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  Singapore: green energy
renewable energy, alternative energy, nuclear energy,
energy saving, transportation issues
including global events, efforts and discussions
with implications for Singapore

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Singapore can set example for ASEAN on energy use: IEA Channel NewsAsia 9 Nov 07

No need to quake about Indonesian nuclear plant
Fabio Scarpello Today Online 9 Nov 07

World to Stay Hooked on Fossil Fuels - IEA
PlanetArk 8 Nov 07

New institute to come up with energy solutions
By Chuang Peck Ming Business Times 7 Nov 07

Blame them for high oil prices?
Experts say traders, not conflict or supply shortfall, drive oil to US$95 The New Paper 7 Nov 07

Clean energy R&D gets $170m boost
Pamela Almeda Channel NewsAsia 6 Nov 07

Solar-Power Fever May Not Last - Japan's Tokuyama
Story by Mayumi Negishi PlanetArk 6 Nov 07

Humanity is the greatest challenge
John Feeney BBC 5 Nov 07

Whatever Happened to Fuel Cells?
Michael Schirber LiveScience Yahoo News 5 Nov 07

First-ever carbon trading deal signed in Singapore
Channel NewsAsia 5 Nov 07

Singapore poised to take lead in global clean energy stakes EDB maps out five-pronged strategy to spur sector's growth
By Jessica Cheam Straits Times 5 Nov 07

Who will break the climb of oil prices? Oil producers insist that supply is adequate and blame the price escalation on speculators By G Panicker Business Times 2 Nov 07

Energy demand heightens risk of global slowdown, says expert Straits Times 2 Nov 07

Taskforce set up to coordinate energy efficiency efforts
Channel NewsAsia 30 Oct 07

Whatever Happened to Wave Energy?
Michael Schirber Yahoo News 29 Oct 07

UN expert seeks to halt biofuel output
By Edith M Lederer, Associated Press Yahoo News 27 Oct 07

Norway's REC to build world's largest solar manufacturing complex in S'pore Channel NewsAsia 26 Oct 07

Global Oil Output Peaked in 2006 - German Think Tank PlanetArk 23 Oct 07

Liberalising energy mart: Savings, security issues
Letter from Wong Weng Fai Straits Times Forum 23 Oct 07

Energy poses major 21st century crisis: scientists
Yahoo News 22 Oct 07

Electricity suppliers should disclose carbon footprints
Letter from Eugene Tay Tse Chuan Today Online 22 Oct 07

High oil prices are here to stay
By Ng Weng Hoong Straits Times 19 Oct 07

New pilot system may result in cheaper electricity for consumers Channel Newsasia 18 Oct 07

Biofuel plant in Singapore to switch feedstock
Firm signs deal for jatropha oil as palm oil prices surge
By Ronnie Lim Business Times 17 Oct 07

Biofuel Industry Fights the Critics
Story by Gerard Wynn PlanetArk 17 Oct 07

Indonesia's Planned Nuclear Plants: Question mark over safety By Tom Hyland Straits Times 16 Oct 07

NEA to release masterplan on energy efficiency soon
Channel NewsAsia 13 Oct 07

Haste to overcome climate change problems may cause missteps: experts Channel NewsAsia 11 Oct 07

Biofuel plans to hit water supplies in China, India: study
by Mel Gunasekera Yahoo News 10 Oct 07

Pulling the plug on wasteful lighting
By Mark Kinver BBC 10 Oct 07

Airlines allow travellers to go eco with a click of the mouse Serene Huang Today Online 11 Oct 07

'I want to bring the sun to the man in the street'
By Jessica Cheam Straits Times 9 Oct 07

Why Singapore needs to diversify gas imports
By Azhar Ghani Straits Times 9 Oct 07

Green Fuels Will Save the Earth - Or Not
Story by Nao Nakanishi PlanetArk 8 Oct 07

China offers surprise hope in climate change fight
by Karl Malakunas Yahoo News 8 Oct 07

Industry seeking to reduce CO2 emissions
Nazry Bahrawi Today Online 6 Oct 07

Biofuel Bandwagon Slows as Feedstock Prices Surge
Nigel Hunt PlanetArk 5 Oct 07

China to Switch to Energy-Efficient Lightbulbs
Story by Deborah Zabarenko PlanetArk 3 Oct 07

More diesel cars may hit roads as fuel cleans its act
By Samuel Ee Business Times 29 Sep 07

