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  Singapore: haze from regional fires
issues, efforts, discussions
also, other air pollution issues encountered in the region

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Greenpeace reports on what's 'cooking' the forests
Sheralyn Tay Today Online 9 Nov 07

Singapore contributing S$1m to help tackle haze in Jambi, Indonesia Channel NewsAsia 7 Nov 07

Is Global Warming Fueling Forest Fires?
Andrea Thompson LiveScience Yahoo News 24 Oct 07

Pollution 'matter of life or death': HK leader
Yahoo News 12 Oct 07

Haze threat 'almost over for the year'
But experts warn favourable weather may not persist next year
By Azhar Ghani Straits Times 5 Oct 07

Dramatic rise in Sumatra hot spots
Straits Times 1 Oct 07

Indonesia rents helicopters to douse haze fires
Yahoo News 25 Sep 07

HK told: Learn from LA, London
Today Online 18 Sep 07

Indonesia Hopes to Include Peat in New Climate Deal
Story by Adhityani Arga PlanetArk 28 Aug 07

HK's polluted air 'driving financial firms to Singapore'
Straits Times 27 Aug 07

S'pore, M'sia agree to share information to mitigate climate change Channel NewsAsia 25 Aug 07

Regional Haze Dialogue works on new strategies to fight climate change Channel NewsAsia 20 Aug 07

Haze fight: S'pore to work with slash-and-burn farmers
By Tania Tan Straits Times 18 Aug 07

Air pollution in Hong Kong and China
Yahoo News 6 Aug 07

"Asian Brown Cloud" is speeding melt of Himalaya glaciers: study by Richard Ingham Yahoo News 1 Aug 07

Palm Oil Firms Burning Indonesia Forests - Greenpeace
Story by Adhityani Arga PlanetArk 13 Jul 07

Indonesian Government to revive ruined Central Kalimantan forest Jakarta Post 7 Jul 07

Singapore may be spared from haze this year: NEA
Channel NewsAsia 6 Jul 07

Haze Outlook Grim in Indonesia
Smoke rises as red tape stifles anti-haze effort
By Azhar Ghani Straits Times 6 Jul 07

Spike in Sumatra fires signals start of haze season
By Arti Mulchand and Azhar Ghani Straits Times 5 Jul 07

How Can Carbon Trading Save Peatlands and Rainforests? PlanetArk 3 Jul 07

Air quality poorer in Malaysia after Indonesian forest fires
Channel NewsAsia 2 Jul 07

Climate deals turn up heat in Indonesia's dark peatlands
By Gillian Murdoch Yahoo News 3 Jul 07

'There is an answer to the haze'
Fadli The Jakarta Post 30 Jun 07

Air pollution casts cloud over Hong Kong's competitiveness
Straits Times 30 Jun 07

Indonesia aims to halve haze-causing fires
Channel NewsAsia 20 Jan 07

Indonesia ready for forest fires, but adverse to foreign help Jakarta Post 18 Jun 07

Singapore submits haze masterplan to Indonesia
Channel NewsAsia 14 Jun 07

Indonesia threatened by global warming, rising sea levels
Yahoo News 4 Jun 07

Indonesian NGOs, local officials want haze stopped Letter from Simon Tay Chairman, Singapore Institute of International Affairs Hadi Soesastro Executive Director, Centre for Strategic and International Studies, Indonesia Mubariq Ahmad Executive Director, WWF-Indonesia Straits Times Forum 29 May 07

Industrialist urges government to clear up haze problem
Jakarta Post 28 May 07

Back to the burning issue
Simon Tay Today Online 17 May 07

Asian dust plume might sway U.S. climate: scientists
By Deborah Zabarenko Yahoo News 15 May 07

Asia Struggles to Stop Relentless "Pollution Calendar"
Story by Gillian Murdoch PlanetArk 3 May 07

Hong Kong mulls new pollution alert
Channel NewsAsia 29 Apr 07

No easy solution to Indonesian haze problem
by Martin Abbugao Yahoo News 20 Apr 07

Plantation firms help NEA to fight haze in Sumatra
S'pore agency adopts regency in province under Asean pact
By Laurel Teo in Jakarta Business Times 5 Apr 07

Scientists weigh downside of palm oil
By Arthus Max Yahoo News 1 Apr 07

Air pollution in HK scaring off tourists
Straits Times 21 Mar 07

Hold your breath, now ... Haze back
Sheralyn Tay Today Online 20 Mar 07

Feeling the heat from deforestation in Riau
By Devi Asmarani Straits Times 16 Mar 07

