Forum Page, 22 Jul 05

Parliament Shorts: Harm to marine life to be minimised
The Straits Times, 21 Jul 05

Full text of Parliamentary discussion of Land Reclamation at Pulau Ular (Environmental impact) Parliament Sitting 20 Jul 05 Parliament website Hansard reports

Opening of Semakau landfill
Bio-treasure Isle
By Sarah Ng The Straits Times 18 Jul 05
Semakau landfill to last 15 more years as recycling reduces waste By Hasnita A Majid Channel NewsAsia, 16 Jul 05
Trekking on 'Trash'
by Teh Jen Lee, photos by Mohd Ishak The New Paper, 16 Jul 05
Speech by Dr Yaacob Ibrahim at the official opening of Semakau Landfill MEWR Press Release, 16 Jul 05
Launch welcomes back 40 former resident families from Pulau Sakeng NEA newsroom 16 Jul 05

Sufferring a net loss
by Radha Basu The Straits Times, 13 Jul 05

Two groups fear new Shell plant will endanger marine life
Pulau Hantu one of Singapore's last marine beauty spots
By Radha Basu The Straits Times, 4 Jul 05

Dumping at sea may incur mandatory jail
New Straits Times, 1 Jul 05

Oil slick: Ship captain flees, six crewmen detained by DOE
by Siti Nurbaiyah Nadzmi The New Straits Times, 29 Jun 05

Malaysia detains Singapore-owned tanker on suspicion of oil spill Channel NewsAsia, 29 Jun 05

S'pore-owned tanker detained in M'sia

Today Online, 29 Jun 05

Adopt a reef, and save the coral
By Chang Ai-Lien Science Correspondent
The Straits Times, 28 Jun 05

Source of oil slick still a mystery, say officials
By Ahmad Osman The Straits Times, 28 Jun 05

Malaysia hunts ship that spilled oil on south coast: official
Channel NewsAsia, 27 Jun 05

Mysterious huge oil slick hits Johor beach
By Ahmad Osman The Straits Times, 27 Jun 05

Malaysia's south coast hit by oil slick: report
Channel NewsAsia, 26 Jun 05

Seeking the green light for animal sanctuaries:
YES Plans for halfway house on Pulau Ubin for confiscated wildlife get in-principle OK
By Chang Ai-Lien Science Correspondent
NO Expats' proposal to turn Pulau Tekukor into Monkey Island rejected and Monkeys that turn too aggressive culled
By Jane Ng
The Straits Times, 24 Jun 05

Raising the Blue Flag on green beaches
The Straits Times 31 May 05

Shell to reclaim land around Pulau Ular
Business Times May 25, 2005 on the Hantu Blog

Illegal fishing communities play hide and seek with authorities
by Ken Teh Channel NewsAsia 15 May 05

Worldwide coastal cleanup bags 4,000 tons of debris
by Jeannette J. Lee PlanetSave website 19 May 05

Cobia bred off St John's Island hits local fish markets
By Patricia Yap Today Online 14 May 05

Secret community of fishermen live off the sea in Yishun
by Ken Teh Channel NewsAsia 8 May 05

Keeping our waterways clean --- One green group's work
Written and produced by Daphne Koh Radio Singapore International, 9 May 05

Launch of Pulau Ubin Conservation and Management Plans - Ubin-HSBC Volunteer Hub, Chek Jawa, Jelutong Campsite & Bike Park NParks media statement, 29 Apr 05

The Ubin adventure begins
Jasmine Yin Today Online, 29 Apr 05

$7m plan unveiled to enhance Chek Jawa experience
By Julia Ng Channel NewsAsia , 29 Apr 05

Singapore Finds it Hard to Expand Without Sand
by Koh Gui Qing PlanetArk website, 12 Apr 05

Taking geography seriously: Tsunami disaster a grim reminder by Ooi Giok Ling Today, 11 Apr 05

No dubious replica, please about Dragon's Tooth Gate at Labrador Park Letter by he Singapore Heritage Society to the Straits Times Forum, 8 Apr 05

'Dragon's tooth' replica to mark anniversary of Chinese explorer Rock, believed to have helped Cheng Ho navigate waters around Singapore, to be reconstructed at Labrador Park. by Glenys Sim The Straits Times, 23 Mar 05

MM Lee launches S$226m Marina Barrage project
By S Ramesh Channel NewsAsia, 22 Mar 05

Marina Barrage to add 10,000 hectares of water catchment area By Dominique Loh Channel NewsAsia, 20 Mar 05

Breeder plans 10 fish farms off Ubin
By Chang Ai-lien The Straits Times 18 Mar 05

Semakau Landfill may be opened up for selected recreational activities NEA newsroom, 8 Mar 05

Speech by Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, at the Committee of Supply Debate 2005 8 Mar 2005 Discussing Environmental Sustainability, Community Participation in the Environment, Enjoying Our Environment and Water Resources (including reservoirs and Pulau Semakau), Raising awareness and consultation on environmental issues, Improving Energy Efficiency and Carbon Intensity, Green Vehicles. Singapore Government Media Release, 8 Mar 05

Labrador Park brings WWII to life
by Glenys Sim The Straits Times, 12 Mar 05

Pulau Semakau rich in biodiversity
Fancy a nature trek on Pulau Landfill?
by Alexis Hooi The Straits Times, March 9, 2005
From dump to play haven: Environment minister announces new lease of life for Semakau landfill
by Sheralyn Tay Today, 9 Mar 05
Pulau Semakau
by Hasnita A. Majid Channel NewsAsia , 8 Mar 05

Spread the word: It's hip to be green Mindy Neo and Dionne Teo speak up for environmental issues. By Alexis Hooi The Straits Times, 7 Mar 05

Finding Nemo? It's all here at the reefs
by Radha Basu The Straits Times, 11 Feb 05

Save our seas - for drinking
by Radha Basu The Straits Times, 11 Feb 05

About Water Ways Watch
Important role of NGOs in keeping waterways clean: Dr Yaacob
By S. Ramesh Channel NewsAsia, 6 Feb 05
Dr Yaacob's strange find in S'pore River
by Jasmine Yin Today, 7 Feb 05
River Rangers The New Straits Times, 7 Feb 05

Hantu coral life dying out fast
by Radha Basu The Straits Times, 4 Feb 05

Dying Reefs Disappearing coral reefs; What's killing coral reefs? Saving coral reefs; Establishing an ocean policy PBS Online Focus, 1 Feb 05 with links to streaming video and real/audio.

Sea warriors with a passion to preserve
by Radha Basu The Straits Times, 31 Jan 05

Scientists back NMP's call to protect nature
by Chang Ai-lien The Straits Times, 28 Jan 05

Volunteers patrol park to stop illegal coral collectors
by Joyce Teo The Straits Times, 26 Jan 05

Breakthrough in sea horses
by Tracy Quek The Straits Times, 28 Dec 04

Marine Conservation in Singapore
on Ecowatch by Yvonne Gomez
Radio Singapore International, 22 Nov 04

Finding Nemo at Kusu Island on the NTUC online website: an article of the Blue Water Volunteers free guided reef walks.

Youth to clean up Chek Jawa Today, 18 Sep 04

24 people, 4 schools create blogs in lead-up to National Day By Rita Zahara Channel NewsAsia , 15 Jul 04

The shifting sands of time - and Singapore
By Bill Guerin Atimes 31 Jul 03

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