Can Singapore say no to nuclear energy?
Loh Chee Kong Today Online 29 Sep 07

Britain to switch off energy-guzzling light bulbs
Yahoo News 27 Sep 07

Many Biofuels Have More Climate Impact Than Oil
Story by Emma Graham-Harrison PlanetArk 28 Sep 07

LTA joins IBM to find green solutions for IT infrastructure
Channel NewsAsia 27 Sep 07

Jane Goodall says biofuel crops hurt rain forests
by Timothy Gardner Yahoo News 27 Sep 07

Singapore: A hub for everything connected with oil
Business Times 27 Sep 07

A green drive: Philips to make more eco-friendly products
Esther Fung Today Online 27 Sep 07

Smart Energy building compressed natural gas station in Mandai By Samuel Ee Business Times 26 Sep 07

China observes 'Car Free Day' with the usual gridlock
by Peter Harmsen Yahoo News 22 Sep 07

New fleet of 20 gas-run 'green' cabs next week
By Christopher Tan Straits Times 15 Sep 07

Green hotels gain, others spew hot air
By Matthew Phan Business Times 15 Sep 07

Tuas Power to help corporate users save energy
By Jessica Cheam Straits Times 15 Sep 07

Carmakers Turn 'Green' But is it a Smokescreen?
Story by Erik Kirschbaum PlanetArk 13 Sep 07

Expand refineries to keep global share: Iswaran
By Ronnie Lim Business Times 12 Sep 07

Biofuels Offer Cure Worse Than the Disease - OECD
Story by Sybille de La Hamaide PlanetArk 12 Sep 07

Make energy-efficient technology mandatory, UN expert says Yahoo News 11 Sep 07

Who Will Foot the Nuclear Power Bill?
Story by Jeremy Lovell PlanetArk 11 Sep 07

Securing our shared energy future
By Dave O'Reilly Business Times 11 Sep 07

This Is Your City -- How Will You Power It?
PlanetArk 7 Sep 07

Asean needs nuclear safety commission
By Matthew Phan Business Times 7 Sep 07

PowerGas to build and operate Singapore's first LNG terminal on reclaimed land at Jurong Island Channel NewsAsia 4 Sep 07

Dutch Build Towering Wind Turbines Out at Sea
Story by Alexandra Hudson PlanetArk 4 Sep 07

At the edge of a greener frontier The Austrian town of Gussing is the first in the EU to cut carbon emissions by over 90% By Jonathan Tirone Business Times 31 Aug 07

COE transport model an opportunity to make Singapore a green carbon-trading hub Letter from Dr Khoo Guan Seng
Straits Times Forum 25 Aug 07

Renewable energy can save East Asia two trillion US dollars in fuel costs Yahoo News 24 Aug 07

Singapore urges ASEAN partners to tackle energy, climate issues Channel NewsAsia 23 Aug 07

A bold new plan to give power to the people
By Thomas L. Friedman Straits Times 23 Aug 07

SE Asia Grapples With Nuclear Power Safety, Costs
Story by Ramthan Hussain PlanetArk 22 Aug 07

Singapore govt commits $17m to cleantech industry
Sheralyn Tay Today Online 21 Aug 07

Biofuel Industries set to be first to sell green power to grid Channel NewsAsia 16 Aug 07

Water for biofuels or for food: it's one or the other
by Sophie Mongalvy Yahoo News 16 Aug 07

From Porsche to hybrid
May Yip Straits Times 12 Aug 07

Hybrid Vehicles Are Only 'Green' When Lean
Michael Schirber LiveScience.com Yahoo News 11 Aug 07

Time for fresh look at diesel-powered cars
Business Times 7 Aug 07

New Green label for energy smart hotels
Channel NewsAsia 3 Aug 07

Paris Woos Cyclists as Free Bike Scheme Takes Off
Story by James Mackenzie PlanetArk 1 Aug 07

Honduran tilapia out of frying pan, into clean energy source
by Noe Leiva Yahoo News 29 Jul 07

Study: Renewable Energy Not Green
Sara Goudarzi LiveScience Yahoo News 26 Jul 07

Climate Change Fears Reach Even Formula One Racing
Story by Erik Kirschbaum PlanetArk 23 Jul 07

Indonesia may put on hold plans to build first nuclear power plant Channel NewsAsia 20 Jul 07

Wasteful expenditure and waste of electricity
Letter from Khoo Sze Wee Straits Times 21 Jul 07

Indonesia's energy plan: Is nuclear power really the only option? By Rizal Sukma Straits Times 20 Jul 07

Asia's nuclear energy ambitions The region is leading the world in the quest for atomic power as concerns about energy security and global warming grow By Michael Richardson Business Times 19 Jul 07

