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Singapore: plastic bags
efforts to reduce use of plastic bags, issues, discussions
see also green energy, reduce, reuse and recycle

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In defence of plastic bags By Megan Lane
BBC 1 Nov 07

New York May Join Crackdown on Plastic Bags
Story by Edith Honan PlanetArk 31 Oct 07

Discarded plastic bags and other debris
threaten marine life, experts say

Kathryn Young Canada West News Service 8 Sep 07

Africa Wages War on Scourge of Plastic Bags
Andrew Cawthorne Yahoo News 21 Aug 07

Launch of "I'm Not a Plastic Bag" at Ngee Ann City cancelled Channel NewsAsia 24 Jul 07

Singaporeans going green following Bring Your Own Bag drive Channel NewsAsia 3 Jul 07

For environment's sake, use biodegradable bags
Letter from Goh Kian Huat Today Online 25 Jun 07

Sad death of whale spurs call to tighten up on litter
Neil Riddell Shetland Today 15 Jun 07

Plastic from Asia blights Hawaii's beaches
By Matt Wells BBC News, Hawaii BBC 11 Jun 07

Study: El Nino Boosts Marine Debris Risks For Monk Seals
The Hawaii Channel 11 Jun 07

Letters about BYO Bag Day
Post global warming pointers on utility bills
Letter from Herbert Goh Hiok Straits Times Forum 12 Jun 07
Supermarkets half hearted on Bring Your Own Bag campaign Letter from Regina Koh Soo Luan (Ms)
Straits Times Forum 8 Jun 07

Cashier put plastic bag in shopper's canvas bag
Letter from Sandra De Souza (Ms) Straits Times Forum 8 Jun 07

BYO Bag Day gets bigger and better
Gracia Chiang Today Online 5 Jun 07

HK may impose 50-cent tax on plastic bags
By Jane Moir in Hong Kong Business Times 4 Jun 07

Plastic bags needed, but reduce dependence
Letter from Liang Xinyi (Ms) Communications Executive Singapore Environment Council Straits Times Forum 25 May 07

Plastic bags ARE the enemy Letter from Sam Bateman (Dr) S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies Nanyang Technological University Straits Times 16 May 07

Plastic bags are not the enemy
By Senior Writer, Andy Ho Straits Times 12 May 07

Plastic bags: How to win over more people? Explain the 'why' Letter from Lin Peiyi (Ms) Straits Times Forum 11 May 07

Ontario Aims to Cut Use of Plastic Bags by Half
Story by Jennifer Kwan PlanetArk 10 May 07

Care for a designer grocery bag?
The Electric New Paper 9 May 07

Some shoppers avoid supermarkets on Bring Your Own Bag (BYOB) Day Others say... Great, now there's no queue New Paper 5 May 07

Bag-free move has to go further
Today Online 4 May 07

Two more hands, please
Lee U-Wen Today Online 3 May 07

Few new converts in Bring Your Own Bag Campaign
Channel NewsAsia 2 May 07

Are biodegradable bags that much better than normal plastic bags? Letter from Chia Hern Keng Straits Times Forum 2 May 07

Don't Let Bags Become Baggage
By Teh Jen Lee The Electric New Paper 30 Apr 07

Many upset over 10 cents bag charge
The Electric New Paper 30 Apr 07

No plastic, fantastic!
Save the world and your kitchen drawer
Today Online 28 Apr 07

Charging for plastic bags not the solution - give scientists more time to find alternatives Letter from Paul Chan Poh Hoi
Straits Times Forum 28 Apr 07

Live without plastic bags? Here's how it can be done
Letter from Dr Lee Siew Peng Middlesex, UK
Straits Times Forum 28 Apr 07

Plastic bags will always be around, so let's find other ways to save the Earth
Letter from Alvin Sim Khim Woon London, United Kingdom Straits Times Forum 28 Apr 07

Biodegradable bags don't help to cut waste generation Letter from Ong Seng Eng Head Resource Conservation Department National Environment Agency Straits Times Forum 26 Apr 07

