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impact, issues, efforts, discussions
exotic species, alien introductions, feeding wild animals, poaching; including pets and animal abuse
see also wildlife trade

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Poachers sighted in forested area near Tampines
Letter from Joyce Chng Today Online 9 Nov 07

Pet project: Let's work together
Goh Boon Choo Today Online 1 Nov 07

Indian capital can't cope with monkey menace, mayor says Yahoo News 22 Sep 07

Wild boar trapped by poachers on SAF land dies
Today Online 6 Oct 07

Let's pay more attention to animal welfare
Letter from Anthony Lee Mui Yu Straits Times Forum 4 Oct 07

The instinct to care
Goh Boon Choo Today Online 4 Oct 07

Boar traps found in Ubin NParks gets tough as poaching is on the rise here Sheralyn Tay Today Online 1 Oct 07

Alien intrusions threaten Sweden's seas
Yahoo News 28 Sep 07

Bounty on Cambodian monkeys terrorising tourists
Straits Times 29 Sep 07

More dogs being abandoned or given up Worried owners of unlicensed dogs are ditching them to avoid paying hefty fines
By Khushwant Singh Straits Times 27 Sep 07

Poacher fined $500 for trapping wild birds
By Teh Jen Lee The New Paper 7 Aug 07

New AVA rule calls for dogs to be microchipped before licenses issued Channel NewsAsia 6 Aug 07

Collection of marinelife on Changi Beach on the wildfilms blog, also posted on tomorrow.sg see links for public reactions

Nature lovers, sign up to be the 'official eyes and ears of the forest' Daphne Chuah Today Online 10 Jul 07

Monkeys downgrading to heartland
By Teh Jen Lee The New Paper 5 Jul 07

Invasive decorative plants targeted
By John Seewer, Associated Press Yahoo News 29 Jun 07

Lost your pet? It could be dead in 24 hours
New Paper 18 Jun 07

Turtle in quarry poached? Straits Times 15 Jun 07

RC should work with cat caregivers to solve feline problem
Letter from Dawn Kua (Ms) Director of Operations Cat Welfare Society Straits Times Forum 15 Jun 07

Animal carers given short shrift over cats' fate by RC
Letter from Helga Koh Nee Gamp (Ms) Straits Times 12 Jun 07

When fishing for fun can be cruel Yishun pond guppies killed in unwitting play Letter from Yim Tat Chuen Today Online 6 Jun 07

Free animals? Students to show it can cause harm
Straits Times 31 May 07

Public urged not to release animals into the wild
Channel NewsAsia 30 May 07

Let's hope town councils do not start a 'holocaust' of cats
Letter from Dr Tan Chek Wee Straits Times Forum 30 May 07

Who's the monkey's uncle? monkey feeding by supposedly intelligent simians on the budak blog

Poachers swoop in on feathered wildlife in Singapore
By Lin Xinyi & T. Rajan Straits Times 26 May 07

Dangerous aliens lurk in the waters of Singapore
By Christopher Tan Straits Times 25 May 07

Monkeys are a lot more elitist
By Jaime Ee Business Times 25 May 07

South Africa battles alien fish
By Wendell RoelfMon Yahoo News 21 May 07

When feeding monkeys = loving them to death
By Yap Su-Yin Straits Times 21 May 07

Aquarium fish 'threaten biodiversity'
Anna Salleh ABC Science Online ABC 18 May 07

Improve living conditions for Inuka the polar bear
Letter from Acres The Straits Times 7 May 07

Singapore Zoo to keep polar bear: report
Yahoo News 3 May 07

Monkey causes disruption in Pasir Ris
Channel NewsAsia 3 May 07

Thousands of dogs abandoned each year
Channel NewsAsia 16 Apr 07

Heavily-toured Galapagos islands in peril
by Hector Velasco Yahoo News 14 Apr 07

French beekeepers brace for Asian sting
By Paul Lauener and Marie-Laure Combes
Associated Press Yahoo News 13 Apr 07