Jakarta making slow progress on haze pact
Azhar Ghani Straits Times 14 Mar 07

Haze Hits Northern Thailand, Disrupts Flights
Story by Nopporn Wong-Anan PlanetArk 13 Mar 07

Indonesia to rehabilitate Suharto's failed peatland project
Yahoo News 11 Mar 07

S'pore, Indonesia collaborate on Master Plan to fight haze problem By Satish Cheney Channel NewsAsia 9 Mar 07

S'pore offers help to regency in Jambi to fight haze problem in Indonesia By Hasnita A Majid Channel NewsAsia 6 Mar 07

ASEAN ministers to review 12-year-old haze efforts
By Sujadi Siswo Channel NewsAsia 1 Mar 07

Indonesian government confident it can halve number of forest fires this year Sujadi Siswo Channel NewsAsia 28 Feb 07

Indonesia's plan to revitalise peat land to have mixed results
Sujadi Siswo Channel NewsAsia 23 Feb 07

Smoking out the world's lungs
By Lucy Williamson BBC 12 Feb 07

Bilateral talks on open burning
The Star 9 Feb 07

M'sian govt says drainage system partly to blame for Johor floods By Wong Mun Wai Channel NewsAsia 3 Feb 07

Jakarta set to host meeting on fighting haze
By Azhar Ghani Straits Times 20 Jan 07

Experts: Asia slow to act on pollution
For business' sake, stamp out the haze problem
By David Mason Business Times Singapore 16 Jan 07

PM Lee suggests ASEAN Declaration on Environmental Sustainability at next summit By Wong Siew Ying and S Ramesh Channel NewsAsia 13 Jan 07

Why does the haze come back every year?
Alvin Darlanika Soedarjo Jakarta Post 7 Jan 07

Experts sniff at 'blow hot, blow cold' approach to haze problem Tor Ching Li Today Online 5 Jan 06

Economic losses expected to escalate with destruction from haze, rain By Rita Zahara Channel NewsAsia 27 Dec 06

Malaysia firms under fire over environment
Yahoo News 18 Dec 06

Hazy Oct slowest retail month
Today Online 16 Dec 06

Experts: Asia slow to act on pollution
By Michael Casey, AP Yahoo News 15 Dec 06

Jakarta legislative roadblock clouds Asean haze agreement Parliament sets up team to study pact, which could delay its ratification Devi Asmarani The Straits Times 13 Dec 06

Indonesia hopes to see haze lift within two years
Yahoo News 4 Dec

Hong Kong theme park reports growth but fears smoggy future Yahoo News 30 Nov 06

Guardians of the region's greenery M'sia, Indonesia, Brunei agree to prevent destruction of Borneo's rainforest Fawziah Selamat Today Online 29 Nov 06

Scientists say pollution may be helpful
By Charles J. Hanley Yahoo News 17 Nov 06

Forest fires may actually cool climate
By Randolphe E. Schmid Yahoo News 17 Nov 06

Climate change action must include peatlands
Kimani Chege SciDev.net 13 Nov 06

Strong sense of urgency among ASEAN countries to tackle haze By Hasnita A Majid Channel NewsAsia 14 Nov 06

ASEAN begins voluntary contribution towards fund to fight haze Sujadi Siswo Channel NewsAsia 11 Nov 06

Manila wants tougher enforcement of environmental laws
By Manny Mogato Reuters 10 Nov 06

ASEAN nations to help Indonesia reduce choking haze
Yahoo News 10 Nov 06

Indonesia forest fires, attacks kill 1,000 orangutans
Yahoo News 3 Nov 06

Effects of haze on greenhouse gases and pollution are huge, says SEC By Yvonne Yong Channel NewsAsia 6 Nov 06

Action plan for ASEAN to work with Indonesian districts to fight haze By Farah Abdul Rahim Channel NewsAsia 5 Nov 06

Many risk long-term damage from SE Asia haze: experts
By Tan Ee Lyn Yahoo News 2 Nov 06

Hotspots drop in Indonesia but some haze lingers
By Diyan Jari Yahoo News 1 Nov 06

Haze Could Be Worse Next Year, Experts Warn
Bernama 30 Oct 06

Indonesian forest fires may fuel global warming: experts
By Martin Abbugao Yahoo News 26 Oct 06

Name the companies which light fires and cause the haze
Letter from Choy Kah Wai Straits Times Online 25 Oct 06

Haze Creates Regional Human-Environment Crisis
By Amrizan Madian Bernama 20 Oct 06

