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Shark's fins
issues, efforts, discussions, status of sharks in general
see also wildlife trade,
global biodiversity loss and global marine issues

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Fake fins eye saving sharks, Chinese wallets
Yahoo News 19 Oct 07

World's sharks threatened by kitchen predator
By Chesney Bradshaw iol.com 30 Sep 07

Malaysian ministry bans shark's fin soup
Yahoo News 15 Sep 07

Galapagos shark endangered by Ecuadoran decree: group
Yahoo News 24 Jul 07

International Shark Discussion Forum Takes Stance Against Discovery's Shark Week 'Monster' Marketing underwatertimes 19 Jul 07

Sharks Face Increased Threat Due to Fin Soup - Report PlanetArk 19 Jul 07

Wet market stallholder selling shark meat
Letter from Luo Caifeng (Miss) Straits Times Forum 17 Jul 07

Wet market stallholder selling shark meat
Letter from Luo Caifeng (Miss) Straits Times Forum 17 Jul 07

Predator Is Prey: Sharks
Killed for Fins Estimated 100 Million Sharks Killed Every Year KABC-TV 26 Jun 07

Lab gets US funds for shark gene study
By Lim Wei Chean Straits Times 29 Jun 07

Eels, Sawfish Get Trade Protection From UN
Story by Alister Doyle PlanetArk 12 Jun 07

Sharks defeated at U.N. wildlife trade talks
By Anna Mudeva Yahoo News 8 Jun 07

New reality is that man bites shark
It's four of us a year — but millions of them
By Juliet Eilperin The Washington Post MSNBC 27 May 07

Chinese Know Little About Shark Conservation - Survey
Story by Ben Blanchard PlanetArk 25 May 07

Soaring shark fin demand driving extinction threat: report
Yahoo News 17 May 07

Canada's basking sharks face extinction: committee
Yahoo News 2 May 07

Asian demand for shark fins threatens Colombian species
by Cesar Sabogal Yahoo News 29 Apr 07

DNA Testing Reveals Continued, Illegal Trade In Fins Of Endangered Basking Sharks
Sally Sharrock Underwatertimes 23 Apr 07

Longline fishing kills millions of sharks: WWF
Yahoo News 12 Apr 07

Sharks deserve the conservation status we give to the giant panda Marine predators are on the verge of extinction, but the fishing industry still rips the environment to shreds with impunity George Monbiot The Guardian 3 Apr 07

Filmmaker on Mission to Save Sharks
Story by Ed Stoddard PlanetArk 2 Apr 07

Overfishing of Sharks Makes Scallops Vanish - Study
Story by Deborah Zabarenko PlanetArk 30 Mar 07

Rare Borneo Shark Spotted Again in Malaysia; New Species of Ray, Crab Underwatertimes 24 Mar 07

Take shark's fin soup off menu for Olympics: lawmaker
Yahoo News 13 Mar 07

Mexico Passes Shark Finning Ban, New Protections for Great White, Whale and Basking Sharks, Manta Rays Underwatertimes 3 Mar 07

Scientists Add Shark Species to Endangered List
Story by Jeremy Lovell PlanetArk 23 Feb 07

Shark-Smuggling Bust Nets $1 Million for Habitat Protection Stefan Lovgren National Geographic 20 Feb 07

S'poreans splurge on New Year dinners
By Wee Li-En Business Times 17 Feb 07

Five things not to eat for Chinese New Year
TRAFFIC 12 Feb 07

Conservationists rally to support sharks
By Tara Godvin, Associated Press Yahoo News 21 Jan 07

Time to curb the EU's appetite for shark meat
WWF 15 Dec 06

Bird's nest, the viable alternative
Letter from Oscar Lee Shing Kian
Straits Times Forum 11 Dec 06

Study: Fishermen Driving Great Barrier Reef Sharks to Extinction Underwatertimes 4 Dec 06

Chinese Chefs Divided Over Shark Fin Use Amid Reports of Species Decline; 'No Banquet is Complete without Shark Fin' Underwatertimes 10 Nov 06