Petroleum companies may agree to dispense CNG
Tan Hui Leng Today Online 19 Jul 07

Recycled tempura oil a boost for Japan's eco-tour buses
Channel NewsAsia 17 Jul 07

Maximise mileage? Don't care, say Singaporeans in Shell survey Lin Yanqin Today Online 14 Jul 07

Teacher wins MOE award for developing a system to control school's air cons Lin Yanqin Today Online 14 Jul 07

Vietnam eyeing US reactor for nuclear plant
By Roger Mitton Straits Times 9 Jul 07

Yudhoyono pushes for nuclear energy quest Scientists told to develop technology despite opposition to project in Java
By Salim Osman Straits Times 9 Jul 07

Switch off lights when not needed
Letter from Yeo Siew Keng (Mdm) Straits Times Forum 7 Jul 07

S'pore needs one more world-class refinery: EDB
By Ronnie Lim Business Times 5 Jul 07

Gadgets 'threaten energy savings'
BBC 4 Jul 07

Beijing Taking Million Cars Off Streets in August Trial
PlanetArk 4 Jul 07

Motor trader plans to run 'green' taxi fleet
Low rentals for drivers, cheaper fares and CNG cabs promised
By Christopher Tan Straits Times 2 Jul 07

Air-conditioners, refrigerators to have energy efficiency labelling Channel NewsAsia 29 Jun 07

World Cannot Afford Nuclear Climate Solution - Report
Story by Jeremy Lovell PlanetArk 28 Jun 07

Asian economic growth driving greater energy consumption: BP Channel NewsAsia 27 Jun 07

Heavy Industry Could Save a Quarter More Energy - IEA
Story by Muriel Boselli PlanetArk 26 Jun 07

Chinese city turns off the air-con
Yahoo News 24 Jun 07

Days of cheap fuel are gone for good
By G Panicker Business Times 22 Jun 07

Indoor temperature ideally 22.5-25.5 deg C
Letter from NEA and BCA Straits Times Forum 18 Jun 07

China Officials Live Without Air-Cons for a Day
PlanetArk 14 Jun 07

Weak Asia Policies Curb Green Power Growth - Experts PlanetArk 14 Jun 07

S'pore to woo clean energy business, analysts say more can be done Channel NewsAsia 12 Jun 07

Growing US ethanol market may not be able to absorb supply
by Isabelle Tourne Yahoo News 10 Jun 07

Beat the heat but tune down the air-con
Letter from Vincent Ng Teck Soon Straits Times Forum 8 Jun 07

Save the earth, and save money, too
Sheralyn Tay Today Online 6 Jun 07

Solar energy takes on a new shine in Singapore
By Jessica Cheam Straits Times 6 Jun 07

15 organisations to cut energy use for a day
By Michelle Neo & Arti Mulchand Straits Times 5 Jun 07

Switched off on energy drain
S'pore last in global survey on managing energy costs
Derrick A Paulo Today Online 28 May 07

Do trees make it OK to drive an SUV?
By Michael Hill Yahoo News 27 May 07

New energy sources and their cost
Fossil fuels set to continue as mainstay despite buzz over renewable sources
By Matthew Phan Business Times 28 May 07

F1 race in Singapore will not harm the environment: S Iswaran Channel NewsAsia 26 May 07

EU Crafting Biofuel Rules With Eye on Environment
Story by Jeff Mason PlanetArk 25 May 07

S'pore sending the wrong message by hosting F1
Letter from Ng Weng Hoong Editor www.EnergyAsia.com and Renewables Report Business Times 23 May 07

Why Singapore should take bigger steps to sustain the environment Letter from Lau Ying Shan (Miss)
Straits Times 23 May 07

S'pore looks to a variety of energy sources to stay ahead of the curve By Ong Soh Chin Straits Times 22 May 07

Energy labels for appliances
Straits Times 22 May 07

A chance to showcase Singapore's green drive
Letter from Mark J. Topolski North Carolina, USA
Straits Times Forum 22 May 07

Solar energy: Createing new opportunities for Singapore
Letter from Dr Kua Harn Wei Straits Times 21 May 07

Climate Change Fears Reach Even Formula One Racing
Story by Erik Kirschbaum PlanetArk 23 Jul 07

A green Formula One for a real impact?
By Senior Correspondent, Christopher Tan
Straits Times 21 May 07

Homemade 'petrol' helps him save money - and the earth too
By Tania Tan Straits Times 19 May 07

A way for companies to do their bit for the planet
Letter from Ricoh Today Online 18 May 07

