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  Singapore: reduce, reuse, recycle
issues, policies, status, discussions
including consumption issues,
water use and conservation, littering, garbage disposal
see also plastic bags, water issues, green energy, green buildings, marine litter

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Make recycling a must, fine those who don't
Letter from Muhammad Hazique Salahudin
Straits Times Forum 9 Nov 07

Shell Recycling Adverts "Misleading" - Watchdog
Story by Andrew Hough PlanetArk 8 Nov 07

Eco-Friendly HK Food Container Maker Eyes IPO
Story by Alison Leung PlanetArk 7 Nov 07

Recycle or face fines, Malaysians warned
By Hazlin Hassan Straits Times 31 Oct 07

Cleanest estate contest back after 4-year break
By Diana Othman Straits Times 30 Oct 07

Counting the costs of green IT
Irene Tham Straits Times: Digital Life 23 Oct 07

Local firm opens Singapore's first asphalt recycling plant
By Jessica Cheam Straits Times 16 Oct 07

Hyflux to build used-oil recycling plant in Vietnam
Joint venture to act as springboard for expansion into region
By Conrad Tan Business Times 16 Oct 07

Republic Poly's tasty fungal bounty
Straits Times 16 Oct 07

iPhone has hazardous chemicals, difficult to recycle: Greenpeace Business Times 16 Oct 07

Online Recycling: Look what I got on freecycle
Green website lets you swop used goods instead of throwing them away
By Melody Zaccheus Straits Times 14 Oct 07

Tapping e-waste business overseas
Chuang Peck Ming Business Times 11 Oct 07

Scrapping - the green way
Shipowners, shipyards should gear up for new convention on hazardous materials in ships
By David Hughes Business Times 10 Oct 07

"Make Your Own Bag" project launched as part of green initiative Channel NewsAsia 3 Oct 07

Koreans trash the waste problem
By Lee Tee Jong Straits Times 30 Sep 07

'Green paper'? Paper jams rile S'poreans more ...
Tan Hui Leng Today Online 28 Sep 07

More offices wired up but workplace may not be paperless soon
Channel NewsAsia 23 Sep 07

'Very little' e-waste recycled in S'pore
By Matthew Phan Business Times 21 Sep 07

Record 101 tonnes of newspapers collected for charity
Straits Times 15 Sep 07

Watch 'green rubber' bounce back to life soon
by Matthew Phan Business Times 12 Sep 07

SMEs here moving aggressively into waste-free technologies Matthew Phan Business Times 11 Sep 07

The Bottled Water Phenomenon: A healthy profit on tap
By Rowland Nethaway Straits Times 7 Sep 07

US Retailers Push Packagers to Think 'Green'
Story by Euan Rocha PlanetArk 5 Sep 07

Better communication to the masses needed if we want to make recycling campaign a success Esmond Lee Yan Zhao Straits Times 30 Aug 07

"Pay As You Throw" Waste Plans Outlined
Story by Andrew Hough PlanetArk 23 Aug 07 UK

Biofuel Industries set to be first to sell green power to grid Channel NewsAsia 16 Aug 07

The new public enemy #1: bottled water
by Claire Gallen Yahoo News 15 Aug 07

Straws not only killer litter, they endanger wildlife too
Letter from George Jacobs Straits Times Forum 9 Aug 07

Plumbers should review outdated plumbing system design to conserve water Letter from Chia Wai Chon Operations Manager Singapore Plumbing Society Straits Times Forum 4 Aug 07

Study: Toilets Need Radical Redesign
Corey Binns Yahoo News 30 Jul 07

North West CDC students stage "protest" to spread anti-litter message Channel News Asia 28 Jul 07

Guess who are the worst litterbugs ...
Daphne Chuah Today Online 28 Jul 07

What a waste, this balloon event
Letter from Ng Wan Pei Today Online 27 Jul 07

The island paradise built on a garbage dump
By Francesca de Châtel for CNN CNN 26 Jul 07

