Surveys and transects

wildsingapore hopes to continue the surveys and transects of our shores in the same spirit as that started by Joseph Lai on Chek Jawa before deferment.

The aim of these surveys and transects are

  • To gather scientific data that can
    • be published and made available to the scientific community. This data will also be published online; and
    • be useful to understanding our shores and contribute to their conservation and management;
  • To provide ordinary people an opportunity to be a part of such efforts, and to learn first-hand about our very own shores
Started in 2007, regular monitoring of our seagrasses is now possible with the support of an incredible group of volunteers.
Sentosa Seagrass Transect 2006
Led by Siti Maryam Yaakub this upcoming transect on 15 Jul (Sat) aims to collect scientific data of seagrass diversity on the natural shores of Sentosa. It will again rely on volunteers to carry out this transect.
Chek Jawa Transect 2001
This transect was conceived and led by Joseph Lai. Nearly 70 people from all walks of life turned up to conduct the transect. At that time, we did not know that the reclamation would be postponed. It was thought that this would be last documentation of Chek Jawa. Results of the transect
Chek Jawa Transect 2004
Led by Loh Tse-Lynn and Zeehan Jaafar, the transect replicate the methods used in the 2001 Chek Jawa transect and aimed to compare results that may aid in future decision-making of the area. The 2004 transect also hopes to be part of a long-term study of the area. The transect also gave Chek Jawa enthusiasts a chance to experience first-hand data collection and make a difference in a cause that they believe in. More than 60 volunteers from all walks of life turned up for training and to conduct the transect. The transect will provide valuable data on Chek Jawa.
Semakau Survey 2005
Led by Zeehan Jaafar and Loh Tse-Lynn, the survey aims to compile a list of the plants present in the mangroves of the island. After the reclamation of part of Semakau and establishment of the landfill, no surveys were carried out. This baseline data will aid in future research and management of the area. The survey brings together mangrove and marine experts and enthusiasts. The survey also hopes to give ordinary people a chance to experience first-hand data collection and make a difference in a cause that they believe in.

In addition to the mangrove survey, Prof Teh Tiong Sa led a team in a GIS mapping of Semakau; and Siti Maryam Yaakub led a team in a survey of the seagrass area there.

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