26,000 old vehicles stay on the road, slowing green drive
Straits Times 17 May 07

Why the F1 is bad for Singapore
Letter from Ng Weng Hoong Straits Times 15 May 07

The sun rises on S'pore's solar industry Landmark buildings may go solar; NUS in talks on research, teaching centre By Jessica Cheam Straits Times Forum 15 May 07

New ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions needed
Channel NewsAsia 14 May 07

Alpha Synovate, ITE College East team up to recycle cooking oil into biofuel Channel NewsAsia 14 May 07

Green message - turn off appliances earlier
Straits Times 12 May 07

Refining Riddle: Cleaner Fuels Make More CO2
Story by Iain Pocock PlanetArk 10 May 07

U.N. raises doubts on biofuels
By Nicole Winfield Yahoo News 8 May 07

Solar power the next big thing for S'pore?
By Matthew Phan Business Times 7 May 07

S'pore may face natural gas supply shortage
By Ronnie Lim Business Times 7 May 07

Power station harnesses Sun's rays
By David Shukman BBC 2 May 07

Small, Unexciting Steps Can Make Big Climate Leap
Story by Gerard Wynn PlanetArk 3 May 07

S'pore can be centre for bio-energy production in the region: experts Channel NewsAsia 1 May 07

Bubble appearing in alternative fuel companies, report warns
Business Times 1 May 07

Need for an energy ministry highlighted
By Ronnie Lim Business Times 30 Apr 07

Chance to show 'green' side
Letter from Scott Heidecke Today Online 30 Apr 07

S'pore may host solar module plant
By Matthew Phan Business Times 28 Apr 07

Dutch say green fuel is good -- if it's really green
Yahoo News 27 Apr 07

The battle for greener skies
Karamjit Kaur Straits Times 25 Apr 07

Solar energy seen to power S'pore growth
Business Times 21 Apr 07

Using solar power to treat water
Business Times 21 Apr 07

S'pore moving to develop solar power know-how
By Matthew Phan Business Times 20 Apr 07

Energy efficiency guidelines for homes and industries to come: Amy Khor Christie Loh Today Online 18 Apr 07

Air-conditioning at 25 degrees Celsius the way to go
Letter from William Loh Peng Cheong
Straits Times Forum 18 Apr 07

Some suggestions on how we can fight global warming
Letter from Masood Mohajer Straits Times Forum 18 Apr 07

Cheap diesel fuel leads to waste and pollution
Letter from Malcolm Lower Straits Times 9 Apr 07

NTU students hope to get govt funding for clean energy projects Channel NewsAsia 8 Apr 07

Time for aviation players to engage in green debate
By Stephen Forshaw Business Times 4 Apr 07

Scientists weigh downside of palm oil
By Arthus Max Yahoo News 1 Apr 07

The economics of eco power
By Erica Tay Straits Times 30 Mar 07

SMEs come out tops at 'green' awards
By Pamela Chew Business Times 30 Mar 07

S'pore draws global green investors Accession to Kyoto Protocol and country's financial standing proving to be plus factors By Matthew Phan Business Times 28 Mar 07

Mercury in energy-saving bulbs worries scientists
By Lisa Von Ahn Yahoo News 28 Mar 07

S'pore aims to be key player in green energy push $350m blueprint encompasses R&D, nurturing firms and exporting products By Erica Tay Straits Times 27 Mar 07

S'pore ready for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles?
Letter by Jim Simon Straits Times Forum 26 Mar 07

Biodiesel plant set up in drive towards clean fuel Joint venture 'going nuts', rather than use palm oil By Tania Tan Straits Times 22 Mar 07

Domestic demand needed for solar energy systems research to be successful Letter from Jeffery Lee Meng Toong Straits Times 21 Mar 06

EDB to reveal blueprint for clean energy industry next week Channel NewsAsia 20 Mar 07

Singapore to develop clean energy market
By S Ramesh Channel NewsAsia 16 Mar 07

European Businesses Go Green Fast
Story by Jeremy Lovell PlanetArk 14 Mar 07

Efficient methods could bail out biofuels: study
By Julie Steenhuysen Yahoo News 13 Mar 07

Biofuels boom raises tough questions
By Matt Crenson, AP Yahoo News 11 Mar 07

Govt to map out energy efficiency plan
By Matthew Phan Business Times 7 Mar 07

Shop for electricity New system could let one pick a provider online, in stores Christie Loh Today Online 6 Mar 07

Hong Kah lit up with glow of green lightbulbs Use of energy-efficient light bulbs will cut power costs and carbon dioxide emissions By Michelle Neo and Arti Mulchand Straits Times 5 Mar 07