Air travel threatens biodiversity
Roger Highfield The Daily Telegraph 11 Apr 07

Praise for cat lovers who spend time and effort to care for strays Letter from Christina Kwan Wee Keng (Ms)
Straits Times Forum 11 Apr 07

Baffled by AVA's response to request for free sterilisation

Letter from Tan Lay Khim (Ms) Straits Times Forum 10 Apr 07

India state to sterilise 65,000 monkeys
Yahoo News 6 Apr 07

Teen's cat-rehab effort turned 'pests' into 'pets'
Letter from Rebecca Ho Shu Ling (Miss)
Straits Times Forum 19 Mar 07

Active citizenry? Bring back cat-rehab scheme
Letter from Dr Tan Chek Wee Straits Times Forum 9 Feb 07

Bird Flu Experts Urge Halt to Wild Bird Trade
By Tan Ee Lyn PlanetArk 5 Mar 07

It's not the size of the dwelling that matters, it's how pets are managed Letter from Anthony Lee Mui Yu Straits Times Forum 26 Feb 07

Grass carps released into Bedok Reservoir to mark 7th day of Lunar New Year By Wong Siew Ying Channel NewsAsia 25 Feb 07

Keeping pets a far better experience than the zoo Letter from Dawn Kua Su-Wen (Ms) Director of Operations Cat Welfare Society Straits Times Forum 24 Feb 07

Keeping animals: How to handle a pet peeve
Letter from Heng Cho Choon Straits Times Forum 22 Feb 07

Stressed Singaporeans crack down on thieving monkeys
By Gillian Murdoch The Star 19 Feb 07

9,706 pets lost their homes
Today Online 3 Feb 07

Time to cull those cat myths Let's first get the facts straight before we deal with strays Letter from Dawn Kua Director of Operations, Cat Welfare Society Today Online 31 Jan 07

Do cats belong in our HDB estates?
Today Online 29 Jan 07

SPCA backs bid to let cats live in HDB flats
Letter from Deirdre Moss (Ms) Executive Officer SPCA
Straits Times 23 Jan 07

and other letters on the issue
Don't ban cats in flats, HDB
Letter from Elaine Neo Yan Ling (Miss)
Straits Times Forum 17 Jan 07

Ruling on cats in flats not fair to responsible owners
Letter from Jereme Ooi Wooi Keat
Straits Times Online 22 Jan 07
HDB should replace ban with rules to enforce responsible ownership of cats Letter from Gina Ho Yuen Sing (Mdm) Straits Times 25 Jan 07
Why HDB should ban cat and dog ownership in flats Letter from Peter Kuan Kok Oon Straits Times 25 Jan 07

A mayor's pet lesson FOR us
By Goh Boon Choo Today Online 16 Jan 07

Letters in response to article on strangled stray cat
Stop animal abuse by teaching kindness, empathy
Letter from Khoo Hwee Boon (Ms)
Straits Times Forum 11 Jan 07

Start Kindness Movement by caring for local stray cats
Letter from Dr Tan Chek Wee Straits Times Forum 11 Jan 07
Collective community effort needed to curb animal abuse
Letter from Neo Kai Ling (Ms) Straits Times Forum 11 Jan 07
Link between AVA pest controllers and cat stranglers
Letter from Adriane Lee Swee Mun
Straits Times Forum 13 Jan 07

CCTV installed last year to curb monkey feeding
Reply from NParks Straits Times Forum 9 Jan 07

Install CCTV to stop people feeding monkeys
Letter from Dr Goh Kian Peng Straits Times Forum 1 Jan 07

Nonnative animals flourish in Hawaii
By Tara Godvin Yahoo News 30 Nov 06

Exotic pets in U.S. may pose health risk
By Margaret Ebrahim and John Solomon, Associated Press Yahoo News 28 Nov 06