Economic loss of the haze 'may exceed $14 billion'
Keith Lin Straits Times 20 Oct 06

Malaysian Minister: Oil palm firms the main culprit
by Leslie Lau Straits Times 20 Oct 06

Lifting the haze Peat-land fires, which account for 60% of smoke, must be dealt with Fawziah Selamat Today Online 20 Oct 06

Regional NGOs want to drive an economics study on impact of haze By May Wong Channel NewsAsia 19 Oct 06

Waiting for clear days South-east Asians must act on the haze problem and not wait for govts to do something
Ooi Giok Ling Today Online 19 Oct 06

Haze begins to take its toll on business
Environmental economist puts cost at about US$50m; restaurants, tour operators suffer most
By Jean Chua and Oh Boon Ping Business Times 19 Oct 06

Haze Distresses Orangutans in Indonesian Reserve
Story by Achmad Sukarsono PlanetArk 18 Oct 06

Prevailing haze a threat to wildlife in Kalimantan: Singapore Zoo By Julia Ng Channel NewsAsia 17 Oct 06

The haze won't go away. It's the way Indonesia works that is the problem Letter from Chin Hee Weng Straits Times Forum 18 Oct 06

Get the world's rich countries to buy Indonesia's forests and police them Letter from Margo McCutcheon (Ms) Straits Times Forum 18 Oct 06

Old habits die hard as Indonesia haze crisis persists
By Ahmad Pathoni Yahoo News 16 Oct 06

Fighting peatland fires the local way
Elizabeth John New Straits Times 15 Oct 06

Haze Puts Malaysia's Fireflies, Wildlife at Risk
Story by Clarence Fernandez PlanetArk 16 Oct 06

Haze-Hit Countries Meeting Ends Without Detailed Plan
Story by Ahmad Pathoni PlanetArk 16 Oct 06

I can see clearly now ...
Thanks to the haze, this tree-killer is now a recycling convert
by Tabitha Wang Today Online 13 Oct 06

Indonesia apologises, calls meeting to tackle haze
Yahoo News 11 Oct 06

Sorry for the haze: SBY Indonesia says it will host regional meeting to discuss ways to prevent future occurrences
Derrick A Paulo Today Online 12 Oct 06

Jakarta serious about putting a stop to annual forest fires, haze: minister Sujadi Siswo Channel NewsAsia 11 Oct 06

Indonesia apologises as WHO warns on air pollution
SciDev Net 11 Oct 06

ASEAN Environment ministers planning meeting to discuss haze By Farah Abdul Rahim Channel NewsAsia 10 Oct 06

Indonesia fires rage, wind helps clear Singapore air
Antara 11 Oct 06

Southeast Asian ministers to pressure Indonesia over haze Yahoo News 10 Oct 06

SE Asia Ministers to Meet on Haze, Prayers for Rain
Story by Johan Wijaya PlanetArk 11 Oct 06

Letters to Today Online 11 Oct 06

Clear skies, where there's a will; Power to turn the tide lies in everyone's pocket
Letter from Lee Swee Kim
Press haze issue via Asean, or even the United Nations
Letter from Fok Kar Kee
Train Indonesian soldiers to be fire-fighters
Letter from P Mathavan

Is there political will in Jakarta to stop the forest fires?
Letter from Daniel Koh Kah Soon Straits Times Online 11 Oct 06

Indonesia has neglected haze problem for too long. Does it really care? Letter from Tan Chak LimStraits Times Online 11 Oct 06

Malaysia warns of resentment as air pollution worsens
by Ivy Sam Yahoo News 10 Oct 06

Malaysia urges Indonesia to be more proactive in resolving haze problem By Melissa Goh Channel NewsAsia 9 Oct 06

Time for UN to act on haze problem
Letter from Tan Shao Chong Straits Times Online 10 Oct 06

Jakarta should accept help to fight forest fires
Letter from Dr Lim Boon Hee Straits Times Online 10 Oct 06

Beat the haze. Shop less, eat less, use less to save environment Letter from Betty Lau Pway Sian (Ms) Straits Times Online 10 Oct 06

A clear solution to a hazy problem
Frances Ong Hock Lin Today Online 10 Oct 06

On haze, hot air, hauling in errant ones
Today Online 10 Oct 06

Singapore's smoke haze clears but may return: officials
Yahoo News 8 Oct 06

Singaporeans breathing easier with better air quality in Singapore By Farah Abdul Rahim Channel NewsAsia 8 Oct 06