Wave farms show energy potential
By Jason Margolis BBC 2 Mar 07

Australia's First Wave Power Plant Ready to Roll
Story by Rob Taylor PlanetArk 2 Mar 07

Green parking schemes catch on across Britain
by Elodie Mazein Yahoo News 27 Feb 07

Solar Handbags? Wind Turbines? How to Get Green
Story by Sylvia Westall PlanetArk 27 Feb 07

Indonesia Nuclear Plant to Cost $1.5 Billion - Antara
PlanetArk 23 Feb 07

Viable alternatives needed to discourage use of cars
Letter from Bryan Goh Yong Leng
Straits Times Forum 23 Feb 07

Australia to ban old-style light bulbs
By Rohan Sullivan, Associated Press Yahoo News 21 Feb 07

Biofuel to power Indonesia's anti-poverty drive
by Mike Patterson Yahoo News 18 Feb 07

Saving the planet, one degree at a time
Letter from William Loh Peng Cheong Straits Times 14 Feb 07

Let's tap the wind for our energy needs
Letter Tan Kok Tim Straits Times 10 Feb 07

Have higher rebate for hybrids, for cleaner air
Letter from Dr Evan Lau Massachusetts, USA
Straits Times 10 Feb 07

S'pore needs to cut utilities charges, usage
Letter to the Editor from Leong Sze Hian
Business Times Singapore 9 Feb 07

Fighting global warming - need to change the way we use air-conditioning Letter from Chew Pei Wah (Ms)
Straits Times 8 Feb 07

What is procedure for managing energy crisis?
Letter from Raymond Tham Kon Weng Straits Times 8 Feb 07

Electricity from thin air?
Letter from tan kok tim Today Online 8 Feb 07

Fuel cell cars may be commercially available in S'pore in 2012: DaimlerChrysler By Loh Kim Chin Channel NewsAsia 6 Feb 07

Why not take the green road, give more rebates on hybrid cars? Letter from Amina Majeed Santos Lucas Today Online 6 Feb 07

Australian PM uses UN climate report to push for nuclear power Channel NewsAsia 3 Feb 07

Indonesia to push ahead with nuclear plans
Channel NewsAsia 3 Feb 07

South West CDC residents go green with campaign to reduce energy consumption By Hoe Yeen Nie Channel NewsAsia 28 Jan 07

Biofuels may not be the answer The great danger of the biofuels craze is that it will divert people from stronger steps to limit dependence on foreign oil By Robert Samuelson Business Times Singapore 26 Jan 07

Market adjusting to Euro IV move for cleaner air
Letter from Joseph Hui Director-General for Environment Protection National Environment Agency Straits Times 26 Jan 07

BBC Factsheet on Biofuels
BBC 24 Jan 07

'Green' buildings are most welcome
Letter from Murali Sharma Straits Times 24 Jan 07

Anomalies on the road to 'greener' vehicles
Letter form Steve Tan Peng Hoe Straits Times 24 Jan 07

Scrap higher flag-down rate for 'green' taxis
Letter from Koh Boon Keat Straits Times 23 Jan 07

Euro IV emissions standards: issues
Straits Times 20 Jan 07
Greener cab ride comes at a higher price
Crash in COE price may slow green efforts
Was move to new emissions standard too early? Motor traders say yes, as the lack of enough Euro IV-compliant models has hit business, but NEA disagrees.
The drive towards cleaner air with cteuro package

Nuclear options seductive, but dangerous
Simon SC Tay and Gavin Chua Hearn Yuit
Today Online 10 Jan 07

Asean and 6 partners sign renewable energy declaration Business Times Singapore 16 Jan 07

PM Lee suggests ASEAN Declaration on Environmental Sustainability at next summit By Wong Siew Ying and S Ramesh Channel NewsAsia 13 Jan 07

World to Struggle to Break Oil Addiction to 2050
Story by Alex Lawler and Muriel Boselli PlanetArk 9 Jan 07

Recent power failure a good wake-up call not to be complacent: economist By Johnson Choo Channel NewsAsia 22 Dec 06

Switching on the city: URA's masterplan to light up the city Business Times Singapore 15 Dec 06

Motorists turn to car-sharing as an alternative to driving
By Dominique Loh Channel NewsAsia 12 Dec 06

UK Teenagers' Gadgets are Big Energy Wasters - Survey PlanetArk 8 Dec 06

The road to a green environment
Reply from NEA and LTA Straits Times Online 4 Dec 06

