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  Today Online 9 Nov 07
Poachers sighted in forested area near Tampines
Letter from Joyce Chng

I refer to recent reports on animal poaching.

I am shocked and disgusted to catch poachers in the act in a forested area near Tampines Avenue 9, which is next to Tampines North Primary School.

I am a nature lover and often take photos around the area because I live nearby.

Occasionally, I would head to the forested area in Tampines to photograph the rich flora and fauna.

However, I received a rude shock on Nov 2 when I found three suspicious-looking men with cages hiding among the bushes there.

One of them had covered his bicycle with army camouflage patterns.

I also noticed that he had also strapped several cages onto the bicycle.

When I stepped forward, he was unnerved and scrambled to retrieve a spotted dove nearby that had been used as bait.

There were two other men in front and they too were startled.

I hope that the relevant authorities, such as the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority and the National Parks Board will look into the issue.

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