Some suggestions on how we can achieve a plastic bag-free society Letter from John Voon Zoon Choong
Straits Times Forum 25 Apr 07

Make it mandatory for all shops to charge for plastic bags
Letter from Claire Ban Hui Ling (Miss)
Straits Times Forum 25 Apr 07

All Ikea plastic bags are oxo-biodegradable
Letter from Philip Wee General Manager Ikea
Straits Times Forum 24 Apr 07

Bring back brown paper bags of yore
Letter from Andrew Seow Chwee Guan
Straits Times Forum 24 Apr 07

Sending wrong message on Bring Your Own Bag
Letter from Gloria Seow Ai Woon (Ms)
Straits Times Forum 23 Apr 07

Retailers, make plastic bags biodegradable
Letter from Grace Tan Hwee Neo (Ms)
Straits Times Forum 23 Apr 07

Household store IKEA starts charging for plastic bags
Channel NewsAsia 22 Apr 07

Shoppers want to be given discounts for bringing their own bags: poll Channel NewsAsia 20 Apr 07

Reforming a bag lady It will take more than a bag tax to make me change my wasteful ways
Tabitha Wong Today Online 20 Apr 07

Charging for plastic bags not enough
Letter from Lum Yew Wai Straits Times Forum 20 Apr 07

100,000 plastic bags saved on Bring Your Own Bag Day
Channel NewsAsia 19 Apr 07

Most shoppers respond positively to Bring Your Own Bag Day
Gracia Chiang Today Online 19 Apr 07

Green alert! Letters about Bring Your Own Bag Day
Today Online 19 Apr 07

Say no to plastic bags
Today Online 18 Apr 07

Recycle plastic - that's what we should all do
Angela Banerjee (Mrs) Straits Times Forum 18 Apr 07

Local stores should also charge for plastic bags
Letter from Grant W. Pereira GVN, SEC
Straits Times Forum 18 Apr 07
Education the best way to spread message why we need to reduce use of plastic bags Letter from Lester Lam Yong Ling Ikea got me planning for my future shopping trips
Letter from Jessica Joan Chang Bee Eng (Ms)
Cold Storage and NTUC FairPrice should follow Ikea's lead
Letter from Teo Keng Chuan
Once Singaporeans have to pay for plastic bags, they will think twice before asking for more
Letter from Samantha Ng Bee San (Ms) Hawaii, USA

Plastic, not fantastic: Campaign to curb plastic-bag wastage starts tomorrow Letter from Ong Seng Eng Director, Resource Conservation Department National Environment Agency Today Online 17 Apr 07

The argument is in the bag
Letters about plastic bags Today Online 16 Apr 07

Singapore won't be parched, thanks to Newater Yaacob Ibrahim also calls for less use of plastic bags By Lynn Lee Straits Times 16 Apr 07

'Green bags' are good, but some retail staff don't know why Letters Today Online 14 Apr 07

Waste by the bagload
Letters about plastic bags Today Online 13 Apr 07

NEA launches campaign to encourage shoppers to use reusable bags Channel NewsAsia 11 Apr 07

Ikea to start charging customers for plastic bags
By Tania Tan Straits Times 11 Apr 07

Researcher: New Biodegradable Plastic that Dissolves in Seawater Seen as Boon for Open Seas Trash Disposal Underwatertimes 3 Apr 07

San Francisco Lawmakers Vote to Ban Plastic Bags
PlanetArk 29 Mar 07

British Retailers to Cut Down On Plastic Bags
Story by Jeremy Lovell PlanetArk 28 Feb 07

Ikea to Charge US Customers for Plastic Bags
Story by Jon Hurdle PlanetArk 22 Feb 07

Ireland to Raise "Green" Tax on Plastic Bags
PlanetArk 22 Feb 07

Bags of trouble: We need a fee for the use of plastic carrier bags Letter from Tan Choon Ming Today Online 15 Dec 06

Plastics 'poisoning world's seas'
By Maggie Ayre Producer, Costing The Earth BBC 7 Dec 06