Singapore's light-up plan will consume more power and add to greenhouse effect Letter from Ms Amy Wong Pong Beng Straits Times Forum 24 Nov 06

China to build one of earth's biggest solar power stations
Channel NewsAsia 21 Nov 06

Green Vehicle Rebate in place since 2001
Letter from Ong Seng Eng
Director, Resource Conservation Department National Environment Agency Straits Times Online 17 Nov 06

Offer incentives to hybrid car owners
Letter from Hakim Suriyat Straits Times Online 13 Nov 06

Do more to harness solar and wind energy
Letter from Khoo Swee Chiow Straits Times Forum 7 Nov 06

Solar power can meet 30% of electricity needs
Letter from Christophe Inglin Chairman, Renewable Energy Committee Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore Straits Times Forum Online 30 Oct 06

Stricter emissions tests for diesel vehicles 93.8Live
Today Online 27 Oct 06

Will Singaporeans ever be footloose and car-free?
Tor Ching Li Today Online 26 Oct 06

Forget solar cells, focus on solar-thermal systems
Letter from Lee Seck KayStraits Times Online 25 Oct 06

Comprehensive review of land transport system to be ready end 2007 By Wong Siew Ying Channel NewsAsia 23 Oct 06

Most alternative energy still not cost-effective
Reply from Energy Market Authority
Straits Times Online 23 Oct 06

Home Wind Turbines Turn Fashionable in Britain
Story by Oliver Bullough PlanetArk 11 Oct 06

From DIY biodiesel to slick new venture
by Leong Chan Teik The Straits Times 9 Oct 06

Fatter green rebate drives hybrid car sales
by Christopher Tan The Straits Times 9 Oct 06

Seek new energy sources before crunch comes
Letter from Adam Leo Isidore Tan Kay Yang
Straits Times Online 7 Oct 06

Plant-fuelled cars could be Indonesia's future
by Marianne Kearney Yahoo News 24 Sep 06

Biofuels: Green energy or grim reaper?
Viewpoint by Jeffrey A McNeely BBC 22 Sep 06

Wind May Generate 30 Percent of Electricity by 2030 - Study Planet Ark 21 Sep 06

Cutting the CO2 caused by PC use
By Michael Kanellos Yahoo News 18 Sep 06

OPEC casts a dark eye on the greening of energy
by Peter Capella Yahoo News 18 Sep 06

Hope shines over solar panel boom
By Clare Davidson BBC 13 Sep 06

World must wake up to the dangers of biofuels, head of Kew Gardens warns By Michael McCarthy, Environment Editor The Independent 9 Sep 06

Biofuels Growth Seen Posing Threat to Wild Birds
PlanetArk 8 Sep 06

Inter-ministry group set up to co-ordinate energy strategies
By Loh Kim Chin Channel NewsAsia 7 Sep 06

Liquefied natural gas is at best an interim measure
Letter from Low Ee Mien The Straits Times Forum 6 Sep 06

Alternative fuels won't fully replace fossil ones
Straits Times Forum 1 Sep 06

Engineers race to steal nature's secrets
John Vidal, environment editor The Guardian 29 Aug 06

Malaysia to spend millions on promoting solar energy
Yahoo News 30 Aug 06

Japan Makes Plans for Greener Cars, Batteries
Planet Ark 29 Aug 06

Race held to increase awareness of green transport
By Wong Siew Ying Channel NewsAsia 27 Aug 06

Diesel, hybrid cars becoming attractive options for motorists
By Dominique Loh Channel NewsAsia 25 Aug 06

Shifting into green gear
Lee U-Wen Today Online 21 Aug 06

Offer incentives for 'green' cars to cut down air pollution
Letter from Toh Wen Shien Straits Times Forum 21 Aug 06

Green Transport Week starts on Sunday
By Joanne Leow Channel NewsAsia 17 Aug 06

Lighting is still in the Dark Age
Viewpoint by Darren Baskill BBC 17 Aug 06

Singapore turns to biodiesel to fight rising fuel costs
By Jessica Jaganathan Yahoo News 17 Aug 06

Singapore should develop renewable sources of energy such as solar power Letter from Daryl Er Tze Hao Straits Times Forum 12 Aug 06

Chinese boomtown mandates solar power in new buildings Yahoo News 11 Aug 06

Solar-powered boat launched at London's Hyde Park
By Catherine Drew Channel NewsAsia 5 Aug 06

Solar power runs 'world's largest laundry'
By Michael Tarm, Associated Press Writer
Yahoo News 30 Jul 06