Indonesia urged to aid smog fight BBC 8 Oct 06

Indonesia Welcomes Najib's Proposal To Pool Resources To Fight Haze Bernama 8 Oct 06

Haze Brings Misery, Health Problems in Indonesia
Story by Beawiharta PlanetArk 9 Oct 06

Haze worsens in Singapore, PSI hits new high for the year
By Rita Zahara Channel NewsAsia 7 Oct 06

Hourly updates after PSI hits 80
Ashraf Safdar Today Online 7 Oct 06

Kalimantan's Sebangau national park on fire
Antara 6 Oct 06

Greenpeace urges govt to stop issuing peat land conversion permits Antara 6 Oct 06

Indonesia dousing fires causing haze: forestry official
Channel NewsAsia 6 Oct 06

Indonesia Says Working "Tirelessly" to Douse Fires
Story by Ed Davies PlanetArk 6 Oct 06

Asean Govts Should Meet Urgently To Discuss Haze Problem Bernama 6 Oct 06

The war of fog: industry insists it's fighting Asian haze
Channel NewsAsia 6 Oct 06

Indonesian Minister says forest fires should be judged fairly Antara 6 Oct 06

Haze from Indonesia fires chokes region, spreads across Pacific by Bhimanto Suwastoyo Yahoo News 5 Oct 06

How can govt help Singapore people cope with the haze?
letter from Tricia Lye Siew Wah Straits Times Online 4 Oct 06

Satellite detects hot spots in W. Kalimantan wildlife reserve Antara 8 Sep 06

Singapore-based pulp & paper firm clears land with machinery to prevent smoke haze By Hasnita A Majid Channel NewsAsia 5 Sep 06

Indonesian govt to confiscate land of forest fire culprits
Antara 30 Aug 06

Indonesia Orders All Forest Fires Be Extinguished Before President's Visit to Singapore
By Associated Press ENN 29 Aug 06

Green groups press Jakarta to impose sanctions on companies starting forest fires
By Sujadi Siswo Channel NewsAsia 29 Aug 06

Haze seems worse ... ... but PSI reading indicates 'good' air quality Christie Loh Today Online 28 Aug 06

Indonesian minister urges local governments to battle haze Channel NewsAsia 27 Aug 06

Indonesia to deploy cloud-seeding planes to fight haze
Yahoo News 25 Aug 06

Indonesia says forest fires to disappear in two years
Story by Ahmad Pathoni PlanetArk 25 Aug 06

Haze in Malaysian Borneo poses threat to air operations
Yahoo News 17 Aug 06

Haze returns to Singapore
By Wong Mun Wai Channel NewsAsia 14 Aug 06

Haze returns to Indonesian part of Borneo island
Channel NewsAsia 13 Aug 06

Indonesian Forest Fires Flare, Region Holds Breath
Story by Ed Davies PlanetArk 10 Aug 06

Forest fire prevention in Indonesia
WWF 8 Aug 06

Changing winds bring smoke haze from Sumatra fires

By Ting Kheng Siong/Julia Ng, Channel NewsAsia 8 Aug 06

Forest fire haze hits major city on Indonesia's Sumatra
AFP Yahoo News 27 Jul 06

Polluted Hong Kong mulls laws on idling engines
AFP Yahoo News 25 Jul 06

Hazy days expected in Singapore over next few months Channelnews Asia 20 Jul 06

Haze makes air quality "unhealthy" in parts of Malaysia Channelnews Asia 18 Jul 06

Fires rage in Indonesian Borneo and Sumatra
Channelnews Asia 12 Jul 06

Indonesia-S'pore environmental meeting tackles issues like haze
By Cheryl Fox Channelnews Asia 18 May 06

Asian peat fires add to warming
By Paul Rincon BBC News science reporter BBC 3 Sep 05

Forest fires for commercial land clearing should stop
Large forest fires in South-East Asia are causing serious environmental damage UN FAO website 30 Aug 05

Indonesia Says Haze-Causing Fires Mostly Out -- But Underground Blazes Threaten Tigers
By Associated Press ENN website, 22 Aug 05

FACTBOX - Indonesia Fires Burn, Malaysia Chokes
Who's to blame? How to tackle it? Costs and Other Risks
PlanetArk, 15 Aug 05

Let's be pro-active in dealing with smog
Letter from Lim Boon Hee Letter to Today, 15 Aug 05

Forest fires, tsunami, deforestation and Millennium Goals
FAO newsroom 15 Mar 05

More on the ASEAN Haze Action Online website

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