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  New Straits Times 18 Oct 07
45 bird species may disappear

Yahoo News 18 Oct 07
45 bird species in Malaysia face extinction: report

Malaysia faces the extinction of 45 bird species in the next five to 10 years if it fails to introduce protected areas and breeding programmes for endangered species, a report said Thursday.

A recent survey by conservation group BirdLife International found that five species were critically endangered, four were endangered and the rest were considered vulnerable, The New Straits Times said.

"It is sad. Many of the birds have been around for more than 50 years while some, as recently as 10 years," Malaysian Nature Society Penang Branch chairman D. Kanda Kumar told the daily.

Kanda Kumar said rapid development has led to the loss of bird habitats, and that protected areas and breeding programmes were needed to save the populations.

The critically endangered species are the Silvery Wood-pigeon, the Chinese Crested Tern, the White-rumped Vulture, the Slender-billed Vulture and the Christmas Island Frigatebird.

New Straits Times 18 Oct 07
45 bird species may disappear

GEORGE TOWN: The country stands to lose 45 species of birds, according to a survey conducted by an international bird conservation partnership last month.

Five of the species are critically endangered, five are endangered and the rest have been classified as vulnerable by BirdLife International, a global partnership of conservation organisations that strives to conserve birds and their habitats, and global biodiversity.

Four of these are commonly found in Penang -- the Chinese Egret, the Spot- Billed Pelican, the Lesser Adjutant and the Spoon-Billed Sandpiper.

Except for one -- the Java Sparrow -- which is an introduced species from Indonesia, the rest are either resident or migratory species.

Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) Penang branch chairman D. Kanda Kumar blamed the situation on rapid development which has resulted in the lose of bird habitats. He said many of the species may disappear within the next five to 10 years if steps were not taken now.

Kanda Kumar said there was a need for more viable protected areas and the introduction of breeding programmes for species in the critical category.

"It is sad. Many of the birds have been around for more than 50 years while some, as recently as 10 years," he said, adding that some of the 45 species were no longer seen these days.

The birds in the critical category are the Silvery Wood Pigeon, Chinese Crested Tern, White-Rumped Vulture, Slender-Billed Vulture and Christmas Island Frigatebird. Those in the endangered category include the Bornean Peacock-Pheasant, Green Peafowl, White-Winged Duck, Nordmann's Greenshank and Storm's Stork.

Birds in the vulnerable category include the Black Wood Partridge, Crestless Fireback, Bulwer's Pheasant, Mountain Peacock-Pheasant, Malaysian Peacock-Pheasant, Crested Argus, Plain-Pouched Hornbill, Blue-Banded Kingfisher, Short-Toed Coucal, White-Fronted Scops Owl, Sunda Nightjar, Pale- Capped Pigeon, Large-Green Pigeon and Grey Imperial Pigeon.

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