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  Straits Times Forum Online 15 Sep 05
Time for LTA to review rules on diesel-powered cars
Letter from Dr Benny Lim Jit Biaw

I have been following with interest the developement of diesel engines over the years. The article 'Tunnel vision on diesel' (ST Sept 10) by motor columnist Christopher Tan summarises succintly the giant steps made by various car companies in reducing the emission pollutants.

The new diesel cars are not only more powerful in torque but are more economical to run. Cleaner diesel is now available at all Shell stations. The ultra-low sulphur diesel (ULSD) complies with the strict Euro-IV emission standards. The new diesel has a sulphur content of only 50 parts per million (ppm) and is three times lower than petrol's. Benzene, a powerful cancer causing compound, is also three times lower. The Euro IV vehicles using the ULSD and fitted with special tailpipe filters will emit a level of fine particulate matter no higher than petrol vehicles, according to Shell fuels manager Mr Eric Holthusen. They also produce less carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other pollutants except nitrogen oxides.

In view of the latest developement, I think the Land Transport Authority should review the archaic regulations governing diesel-powered cars.

With today's high prices of petrol, we should really explore all other cheaper alternatives.

Dr Benny Lim Jit Biaw

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