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  I was one of the mentors in The Sustainability Mentorship Programme in 2015, and in 2016, a youth mentorship programme initiated by Eugene Tay, Green Future Solutions.
  The Wild Singapore coffee table book: It was an honour and delight to be invited to contribute to this wonderful book which highlights Singapore's amazing wild places. The book was published in 2012.
  The Story of Semakau Landfill: It was an honour and pleasure to be involved in the latest book on Pulau Semakau written by Marcus Ng in 2009. I had a great learning experience working with a huge group of volunteers and nature enthusiasts and professionals!
International Year of the Reef 2008 Singapore
a year-long effort to raise awareness about Singapore's reefs and shores, the issues impacting them, and the people who work for them and their activities.
To document our shores over two low-tide seasons of 2004 and 2005 and produce a 12-part documentary showcasing our shores and the people that work on and enjoy these shores. See the wildfilms blog for the latest adventures and misadventures of this intrepid group of volunteers.
  Focus Ubin
A platform for people passionate about Pulau Ubin as the last unspoilt island in Singapore. It includes a website, forum, survey, and free e-newsletter on the latest Ubin news and happenings. These were discontinued in Oct 08 and subsumed under the main wildsingapore website resources such as the pages on Pulau Ubin.
  Sentosa Seagrass Transect 2006
Led by Siti Maryam Yaakub this upcoming transect on 15 Jul (Sat) aims to collect scientific data of seagrass diversity on the natural shores of Sentosa. It will again rely on volunteers to carry out this transect.
  Semakau walk training
Training of volunteer guides for the public walks at Semakau conducted by the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research (RMBR). Training was completed and walks started in Dec 2005.
  Semakau Transect
26 Jun 2005
Led by Zeehan Jaafar and Loh Tse-Lynn, the survey aims to compile a list of the plants present in the mangroves of the island. After the reclamation of part of Semakau and establishment of the landfill, no surveys were carried out. This baseline data will aid in future research and management of the area.
  Guidesheet to the Amazing Marine Life of the Southern Shores of Singapore
Launched in Nov 04, this guidesheet was done in association with the Blue Water Volunteers. Profits from the sale of the guidesheet will go towards the Blue Water Volunteers' public education programmes such as the free guided reef walks for the public. More about the guidesheet including sample pages.
Southern Shores of Singapore
A website showcasing the shores, information on plans for the shores and how people can send feedback on these plans. Working with Blue Water Volunteers on public exhibitions and talks and guided reef walks at end 2004.

This project became the focus of the blog-for-a-cause event on Ria's NDP moblog. For an update of these activities as of 30 Aug 04.
  Wild Lives: Ria's National Day Moblog
Showcasing not only Singapore's fabulous natural heritage, but also the wonderful community of people who are passionate about it. The Wild Lives Moblog won the third prize in the Blog-for-a-Cause event. The prize of $1,500 was given to Blue Water Volunteers to fund the free guided reef walks for the public. The NDP moblog ended on 31 Aug 04.
  Chek Jawa transect 2004
Led by Loh Tse-Lynn and Zeehan Jaafar and supported by more than 60 volunteers from all walks of life, the transect will provide valuable data on Chek Jawa.
  The Chek Jawa Guidebook
The wildsingapore.com website was first set up to hold the companion website for the Chek Jawa Guidebook. Eventually, it grew to accommodate information on Singapore's other wild places, especially it's other intertidal wonders.
  After deferment of reclamation
Training of volunteer guides by volunteer trainers
and volunteer guiding
  Before deferment of reclamation
The first Chek Jawa website: showcasing Chek Jawa's natural splendours, feedback from visitors and information on Chek Jawa and efforts on Chek Jawa.
Volunteer guiding
Chek Jawa transect
Exhibitions on Chek Jawa
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