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  New Straits Times 7 Nov 07
579 return home after floods

The Star 6 Nov 07
Deja vu for folks in Kota Tinggi
Teh Eng Hock

KOTA TINGGI: Johor was hit by floods yesterday, with almost 800 people evacuated in the early hours of the morning.

However, residents were better prepared this time after experiencing one of the country's worst floods last December and in January this year.

Kota Tinggi OCPD Supt Osman Mohamed Sebot said 755 people from 285 families were evacuated to three evacuation centres yesterday as waters rose in Taman Aman, Taman Mawai, Kampung Batu 25, and Kampung Sungai Berangan.

Rescue efforts started as early as 3am, as continuous rain brought water levels up to 2m high.

Kampung Batu 25 resident Jana Mohamad, 45, said she packed her clothes and moved her other belongings, including electrical items, to higher ground in the house when she saw the floodwaters rising.

“We know what to do now, and this time the floodwaters was not as high as last time,” she said.

But as she was leaving her house, Jana said, she was swept by strong currents and had to cling on to the fence before swimming to safety.

Her neighbour, Zainani Zakaria, 39, said that although they had experienced worse floods, they were nonetheless worried.

“We dare not sleep. We were all scared.

“How are we to know how high the waters will rise?” she said.

With Deepavali just two days away, the festive mood for Hindu residents was also ruined,

“We will now spend Deepavali cleaning up the house instead of celebrating,” said student C. Pervina, 20.

The previous rounds of flood destroyed almost everybody’s furniture, but housewife Chin Mui Chin, 50, said that since the last flood, they bought only plastic furniture.

“Everything is plastic. So even if it is submerged in the floods, it would not be ruined,” she said.

In Kampung Kelantan, residents are also on alert, fearing that they too may have to evacuate.

Odd job worker Sopian Syawal said his family members had their clothes already packed.

“If the waters rise quickly, we'll grab our bags and leave for the evacuation centre,” he said.

New Straits Times 7 Nov 07
579 return home after floods

KOTA TINGGI: A total of 579 people from 227 families returned to their homes after floods which hit the district receded.

To date, only the relief centre in Dewan Sungai Berangan remains open with 21 victims from six families.

At the height of the floods, some 600 residents from 233 families were evacuated after Sungai Johor burst its banks following a 13-hour downpour.

District officer Norizan Kulob said the evacuation of flood victims was carried out smoothly.

The agencies involved were the police, Rela, General Operation Force, Civil Defence and Fire and Rescue Department.

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