Cooking oil cars turn the table on high fuel prices
by Virginie Montet Yahoo News 22 Jul 06

Spanish Firm Claims it Can Make Oil from Plankton
PlanetArk 21 Jul 06

Unfair to discriminate against five-room and executive flats by suggesting they pay more for electricity to deter air-con consumption Letter from Koh Sia Hui (Ms) Straits Times Forum 21 Jul 06

Cut down on air-con consumption for cleaner air
Letter from Betty L. Khoo (Ms) Straits Times Forum 19 Jul 06

Greenhouse Pollution Drops in China, India Thanks to Low-Tech Fixes Mark Anderson National Geographic 19 Jul 06

Study: Ethanol won't solve energy problems
By H. Josef Hebert, Associated Press Yahoo News 10 Jul 06

Fuel Scientists See Drawbacks to Clean Hydrogen
Story by Lucas van Grinsven PlanetArk 10 Jul 06

Majority of cars here are under three years old Trend worries green groups, car workshops and even economists
By Christopher Tan The Straits Times 3 Jul 06

Lighting the key to energy saving
By Richard Black BBC 29 Jun 06

Asia Shows Solar Power is Not Just for the Rich
Story by Georgina Prodhan PlanetSave 27 Jun 06

Beijing orders a day without cars, elevators, air conditioning for civil servants Written by AP PlanetSave 13 Jun 06

Prices of hybrid cars lower as fuel costs soar
By Asha Popatlal Channelnews Asia 20 May 06

Entrepreneur finds way to run truck on biodiesel and plans to start selling it next month The Straits Times 15 May 06

The Decline of Oil
By Earth Policy Institute ENN 8 May 06

Copying nature could save us energy, study shows
EurekAlert 9 May 06

Higher cost of CNG buses shouldn't hurt commuters
Letter by Sivarajah Nathan
The Straits Times Forum Online 5 May 06

Govt should take lead to promote hybrid cars.
Start with the police and taxis

Letter from Mohamad Noor Abdullah
Straits Times Forum Online 2 May 06

Push for biofuels
Associated Press The Straits Times 1 May 06

CNG: environment friendly, but is it wallet friendly?
Letters from brian farrell: khoo lih-han Today Online 27 Apr 06

SBS rolls out 10 more 'greenies'
by Christopher Tan The Straits Times 25 Apr 06

Semakau to showcase green energy sources
by Radha Basu The Straits Times 11 Apr 06
S'pore to host eco-fair
Lee U-Wen Today Online 11 Apr 06
Singapore to host eco-fair showcasing latest green technologies
By Rita Zahara Channel NewsAsia 10 April 06

Watch environmental impact of lighting up
Tap solar or wind power for light-up
Straits Times Forum Online 31 Mar 06

Let bright ideas light up Singapore Give subsidies for efforts to use reusable sources of energy for city light-up Letter from Sonny Yuen Chee Choong Today Online 27 Mar 06

Lighting up S'pore's skyline: URA rolls out incentives for buildings to light up Tor Ching Li Today Online 25 Mar 06

Chill out, do what comes naturally
To beat the heat, plant trees that actually give shade
Letter from Murali Sharma Today Online 25 Mar 06

How to chill out the equatorial way
Replies to Edwin Yeo's article Today Online 23 Mar 06

Minnows Lead Majors to Greener Future
Story by Jeremy Lovell PlanetArk 20 Mar 06

Here's a cool way to make a million bucks
Edwin Yeo Tee Yeok Today Online 15 Mar 06

Termite Power: Can Pests' Guts Create New Fuel?
John Roach National Geographic 14 Mar 06

Malaysia may close all uncovered garbage dumps near largest city over pollution issues PlanetSave 14 Mar 06

Power from the people
By Sean Coughlan BBC 9 Mar 06

Up to 6 'green' fuel kiosks in the pipeline
by Christopher Tan The Straits Times 7 Feb 06

Light bulbs: Not such a bright idea
Viewpoint by Matt Prescott BBC 3 Feb 06

Car-sharing scheme: Honda looks abroad
by Christopher Tan The Straits Times 2 Feb 06

China sets renewable energy quota for power companies
Written by Cassie Biggs PlanetSave 13 Jan 06

Education parks spread energy conservation message in India By Vaibhav Varma Channel NewsAsia 6 Jan 06

China Welcomes Small Cars Back to its Streets
PlanetArk 6 Jan 06

Energy Smart Building Awards for 8 office buildings
By Dominique Loh Channel NewsAsia 16 Dec 05
Energy Star, Singapore style launched
Loh Chee Kong Today 17 Dec 05