Letters on plastic bags
Straits Times Online 8 Dec 06
If grocers stop using plastic bags, I'd buy them to line my litter bin Letter from Margaret Chong Kuan Mui (Mdm)
Try the Dutch way to reuse plastic bags and recycle bottles Letter from Mrs Mieke Waterdrinker
Straits Times Forum 9 Dec 06
Use biodegradable plastic bags and recycle them
Letter from Ang Hak Heng
Take fewer plastic bags, use them to bag trash
Reply from Vincent Teo Hup Ee Chief Engineer (Waste Minimisation) Resource Conservation Department National Environment Agency

Letters on charging for plastic bags
Straits Times Online 4 Dec 06
Charging for plastic bags will cut down on their use
Letter from Mark Ho Boon, Kin Hong Kong
Waste disposal: How not to use plastic bags?
Letter from Ng Mui Peng (Ms)
Use cash incentives to promote recycling among shoppers
Letter from Patricia Lynn Meyer (Ms)
Have separate queue in supermarts for those without plastic bags Letter from Lilian Chai-Kubler (Ms)

Charge for plastic bags? NEA prefers education
Reply from NEA Straits Times Online 29 Nov 06

Zanzibar Bans Plastic Bags
Yahoo News 8 Nov 06

Singaporeans asking for fewer plastic bags when grocery shopping By May Wong Channel NewsAsia 7 Nov 06

Plastic trash vortex menaces Pacific sealife: study
By Deborah Zabarenko Yahoo News 5 Nov 06

'Spot the green shopper' contest to cut waste Letter from Vincent Teo Chief Engineer, Resource Conservation Department National Environment Agency Straits Times Forum 4 Nov 06

Many plastic materials emit poisonous dioxins when incinerated Letter from Shakib Gunn Straits Times Forum 3 Nov 06

Get rid of plastic bags? Better to recycle them
Letter from Lum Yew Wai Straits Times Forum 3 Nov 06

Make customers pay to cut down use and save the earth
Letter from Phillip Ang Keng Hong
Straits Times Forum 31 Oct 06

Educate users to promote recycling, don't tax them
Letter from Nelly Yanty (Ms) Straits Times Forum 31 Oct 06

Plastic Shopping Bag Kills 'Temata', Beaked Whale Stranded in the Cook Islands Underwater times 27 Oct 06

480 students survey shoppers to find out how environmentally friendly Singaporeans are
By Ng Lian Cheong Channel NewsAsia 22 Sep 06

Altered oceans: A plague of plastic chokes the seas
By Kenneth R. Weiss Los Angeles Times 2 Aug 06

No plastic while shopping, please
Teo Xuanwei Today Online 5 Jun 06

In praise of a hidden household hero
Viewpoint by Jane Bickerstaffe BBC 24 Mar 06

Good move by Giant supermarket to sell reusable bags at 95 cents Letter from Kevin Lam Koi Yau Straits Times Forum Online 16 Feb 06

Lessons from Australia on cutting use of plastic bags
Letter from Patricia Koh Hway Loo (Ms)
Straits Times Forum Online 15 Feb 06

Can dioxin leach from plastic bags carrying hot drinks?
Letter from Loy Moi Long Straits Times Forum Online 14 Feb 06

Campaign launched to reduce usage of plastic bags
By Valarie Tan Channel NewsAsia 11 Feb 05
New move to cut use of plastic bags
by Sarah Ng Straits Times, 12 Feb 06

Plastic bags binned as shopping goes green
To help cut usage, Parkway Parade using reusable bags
Lee U-Wen Today 11 Feb 05

Study finds plastic in 95% of dead birds
John Vincent news.scotsman.com 28 Dec 05

Make green bags more user-friendly
Letter from Yee Meow Lin Today Online 9 Dec 05

7-Eleven goes green
Vinita Ramani Today Online 2 Dec 05

Singapore firm produces biodegradable, compostable bags
By Hasnita A Majid Channel NewsAsia 29 Nov 05