Teeth bared in battle over world shark stocks
By Ben Blanchard Yahoo News 9 Nov 06

Fishermen, facing declining stocks, turn to sharks
By Ben Blanchard Yahoo News 9 Nov 06

Shark Slaughter: 73 Million Killed Each Year
Ker Than LiveScience.com Yahoo News 26 Sep 06

Australia to try drones to fight illegal fishing, drug running Channel NewsAsia 1 Sep 06

EU Blamed for Demise of World's Sharks
Story by Jeremy Lovell PlanetArk 31 Aug 06

Even Yao Ming is sidelined as China shark fin debate falls flat Channel NewsAsia 31 Aug 06

Slaughter in the water Sharks abound off the West Coast, but for how long? By Scott LaFee SignonSanDiego.com 31 Aug 06

Where Have All the Shark Attacks Gone?
Humans Are Killing More Than 100 Million Sharks Every Year
By Dan Beckmann ABC news 24 Aug 06

NOAA Settles Shark Case with New York Fish Dealer for $750,000; 'A Strong Message' Underwater Times 11 Aug 06

Chinese Consumer Key to Saving World's Sharks
Story by Ben Blanchard PlanetArk 3 Aug 06

Brooklyn fish dealer admits shark violations; fine is $750,000
By Adam Goldman Associated Press Newsday 1 Aug 06

Surge in shark poachers
Paige Taylor The Australian 5 Jul 06

Fins for sale: Galapagos sharks are under threat due to growing demand for £100-a-bowl soup in Chinese restaurants By Stephen Khan The Independent 25 Jun 06

Olympics - Beijing Mascots to Help Keep Shark's Fin Off the Menu Story by Nick Mulvenney PlanetArk 6 Jun 06

Scientists to breed 'test tube' sharks
Plan hopes to boost critically endangered gray nurse species

The Associated Press MS NBC website, 3 Jun 05

Saving sharks with magnets
WWF 11 May 06

Seychelles Bans Cutting Sharks' Fins
Story by George Thande PlanetArk 27 Feb 06

Study warns of threat to sharks
BBC 22 Feb 06

A sting in the tale for sharks and rays
IUCN 20 Feb 06

Shark Attacks Fall in 2005 as Humans Fight Back
Story by Jane Sutton PlanetArk 14 Feb 06

NWTO delegates warned: don't eat shark's fin
Channel NewsAsia 13 Dec 05

CSI: Shark Fins—Genetic Test Reveals Illegal International Trade in Great White Shark Fins By Pew Institute for Ocean Science ENN 5 Jan 06

A Shark's Fin Tale: Poaching in Paradise
contributed by Helen Brunt WildAsia 8 Nov 05

Shark extinction remains a real threat
Letter from Wu Tzong Kwang
Straits Times Forum Online 3 Oct 05

Shark Attacks Spark "Kill or Be Killed" Debate
Story by Michael Perry PlanetArk 19 Sep 05

Scientists: Two Sharks Among 52 New Species Found in Indonesian Waters Underwatertimes 17 Sep 06

Forget shark's fin soup Support the environmentalist
Letter from Lee Seck Kay Straits Times Forum Online 16 Sep 05

Australia Seeks to Breed Test-Tube Sharks
Story by Michael Perry PlanetArk website, 29 Jul 05

To Battle Barnacles, Ships Test Fake Sharkskin
Brian Handwerk National Geographic website, 22 Jul 05

This S'porean moved Disney to say no
The New Paper, 1 Jul 05

New shark discovered in US waters
BBC 10 Jun 06

Disney in Hot Water over Hong Kong Shark's Fin Soup
By Reuters Environment News Network 24 May 05

Mexican Biologist Discovers New Shark Species
PlanetArk 3 Mar 06

Shark species at risk of extinction, says genetic survey
Ian Sample The Guardian 1 Mar 06

Shortage in supply leads to price hike for abalone, shark's fins and sea cucumber By Lee Ching Yee and Tan Bee Leng Channel NewsAsia, 13 Jan 05

IUCN Shark Specialist Group
The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species
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