Saving Gaia Forum aims to raise environmental issues
Channel NewsAsia 26 Jul 07

Save the Earth - let's start with styrofoam
Letter from Toh Li Li (Miss)
Straits Times Forum 20 Jul 07

My war on waste
By Alison Trowsdale BBC News 9 Jul 07

Weaknesses and inadequacies in our recycling programme Letter from Yvonne Lim Boon Ya (Ms)
Straits Times Forum 10 Jul 07

Go green, have a straws-free day
Straits Times Forum 8 Jul 07

Recycling is a way of life for the Koreans
Lee Tee Jong Straits Times 7 Jul 07

My friend, the garbage bag
Lim Mei Tor Ng Today Online 7 Jul 07

'Recycle' messages everywhere but where are the recycling bins? Letter from Ng Wang Feng (Ms) Straits Times 5 Jul 07

Tuas Power diversifies into waste sector
By Ronnie Lim Business Times 3 Jul 07

The mechanics of e-waste recycling
By Mark Kinver BBC 3 Jul 07

Delayed e-waste law enters force
BBC 1 Jul 07

San Francisco Bans Bottled Water for City Staff
PlanetArk 26 Jun 07

Mindset change needed to reduce paper wastage
Letter from Tan Hau Teck Straits Times Forum 26 Jun 07

Too big an amount of waste for a small island to bear
Sheralyn Tay Today Online 25 Jun 07

Marine Parade town carnival makes effort to encourage recycling Channel NewsAsia 24 Jun 07

Simple ways to use less paper
Letter from Murali Sharma Straits Times 24 Jun 07

Wasting paper is no laughing matter
Letter from Halcyon Chia Today Online 22 Jun 07

Planet-Saving Remedy Proposed: Stop Shopping
Michael Schirber Yahoo News 20 Jun 07

Don't let green efforts go to waste
Liang Dingzi Today Online 20 Jun 07

Organic waste treatment plant needs better trash sorting
Channel NewsAsia 12 Jun 07

China's E-Waste Capital Chokes on Old Computers
Story by Mark Chisholm and Kitty Bu PlanetArk 12 Jun 07

Good to cut unnecessary packaging Letter from Grant W. Pereira Singapore Representative Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Straits Times Forum 8 Jun 07

Local firms' paper usage up
Sheralyn Tay Today Online 7 Jun 07

Poly team makes soap from waste cooking oil
By Michelle Neo Straits Times 6 Jun 07

Clubs, breweries do their bit to conserve environment
Channel NewsAsia 5 Jun 07

New Packaging Agreement aims to reduce waste
Channel NewsAsia 5 Jun 07

Recycling bins are being 'robbed'
Letter from Li Caiying Today Online 2 Jun 07

Pupils join battle against litterbugs
By Melissa Tan Straits Times Forum 31 May 07

Pulau Semakau: Garbage of Eden
Straits Times 27 May 07

Naples area rubbish crisis deepens
Yahoo News 24 May 07

Misconception on 'energy saving' could do more harm to our environment Letter from Professor Ron Hui Chair Professor of Electronic Engineering & Director of Centre for Power Electronics City University of Hong Kong Straits Times 22 May 07

It's safe to dispose of household batteries
Letter from NEA Today Online 19 May 07

'Green chemist' shows the way for Singapore
By Shobana Kesava Straits Times 19 May 07

BCA to study guidelines on recycled construction materials Channel NewsAsia 15 May 07

Bottled Water Has High Environmental Costs - Report
Story by Deborah Zabarenko PlanetArk 14 May 07

Let's recycle batteries too
Letter from Brian Ho Tze Yew Straits Times Forum 9 May 07

Over 800 units of e-waste collected during HP recycling week Channel NewsAsia 25 Apr 07

Convenience of liquid soap comes at a high environmental cost Letter from Malcolm Lower Straits Times Forum 25 Apr 07

Recycle gadgets at SingPost outlets during National Recycling Week Channel NewsAsia 20 Apr 07