Singapore's animal attraction
Tan Hui Leng Today Online 27 Nov 06

Poisoning of pigeons is a pointless act
Dr Tan Chek Wee Today Online 10 Nov 06

Don't feed monkeys, it does them harm
Reply from Sharon Chan (Ms) Assistant Director, Central Nature Reserve National Parks Board Straits Times Online 9 Oct 06

Monkey havoc: Man, not animals, the real culprit
Letter from Anthony Lee Mui Yu Straits Times Online 7 Oct 06

Too warm for polar bears
by Hilary Chiew The Star 3 Oct 06

Monkeys in nature reserve not a threat to people
Letter from Mrs Jackie Phillips Straits Times Online 5 Oct 06

Monkeys in parks are becoming more aggressive
Letter from Felix Wong Soon Huat Straits Times Online 5 Oct 06

Step up patrols to stop people feeding the monkeys
letter from Anthony Lee Mui Yu Straits Times Online 4 Oct 06

Monkeys creating havoc in Windsor Park estate
letter from Dr Reuben Wong Kong Min
Straits Times Online 3 Oct 06

Undergrad suffers brain injury after monkeys cause crash
by Nur Dianah Suhaimi Straits Times 1 Oct 06

Take action on motorists who feed monkeys at Upper Peirce Reservoir Letter from Ng Yannyann (Mdm)
Straits Times Forum 27 Sep 06

Breeding is no indicator
Letter from Acres Today Online 9 Sep 06

No more animals from the Arctic: S'pore Zoo
Today Online 7 Sep 06

Trap-neuter-release the long-term cat solution
Letter from Dr Tan Chek Wee Straits Times Forum 8 Sep 06

What message and values are we passing on to the young by culling cats Letter from Claudia Tan Danwei (Miss) Straits Times Forum 8 Sep 06

Claws out for cats She, and network volunteers, keep felines safe on the streets Today Online 8 Sep 06

Don't shoot the crows. Just give them contraceptives
Letter from Jonathan Cheng Hern Sinn
Straits Times Forum 25 Aug 06

Don't blame cats for the fall in bird population
Other factors may be the cause
Letter from the Cat Welfare Society
Straits Times Forum 16 Aug 06

'Kill the cats' strategy won't save the birds at Botanic Gardens Letter from Judith Lindley Straits Times Forum 16 Aug 06

Killer cats pose a real problem to birds and small mammals Letter from Lau Chee Kin Straits Times Forum 14 Aug 06

Philippines declares war on invading catfish, other alien species Yahoo News 3 Aug 06

More hands-on opportunities needed to curb animal abuse
Letter from Niam Xing Wei Straits Times Forum 28 Jun 06

Take a strong stance against animal smugglers, abusers
By Louis Ng Straits Times Forum 23 Jun 06

Fewer cases of animals released into the wild
by Theresa Tan Straits Times 13 May 06

Set up sanctuary for Vesak Day devotees to release animals This improves their chances of survival in the wild
Letter from Jason Li Cheuk Hang Straits Times Forum 13 May 05

Fewer people releasing animals into the wild during Vesak period
By May Wong ChannelnewsAsia 10 May 05

Alien Crows Targeted for Total Extermination in S. Africa
Leon Marshall National Geographic 9 May 05

Animal Release Initiative 2006 (You have a choice)
email from Ashley Ng, 28 Apr 06

Be kind to animals to mark Vesak Day.
Remember what the Buddha teaches
Letter from Dr Tan Chek Wee
The Straits Times Forum Online 26 Apr 05

Alien Possums Gobbling New Zealand Forests, Birds
Sean Markey National Geographic 25 Apr 06

U.S. Biologist Battles Killer Pythons in Florida Park
By Tom Brown, Reuters ENN 13 Apr 06

More birds surrendered 48 birds handed over to the AVA between January and March Tan Hui Leng Today Online 7 Apr 06