Plastic bag charge will do good
by Leong Ching The Straits Times 20 Nov 05

Cost savings from using fewer plastic grocery bags
Letter from Goh Si Guim Straits Times Forum Online 13 Sep 05

Is the solution really that simple? (To the plastic bag problem)
Letter from Preeti Athavle Today Online 13 Sep 05

When a little child decided to save plastic bags
Letter from irene tan and from liu i-chun Today online 10 Sep 05

Stop using plastic bags for a month to promote green habit
Letter from Damien Heng Teng Wei Straits Times Forum online 8 Sep 05

Cut trash charge for plastic bags
Letter from Liu I-Chun Today online 6 Sep 05

Charging for trash bags can only help recycling efforts
Letter from Christina Lee Li Nan Today online, 7 Sep 05

Make that green swap: Start using durable bags instead of plastic ones Reply from ONG SENG ENG Head, Resource Conservation Department, National Environment Agency (NEA) Today online, 9 Sep 05

Impose tax on plastic grocery bags to save environment
Straits Times Forum online 5 Sep 05

Indian State Bans Sale, Use of Plastic Bags
By Ramola Talwar Badam, Associated Press
ENN website 25 Aug 05

Want to charge for that bag? Under NEA plan, retailers may put a price on bags if they want to Lee U-Wen Today Online 7 Jul 05

Let the plastic industry create a bag that is environment-friendly
Letter to Today from Tan Ken Jin Today Online 23 Jun 05

Plastics meet 'green' objectives
Letter to Today from Ronald Lim President of the Singapore Plastic Industry & Secretary General of the Asean Federation of Plastic Industries Today Online 22 Jun 05

Marine groups in Scotland support plastic bag levy to protect sea life WWF Online 20 Jun 05

Take care of the old bags
Fight plastic addiction without gahmen's help
Neil Humphreys Today Online 18 Jun 05

Plastic bag issue goes online
features in a public opinion poll on Yahoo! Singapore website
by Lee U-Wen Today Online 16 Jun 05

Don't give plastic excuses
These bags can harm environment and that's the big issue
Letter from Kan Hwa Heng and from Hor Boon Hooi Letters to Today Online, 16 Jun 05

Problem is disposal, not use
Better environmental awareness would remove need to limit use of bags Letter to Today Online from the Singapore Chemical Industry Council, 15 Jun 05

Japan tries to cut down on plastic bags
by By Hiroko Tabuchi Associated Press Yahoo News 10 Jun 06

Some shoppers switch from plastic to reusable bags
by Shermaine Wong The Straits Times 9 Jun 06

Give reusable bags a try
Letter from National Environment Agency Today Online 9 Jun 06

Lame excuses reflect the uphill task of changing habits
Letter to Today Online from Eileen Low, 7 Jun 05

Lead the way, FairPrice: Charge for the plastics
Letter to Today Online from Kan Hwa Heng, 6 Jun 05

Join forces and say 'no' to plastic bags
Letter to Today Online from Joan D'Arcy, 6 Jun 05

Bags full of trouble:Hooked on plastic, S'poreans won't change unless forced to by law
Lee U-Wen Today Online, 4-5 Jun 05

Green Bags at NTUC FairPrice
by Lee U-WenToday Online, 27 May 05

Worldwide coastal cleanup bags 4,000 tons of debris
by Jeannette J. Lee PlanetSave website, 19 May 05

Impose 'waste tax' to boost plastic-bag recycling
Letter from Wong Sing Hoi to the Straits Time Forum Page, 14 Jun 05

Japanese green efforts are exemplary
Singapore should adopt similar policies to control plastic bag usage Letter from Chan Yeok Kwan Today Online, 9 May 05

Is S'pore a nation of plastic bag junkies?
By Lee U-Wen Today Online, 25 Apr 05

Don't take more plastic bags than necessary
Letters to the Forum, The Straits Times , 1 Apr 05

PlanetArk's Plastic Bag campaign 15 things you need to know about plastic bags, steps for government, retailers and consumers to take to reduce plastic bag usage, FAQs about plastic bags.

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