Recycling made easier with more recycling bins at HDB estates Channel NewsAsia 20 Apr 07

Recycle plastic - that's what we should all do
Angela Banerjee (Mrs) Straits Times Forum 18 Apr 07

Go green when junking gadgets
Lim Yee Hung Straits Times 10 Apr 07

Chinese graduates see big business in recycling rubbish Channel NewsAsia 6 Apr 07

Houses of the Future Could Be Made from Trash
LiveScience Staff Yahoo News 2 Apr 07

Clean Energy Programme is fine but first put our energy inefficient house in order Letter from John T Hurst Today Online 29 Mar 07

Fast-track incubator scheme for water, environment start-ups
By Matthew Phan Business Times 28 Mar 07

Homes Throw a Third Away of Food
PlanetArk 19 Mar 07

Call for Spain strawberry boycott
BBC 16 Mar 07

The devil in the retail
Andrew Simms BBC 16 Mar 07

Bugged by littering Under-30s are major culprits, according to first NEA survey Sheralyn Tay Today Online 7 Mar 07

UN outlines global e-waste goals
BBC 6 Mar 07

How schools can play a part in recycling
Letter from Kenneth Cheng Jing Wen
Straits Times Forum 2 Mar 07

Tokyo promotes recycling culture to deal with industrial waste Japan Bureau Chief Michiyo Ishida Channel NewsAsia 19 Feb 07

ADB urges wasteful Asians to modify consumption style Business Times Singapore 17 Feb 07

Fighting climate change begins at home
Letter from Maryanne Maes Today Online 10 Feb 07

Green teens do their bit
Letter from chia ye hui Today Online 8 Feb 07

Can 'food for trash' project be extended?
Letter from Poh Wei Leong Straits Times 24 Jan 07

Residents in Hong Kah take part in RecycleXchange programme By Satish Cheney Channel NewsAsia 21 Jan 07

Time to tear down festive decorations after Christmas
By Farah Abdul Rahim Channel NewsAsia 1 Jan 07

Easier recycling for Holland-Bukit Panjang residents
By Hasnita A Majid Channel NewsAsia 17 Dec 06

In Antarctica, by Law, Extreme Recycling Prevails
Story by Deborah Zabarenko PlanetArk 18 Dec 06

Sense of environmental ownership will curb littering Reply from NEA Straits Times Forum 12 Dec 06

Letters about the littering problem
Singaporeans can learn from civic-minded Japanese Letter from Wang Hui Ling (Miss) Straits Times Forum 12 Dec 06

Today Online 12 Dec 06

Cleaning up is not hard to do
'Impeccably clean' image seems false
Learn to depend less on cleaners A 'table-training' campaign may help
Letter from Koji Noda
Letter from Rick Lim
Say Kiong Letter from Lin Peixin

'We're just brats, I guess ... ' Fast-food patrons don't clear their trays after eating — it's the cleaners' job, they say
Sheralyn Tay Today Online 9 Dec 06

Letters about the littering problem
Get families and firms to join hands and keep S'pore clean. Rebrand the exercise Letter from Andrew Wee Hwee Seng Vancouver, BC, Canada Straits Times Forum 9 Dec 06

Litter ends up in our drinking-water sources Letter from S Satish Appoo Director, Environmental Health Department National Environment Agency (NEA) and Tan Nguan Sen Director, Catchment and Waterways Public Utilities Board (PUB)
Today Online 9 Dec 06

A week's break for cleaners? We'd drown in our own mess – just look at failure of tray-returning system Letter from Maryanne Maes Reading Today Online 9 Dec 06

Plastics 'poisoning world's seas'
By Maggie Ayre Producer, Costing The Earth BBC 7 Dec 06

Not one to tyre easily
by Nicholas Fang The Straits Times 4 Dec 06

Captain Planet may yet be back
Reply from Mediacorp Straits Times Forum 1 Dec 06

Throwaway Economy In Trouble
By Earth Policy Institute ENN 30 Nov 06

Dead ringers? - Giving old mobiles a second life in the developing world The Independent 26 Nov 06