Over 1,000 rabbits ditched
Rennie Whang Today Online 7 Apr 06

Slingshot attack: Baby flying lemur put to sleep
by Radha Basu The Straits Times 30 Mar 06

Flying lemur and baby shot down at MacRitchie
by Radha Basu The Straits Times 22 Mar 05

Shame on you, animal bullies Time to mete out harsher penalties to those who abuse small, defenceless animals?
Neil Humphreys Today Online 25 Mar 06

Clean up the Act, AVA: More clarifications needed to address shark's captive space Today Online 13 Mar 06

Feeding animals in the wild risky
by Meng Yew Choong The Straits Times 10 Mar 06

Laws in murky waters?
Odd to move smaller sharks but not bigger one
Prohibitions should apply to buyers, farms
Today Online 4 Mar 06

Parc Palais condo's sharks are not dangerous: AVA
Reply from AVA Today Online 2 Mar 06
AVA says OK to sharks as pets but animal activists concerned Vinita Ramani Today Online 2 Mar 06

Follow Thai government's lead - release dolphins at Sentosa back into the wild Letter from ACRES Straits Times Forum Online 25 Feb 06
Releasing dolphins is good animal husbandry
Letter from Richard Gascoigne
Straits Times Forum Online 25 Feb 06

Were wildlife laws amended?
Letter from ACRES Today Online 24 Feb 06
Wild animals aren't pets Why no action, AVA?
Illegal pet purchase?
Letter from Aarti Srivastava and from Teo Li Lian
Today Online 25 Feb 06

OK to keep pet shark without a licence?
Vinita Ramani Today Online 23 Feb 06

It's Invaders vs. Invaders as Scientists Target Alien Species
John Roach National Geographic 22 Feb 06

Reptiles make great pets, so legalise their trade under Endangered Species Act
Letter from Lim Zhi Wei Straits Times Forum Online 20 Feb 06

Despite all the warnings, people continue to feed the monkeys Letter from Larry Quah Chai Koon Straits Times Forum Online 17 Feb 06

Toxic toads 'threaten disaster'
By Rebecca Morelle BBC 15 Feb 06

Alien Crab Invasion Threatening Native UK Species
PlanetArk 9 Feb 06

How were tarantulas smuggled in?
Letter from Shirley Woon Li Lin (Ms)
The Straits Times Forum 9 Feb 06

Tarantulas found abandoned
by Radha Basu The Straits Times 7 Feb 06

Public urged not to feed wild monkeys
Reply from NParks Straits Times Forum 31 Jan 06

Friend or food? Year of the Dog brings mixed fortunes for canines in China Lucas van Grinsven Channel NewsAsia 28 Jan 06

Costly Alien Invaders Rock World's Balance
Story by Lucas van Grinsven PlanetArk 27 Jan 06

Animal lovers alarmed as dogs sales rise for Lunar New Year
By Pearl Forss Channel NewsAsia 26 Jan 06

UK to Control Spread of Grey Squirrels
PlanetArk 23 Jan 06

In the Year of the Dog: Be good to our canine friends
Letter from Dr Tan Chek Wee
Straits Times Forum Online 21 Jan 06

Pets are not toys. Don't turn hermit crabs into ornaments
Letter from Liao Shuxin Straits Times Forum Online 17 Jan 06

Review animal re-homing rules
Letter from Yeo Siew Chi Straits Times Forum Online 19 Dec 05

Sterilisation of strays did wonders in New York
Letter from Dr Tan Chek Wee
Straits Times Forum Online 19 Dec 05

Not practical to replace culling with sterilisation
Reply from AVA
The Straits Times Forum Online 10 Dec 05

Performing monkeys in Asia carry viruses that could jump species to humans Tropical Medicine and International Health EurekAlert 8 Dec 05

Male dog unsterilised? Pay more for licence
by Tham Yuen-C The Straits Times 2 Dec 05

Castrating male dogs is quick-fix solution.
It won't encourage responsible pet ownership

