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For more information and to join any of these projects, email Ria!

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Together with Dr Neo Mei Lin, we started the Celebrating Singapore Shores web resource with facebook page to celebrate Singapore's marine biodiversity as part of International Year of the Reef 2018. The resource continues after that.
I started this facebook group, together with other shore enthusiasts, to help provide identification of photos of Singapore marine life shared by the public.
I am a member of the Friends of Ubin Network (FUN), part of the Ubin Project by the Ministry of National Development to gather and implement ideas for Pulau Ubin.
As part of the Friends of Ubin Network (FUN), I coordinated Ubin Open House called Ubin Day 2014 (one day) and Ubin Day 2015 (one weekend) and Pesta Ubin 2016 (five weeks), Pesta Ubin 2017 (ten weeks), Pesta Ubin 2018 (4 weeks) and Pesta Ubin 2019 (six weeks).
I am one of the founding members of the Restore Ubin Mangroves (R.U.M.) Initiative, a ground-up initiative of groups who are joined by our passion to act on mangrove restoration at abandoned aquaculture areas at Pulau Ubin, to organise volunteers for restoration work and to conduct outreach about Ubin and mangroves.
I run the blog and facebook page for the Sisters Islands Marine Park, Singapore's first marine park. I am a member of the Friends of the Marine Park. I was involved in helping to train volunteer guides for the Sisters Islands Marine Park.
Cyrene Reef is a special place and I am currently managing the Cyrene Reef Exposed blog and companion facebook page. Drop by to find out why this is Singapore's best loved submerged reef.
Abandoned fishing lines, nets and traps kill continuously until they are removed. A few volunteers have come together to focus on this heart-breaking issue. Through Project Driftnet, we hope to collect data on the extent and impact and work towards a permanent solution.
I helped NParks coordinate volunteers and social media covered for the exciting Mega Marine Survey which is a great opportunity for ordinary people to learn about and contribute to a better understanding of our shores. The Survey started in Aug 2010 and concluded in 2015.
Singapore celebrates International Year of Biodiversity 2010
Sadly, Singapore's reefs experienced massive bleaching during the 2010 global bleaching event. I am running the Bleach Watch Singapore blog and companion facebook page to keep track of this event.
Singapore celebrates International Year of Biodiversity 2010
2010 is International Year of Biodiversity! Together with a few other volunteers, I ran the Celebrating Singapore's Biodiversity blog and companion facebook page.

TeamSeagrass is a collaboration with volunteers and NParks conducting regular monitoring of our seagrasses. This now replaces the annual surveys.

I am out almost every low spring tide to document our shores through still photography. Photos will be used in public education efforts: poster exhibitions/talks, publications such as guidesheets and guidebooks. Photos are also uploaded to the wildsingapore flickr and trips documented on the wild shores of singapore blog.

Fact sheets with brief information, photos and links on common marine life and some terrestrial plants too. With special segments for nature guides.

Most of my time is taken up managing the wildsingapore web resources:

  • wildsingapore news blog: daily updates of news for Singaporeans: local and global. These updates were suspended in Oct 2019.
  • wildsingapore happenings blog: updated weekly. Nature events in Singapore: talks, walks, volunteer opportunities and more. Many of them free, suitable for kids and the family. These updates were suspended in Oct 2019.
  • Fact sheets on some of our wild places: How to get there, what to see and do.
  • More than 50,000 Singapore seashore photos are available for free download at wildsingapore flickr.

For more information and to join any of these projects, email Ria!
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