UN seeks to save developing world from e-waste
by Bogonko Bosire Yahoo News 26 Nov 06

No bins? NEA bust shows litterbugs are just lazy
By Jessica Lim The Straits Times 27 Nov 06

I love (dirty) Singapore
Henrik Siken Today Online 27 Nov 06

Letters about the littering problem
Straits Times Forum 27 Nov 06
Schools can help nip litter problem in the bud
Letter from Terrence Hong Bing Quan
Bring back Capt Planet and ENV frog cartoon
Letter from Han Yunhao

Straits Times Forum 28 Nov 06

Many S'poreans are spoilt. They expect other people to clean up after them Letter from Tan Lin Neo (Ms)

Straits Times Online 30 Nov 06
Tour guide won't have tourists visit HDB estates
Letter from Jackie Lau Wai Wan (Ms)
Put a stop to littering, outsource booking of litterbugs
Letter from Roger Yan Fook Wei

More than 200 students learn how to keep the rivers clean
By Noor Mohd Aziz Channel NewsAsia 26 Nov 06

Go 'green' at work
Today 24 Nov 06

Letters about the littering problem
Straits Times Forum Online 22 Nov 06
Stop littering for the love of Singapore
Letter from Anthony Oei
Hong Kong: Not as green but there is hardly any litter
Letter from Chong Puay Ling (Mrs)
Rubbish piles up on HDB lift landings Letter from Li Fuzhang
Littering problem among the young is sign of social malaise Letter from Lee Khum Thong
Don't be lenient. Also slap fine on the parents of young S'poreans who litter Letter from Anil Vasudevan

Volunteers from HDB estates join in latest effort to clean up Singapore By Wong Mun Wai Channel NewsAsia 21 Nov 06

Littering is no big deal, say many
By Jessica Lim, Tessa Wong and Jessica Cheam
The Straits Times 20 Nov 06

South West CDC uses art, business and technology to educate residents on recycling
By S Ramesh Channel NewsAsia 19 Nov 06

Lion's share of overnight rubbish in East Coast Park from McDonald's and 7-Eleven
Letter from Tan Ken Jin Straits Times Online 15 Nov 06

Green campaigners dream of a recycled Christmas
By Kate Kelland Yahoo News 13 Nov 06

Recycling efforts here seem to be lagging behind
Letter from Koh Yoke Chye Straits Times Forum 13 Nov 06

Reward households that reduce water consumption
Letter from Lum Yew Wai Straits Times Forum
Straits Times Forum 7 Nov 06

Reduced water use more than about saving money
Reply from Chong Hou Chun Director Water Supply (Network) PUB Straits Times Forum 6 Nov 06

Unfortunate that not enough people are motivated to consume less water Letter from Agnes Sng Hwee Lee (Ms) Sofia, Bulgaria Straits Times Forum 4 Nov 06

Environment ad an insult to one's intelligence
Letter from Gerald Patterson Straits Times Forum 3 Nov 06

Use less water but how much money is saved?
Letter from Nuryusman Mohamed Ibrahim
Straits Times Online 2 Nov 06

Saving water, cutting bills Govt launches new water-efficiency labelling scheme Sheralyn Tay Today Online 1 Nov 06

110 volunteers share water conservation tips with North West residents By Julia Ng, Channel NewsAsia 28 Oct 06

Tissue Manufacturers Get Poor Environmental Marks
PlanetArk 12 Oct 06

Explaining the rise in your electricity bill
Users charged in accordance with bi-monthly utility meter readings Letter from Ong Keng Kiat Managing Director SP Services Today Online 6 Oct 06

$80 bills are possible
Letter from Rashid Osman Today Online 4 Oct 06

Shortcircuited in our efforts to save electricity, we still pay more Letter from agnes meurzec Today Online 3 Oct 06