Letter from Lee Hwee Khoon
Straits Times Forum Online 1 Dec 05

HDB should provide dog parks, sand boxes for allowing pets Letter from Kevin Yeung Chung Pak
Straits Times Online 29 Nov 05

Certify pet 'lovers'
Today Online 28 Nov 05

Better way to deter feeding of stray cats
Reply from SPCA and Cat Welfare Society
The Straits Times Forum Online 28 Nov 05

What to do when pets are whining
Letter from SPCA Today Online 26 Nov 05

AVA to launch new deterrents to curb pet abandonment
By Asha Popatlal Channel NewsAsia 26 Nov 05

My pet peeve: Neglectful owners
Letter from Jessica Chan Today Online 25 Nov 05

How can AVA take away my pet chickens without telling me? Letter from Leong Mei Lin (Ms)
Straits Times Forum Online 25 Nov 05

A dog is a dog. Don't look down on mongrels
Letter from Boey Kit Yin (Ms)
Straits Times Forum Online 25 Nov 05

Be fair to cats. We could live with a few meows
Letter from Suzanna Chew Han Soon (Mrs)
Straits Times Forum Online 25 Nov 05

Trade in your dog, upgrade to new one. What's next?
Letter from Brigit Sebastian (Ms)
Straits Times Forum Online 23 Nov 05

Is Wildlife Going the Way of McDonald's? Biologists Worry Development Is Making Animal Populations Too Similar
By Amanda Onion ABC News 21 Nov 05

Town council concerned about feeding of strays
Reply by Tampines Town Council
The Straits Times Forum Online 19 Nov 05

No strays = social responsibility
Letter from Geraldine Soh Geok Lian Today Online 18 Nov 05
No strays, please. We are Tampines Council should rethink its anti-cat stance The Straits Times Forum Online 18 Nov 05 Tampines Town Council barking up the wrong tree The Straits Times Forum Online 18 Nov 05

APEC to enhance bio-security to keep out “invasive alien species”
Radio Singapore International 15 Nov 05

World Animal Day event spreads message of care, responsibility By May Wong Channel NewsAsia 30 Oct 05

Laws can't keep up with surge in exotic pets--or irresponsible owners By The Asahi Shimbun Channel NewsAsia, 1 Oct 05

Millions of animals face death sentence in Australia
Channel NewsAsia 25 Sep 05

Animals and pets set free in the wild create problems
Letter from Vanessa Neranjani Muhundan
Straits Times Forum Online 13 Sep 05

1000 house rabbits abandoned each year in Singapore, animal lovers concerned
By Ng Kee Haur and Joanne Leow Channel NewsAsia 26 May 05

Is this any way to treat a member of the family? 'Freeing' a domesticated pet in the wild condemns it to a painful death Letter to Today, 24 May 05

Fewer cases of animals being released into nature reserves
By Ching Yi / Wong Siew Ying Channel NewsAsia, 21 May 05

Vesak Day: Free animals? Adopt a pet instead
Letters to the Straits Times Forum Page, 17 May 05

Animal release in nature reserves and reservoirs
Radio Singapore International 12 May 05

When acts of mercy can kill
by Lin Zhaowei Straits Times, 11 May 05

Public advised not to release animals into nature reserves, reservoirs Channel NewsAsia, 10 Apr 05

Taming the pet industry
by Patricia Yap Today Online 4 May 05

Ashley's email about volunteer efforts to stop release of animals in Singapore's wild places.

Exotic Species of Singapore blog
Releasing animals: good or bad? a pamphlet used during efforts to educate people NOT to release animals particularly during Vesak Day.
Global Invasive Species Database of the IUCN Invasive Species Specialist Group: introduction to the issue, top 100 worst invasive species and more.
Invasive species weblog updated reports around the world on the impact of alien introduced species.
Invasive species on the Conservation Science Institute: an introduction to this global problem with brief descriptions of major species.
Budak blogs about the issue
Siva blogs on habitatnews about the issue

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