Time to relook fuel-efficient cars
Letter from Fong Sau Shung
Straits Times Forum Online 13 Dec 05

Automobile launches Singapore's first fleet of CNG-powered taxis
By Yvonne Cheong Channel NewsAsia 12 Dec 05 SMART

Plants reveal a secret and bring researchers nearer a cleaner future European Synchrotron Radiation Facility 28 Nov 05 from the EurekAlert listing

How to be a greener driver
Clint Witchalls The Independent, UK 21 Nov 05

Cheaper Veggie Diesel May Change the Way We Drive
Brian Handwerk National Geographic Online 15 Nov 05

Hybrid cabs debut in NYC; one driver says he's saving about $20 a day on fuel Written by David B. Caruso PlanetSave 11 Nov 05

Global Energy Meet Agrees Roadmap on Renewables
Story by Lindsay Beck PlanetArk 9 Nov 05

Think 'diesel' means 'smoky, noisy'? Not any more
By Lee U-Wen Today Online 8 Nov 05

Rolls Royce and Fuel Cell Technology
by Melanie Yip Radio Singapore International 5 Nov 05

PAP town councils to install new energy efficient lights to save costs By Dominique Loh Channel NewsAsia 3 Nov 05

Can private homes generate electricity from solar energy for own use? Letter from Perinpanayagam James Straits Times Forum Online 2 Nov 05

Singaporeans support energy efficiency measures - survey Channel NewsAsia 25 Oct 05

Saving the Planet at Flick of Switch
By Jeremy Lovell, Reuters ENN website 20 Oct 05
US says Fans, other Appliances must use Less Energy
Story by Lisa Lambert PlanetArk 19 Oct 05

Super Solar Homes Everyone Can Afford
From Mother Earth News magazine
by Amanda Griscom Little ENN website 22 Sep 05

Go 'caesar' for more green cars
P Raveentheran Today Online 10 Oct 05

It's now twice as nice to go green
Lee U-Wen Today Online 4 Oct 05

S'pore may soon have fuel cells that need no recharging
By Loh Kim Chin Channel NewsAsia 30 Sep 05

Time for LTA to review rules on diesel-powered cars
Letter from Dr Benny Lim Jit Biaw Straits Times Forum Online 15 Sep 05

Some fuel for thought Use ethanol fuel in cars instead of non-renewable source-based propane
Letter from Noel Mahesan Today online 15 Sep 05
Ban driving once a week Rotating enforced rest days can help reduce number of vehicles on road
Letter by John Lucas Today Online 14 Sep 05

Urgent need for S'pore to develop alternative energy resources Letter from Raymond Tham Kon Weng Adelaide, Australia Straits Times Forum Online 12 Sep 05

Switch from diesel to CNG fails to click
By Christopher Tan The Straits Times 9 Sep 05

Boost for NTU's green research
by Lee U-Wen Today online 9 Sep 05

It's time for govt to give more incentives for green vehicles
Letter from S. Renganathan
Straits Times Forum online 8 Sep 05

Let passengers bring bicycles on MRT trains
Letter from Jeanette Leong (Ms) Straits Times Forum online 8 Sep 05
SMRT not encouraging people to go green
Letter from Mark Tee Teng Yong Straits Times Forum online 8 Sep 05

Rising fuel costs and the impact on Singaporean motorists
Radio Singapore International 1Sep 05

Make green more gettable
No better time to promote hybrid cars
Letter from P Raveentheran Letter to Today Online 16 Aug 05

Can 'Robin Hood' taxes help S'poreans go green?
By Radha Basu The Straits Times, 28 Jul 05

U.S. study says ethanol not worth the energy
Written by Mark Johnson PlanetSave website, 18 Jul 05

Singapore PowerSeraya Eyes Coal Conversion Plan
Story by Edgar Ang Planet Ark, 1 Jul 05

Demand for rechargeable batteries doubles
By Farah Abdul Rahim/Ng Kee Kaur
Channel NewsAsia, 19 Jun 05

ANALYSIS - Farm-Grown Biofuels Look to Siphon Oil Demand by Charlie Zhu and Neil Chatterjee
FACTBOX - Biofuels Take Off in Some Countries
FACTBOX - Major Biofuel Projects Around the World
Malaysia Biofuel Plan to go to Cabinet Next Week
PlanetArk 9 Jun 05

High-Tech Ship Sets Course for Green Ocean Transport
by Simon Johnson PlanetArk website 30 May 05

Forget fossils, future is in fuel cells
by Sheralyn Tay Today Online 4 May 05
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