You have the power to use less
Letter from David Goh Chee Hoe Today Online 30 Sep 06

Ivorian Scandal Reveals World's Hidden Toxic Trade
Story by Oliver Bullough PlanetArk 28 Sep 06

Recycling bin with rubbish an eyesore and a hazard
Letter from Yu Woon Chi (Ms) Straits Times Forum 26 Sep 06

Singapore now allows drinks cartons to be recycled
By Wong Mun Wai Channel NewsAsia 23 Sep 06

Wal-Mart to cut packaging in environmental initiative
Yahoo News 22 Sep 06

Mobile phone industry aims to reduce pollution
Yahoo News 21 Sep 06

NEA steps up recycling drive in heartland
by Meng Yew Choong The Straits Times 20 Sep 06

County plans to vaporize landfill trash
By Brian Skoloff, Associated Press Yahoo News 10 Sep 06

12-year-old students 'not spared atrocities of litterbugs'
Letter from P. Mirnalini (Ms) The Straits Times Forum 4 Sep 06

SembCorp should improve the way it collects recycleables to promote habit Letter from Elaine Ong Mei Lin Straits Times Forum 28 Aug 06

What's their problem?
The Straits Times 27 Aug 06

We're doing our best to keep S'pore beaches clean: NEA, MPA Today Online 25 Aug 06

We are becoming a Garbage City
by Sarah Ng The Straits Times 20 Aug 06

A litter-free Singapore is a collective effort
Reply from NEA Today Online 18 Aug 06

Schools waste a lot of paper
Letter from Glorijoy Tan Shi En (Miss)
Straits Times Forum 14 Aug 06

Trace source of pollution at ECP and bring culprits to book
Letter from Xiaoyi Kun Today Online 11 Aug 06

Revive anti-litter campaign to keep the environment clean
Letter from Ramchand Ramesh Straits Times Forum 9 Aug 06

Get fast food restaurants and shopping malls to join recycling exercise Letter from Tan Lay Cher (Ms) Straits Times Forum 7 Aug 06

Recyclable items collected by SembWaste are sent for recycling Reply from SembCorp Straits Times Forum 1 Aug 06

Laying the foundations for a green industry
University of New South Wales EurekAlert 31 Jul 06

The forgotten front in war on waste
Paul Drechsler BBC 27 Jul 06

Are items put aside for recycling actually recycled?
Letter from Nelly Yanty (Madam) Straits Times Forum 25 Jul 06

Lucky draw trash bags now in funpacks for NDP 2006
By Amanda Mun Channel NewsAsia 14 Jul 06

PC users 'want greener machines'
BBC 26 Jun 06

Help to save the environment. Use the same mug for Starbucks coffee Letter from Karen Young Straits Times Forum 26 Jun 06

WWF and rechargeable battery maker announce licensing partnership WWF 22 Jun 06

Bouquet for SingTel's efforts to be environmentally friendly
Letter from Eugene Tay Tse Chuan
Straits Times Forum 22 Jun 06

Hygiene is a priority
Letter from NEA Today Online 15 Jun

Marketing conservation: Wet markets make ideal places for recycling bins Letter from Kathy Lee Today Online 9 Jun 06

Chop chopstick provision
Letters from Murali Sharma and from Sam Lai Wah
Today Online 8 Jun 06

Bring your own chopsticks
Wan Kwong Weng Today Online 5 Jun 06

NEA launches new anti-littering campaign focused on public places By Joanne Leow Channel NewsAsia 1 Jun 06

Put only recyclables into recycling bins
Reply from NEA Today Online 19 May 06

Such a wasted effort Dumping of used food packaging into recycling bin is ruining other recyclables
Letter from Francis Yim Today Online 16 May 06

It takes time to inculcate recycling culture.
Do more to educate people to cut waste

Letter from Eugene Tay Tse Chuan
Straits Times Forum 15 May 06

Recycling rates up; NEA plans more types of recycling
By Li Peng/Joanne Leow Channelnews Asia 14 May 06

Privatisation, recycling keep refuse fees low
Letter from NEA The Straits Times 12 May 06

Semakau to showcase green energy sources
by Radha Basu The Straits Times 11 Apr 06
S'pore to host eco-fair
Lee U-Wen Today Online 11 Apr 06
Singapore to host eco-fair showcasing latest green technologies
By Rita Zahara Channel NewsAsia 10 April 06

The meaningless ritual of recycling
Viewpoint by Timothy Cooper BBC 7 Apr 06

To go green, we think green
Today Online 3 Apr 06
Your world. Your verdict: the small but beautiful ways that can help the fight to save the planet The Independent 3 Apr 06

Time to Go green at the dining table
Goh Boon Choo Today Online 31 Mar 06

1 minute less in the shower is 9 litres of water saved
Today Online 23 Mar 06

China Slaps Tax on Chopsticks, Yachts to Save Trees PlanetArk 23 Mar 06

Malaysia may close all uncovered garbage dumps near largest city over pollution issues PlanetSave 14 Mar 06

"Urban Eco-Chic" Takes the Stand at London Home Show
Story by Jeremy Lovell PlanetArk 9 Mar 06

Firms in pact to cut packaging waste
Lee U-Wen Today Online 8 Mar 06

Can our way of living really save the planet?
Lucy Siegle The Observer 5 Mar 06

Leftover rice, chicken bones may soon light up your home
by Radha Basu The Straits Times 9 Feb 06

In murky waters: Water Conservation Tax system can be improved Letter from Siew Ngung Chia Today Online 8 Feb 06

Dutch Company to Make Diesel from Plastics Waste
PlanetArk 8 Feb 06

Bottled Water: Pouring Resources Down The Drain
By Earth Policy Institute ENN 3 Feb 06

Can Cell-Phone Recycling Help African Gorillas?
Stefan Lovgren National Geographic 20 Jan 06

New Law Forces Manufacturers to Pick up Recycling Costs
By Jerry Harkavy ENN 19 Jan 06

Waste incineration 'set to rise' in the UK
BBC 17 Jan 06

Water conservation tax to stay: Environment Minister
By Hasnita A Majid Channel NewsAsia 16 Jan 06

Revellers make a mess of Orchard Road with litter. What a shame! Letter from Ong Puey Yee Straits Times Forum Online 5 Jan 06

Trash for food: Residents trade recyclable materials for groceries 938Live Today Online 3 Jan 06

Revellers leave behind 6,000kg of trash after Orchard Rd party By Valarie Tan Channel NewsAsia 1 Jan 06

Large amounts of water wasted at marathon
Letter from Felix Ang Kok Hou
Straits Times Forum Online 9 Dec 05

GROWing the next generation of water recycling plants
EurekAlert 8 Dec 05

System aims to reduce landfill dramatically
ABC Online 7 Dec 05

Great green ideas Environmentally-conscious S'poreans are inspired by German conservation tips Lee U-Wen in Cologne, Germany Today Online 5 Dec 05

Recycling: firms need to do more
Phillip Ang Keng Hong Today Online 2 Dec 05

Cut waste and get green label for office
by Stephanie Yap The Straits Times 25 Nov 05

Recycling bins for more than flyers at MRT stations
Reply from NEA Today Online 19 Nov 05

Supermarkets should take part in recycling efforts
Letter from Yeo Eng Wah (Ms)
The Straits Times Forum Online 19 Nov 05

Place bins at MRT stations to collect and recycle leaflets
Letter from Yee Zhen Yang Today Online 16 Nov 05

Deposit bulkier items for recycling at Newton carpark
Reply by NEA Straits Times Forum Online 16 Nov 05

Better but not good enough
Response by NEA Today Online 14 Nov 05

Have a drive-through to drop recyclable items
Letter from Tay Wei Ping (Mdm)
Straits Times Forum Online 11 Nov 05

Clean and green is not green enough
by Aaron Low The Straits Times 11 Nov 05

Shower a minute less and you save 10 litres
By Radha Basu The Straits Times 29 Oct 05

Make the difference for the environment
Today Online 28 Oct 05

Singapore on track for Green Plan 2012: ENV Minister
By Pearl Forss Channel NewsAsia 28 Oct 05

Singaporeans support energy efficiency measures - survey Channel NewsAsia 25 Oct 05

Don't wait till you're rich. Make recycling a way of life now
Letter from Lew Yin Choo (Mdm)
Straits Times Online Forum 21 Sep 05

All HDB estates to have centralised recycling depositories by 2007
By Dominique Loh Channel NewsAsia 17 Sep 05
1,600 recycling stations in HDB estates by 2007
The Straits Times 18 Sep 05

The power of food (Recycling food waste)
Lee U-Wen Today Online 16 Sep 05

Cutting waste is the key goal
Incineration of waste by NEA is done safely
Letter from Ong Seng Eng Head, Resource Conservation Department, National Environment Agency (NEA) Today Online 16 Sep 05

Recycling can start from homes
Letter from Leonard Leng Qi An Straits Times Forum Online 15 Sep 05

Not so green, this Garden City
Interview with SEC's Executive Director Howard Shaw
Today online 14 Sep 05

More can be done to go paperless and cut waste
Straits Times Forum online 5 Sep 05

Fire at Tuas recycling plant ignites two-storey high pile of rubbish
By Joanne Leow Channel NewsAsia, 29 Jul 05

Punggol beach not so clean
Letter by Gene Kam Letters to the Straits Times Forum Page, 25 Jul 05

Semakau landfill to last 15 more years as recycling reduces waste By Hasnita A Majid Channel NewsAsia, 16 Jul 05

You can't count on Singaporeans to pick up their rubbish
Letter from Chua Beng Khim (Ms) Straits Times Forum 12 Jul 06

Reduce, reuse, recycle waste the way to go
Reply to letter by Jay Kaelash
The Straits Times Forum, 25 Jun 05

Demand for rechargeable batteries doubles
By Farah Abdul Rahim/Ng Kee Kaur
Channel NewsAsia, 19 Jun 05

Try 'greener' methods of waste management
Letter by Jay Kaelash The Straits Times Forum, 18 Jun 05

Recycling refuse
By Ling Chang Hong The Straits Times, 11 Jun 05

For litter-free S'pore, draft a member from each home
Choo Tat Nian in reply to Jeremy Lim Today Online, 10 Jun 05

Less rubbish, but little recycling here
Figures show Germans recycle at least 12 times as much rubbish By Radha Basu The Straits Times, 6 Jun 05

Concerns over use of cling-wrap
Letter to Today Online, 2 Jun 05

How green will you go?
by Sheralyn Tay Today, 25 May 05
Ministry launches environment survey
Channel NewsAsia, 25 May 05

Singapore ratifies, accedes to conventions on organic pollutants
By Yvonne Cheong Channel NewsAsia 25 May 05

Worldwide coastal cleanup bags 4,000 tons of debris
by Jeannette J. Lee PlanetSave website 19 May 05

Government to conduct review of Singapore Green Plan 2012
By Johnson Choo Channel NewsAsia, 22 Apr 05

Speech by Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, at the Committee of Supply Debate 2005 8 Mar 2005 Discussing Environmental Sustainability, Community Participation in the Environment, Enjoying Our Environment and Water Resources, Raising awareness and consultation on environmental issues, Improving Energy Efficiency and Carbon Intensity, Green Vehicles. Singapore Government Media Release, 8 Mar 05

We use less water, recycle more and breathe cleaner air
by Radha Basu The Straits Times, March 9, 2005

Singapore's recycling project on track: Yaacob Ibrahim
By Pearl Forss Channel NewsAsia , 17 Feb 05

On the NEA website:
Locations of recycling bins in Singapore
Posters and booklets on the 3Rs
Waste Minimisation and Recycling Programme
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