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Conference didn't live up to its hot theme
Letter from Fanny Lai Hoew Min (Ms) Straits Times 7 Nov 07

Calls to include green incentives in Budget
By Tan Hui Yee Straits Times 7 Nov 07

NEA to offer Environmental Education modules to more schools Channel NewsAsia 6 Nov 07

Marine Parade Town Council, NEA launch green project
Channel NewsAsia 4 Nov 07

Clinton, Wal-Mart push 'green' cities
By Gene Johnson, Associated Press Yahoo News 2 Nov 07

Micro-credit a defiance against stupidity: Yunus
Conventional wisdom not sacred: Nobel Laureate
Sheralyn Tay Today Online 3 Nov 07

Kampung spirit thrives
Tay Suan Chiang Straits Times 2 Nov 07

All that is solid melts into air
By Janadas Devan Straits Times 2 Nov 07

Seize chance to clean up Lake Tai, S'pore firms told
S'pore's expertise in environment management will help: Minister
By Sim Chi Yin Straits Times 2 Nov 07

Green compliance an advantage: Spring
By Wee Li-en Business Times 2 Nov 07

US-S'pore plan to tackle green issues
Ending illegal trade in timber and wildlife among items on agenda
By Arti Mulchand Straits Times 2 Nov 07

She inspires kids to take action
Sheralyn Tay Today Online 1 Nov 07

Green topics will be red-hot at business forum
By Jessica Cheam Straits Times 31 Oct 07

Dream of a Low-Carbon, Rural Idyll Getting Closer?
PlanetArk 31 Oct 07

Orchard Road to undergo S$40m rejuvenation: STB
Channel NewsAsia 29 Oct 07

Is S'pore getting too crowded?
Or are we just finding it difficult to live with others? Mayo Martin Today Online 27 Oct 07

100 bakeries to raise bread prices by up to 20%
Straits Times 30 Oct 07

No space limits on booming Singapore
Straits Times 27 Oct 07

Motorsports to get permanent Changi racetrack At least three international races will be held each year; industry has sporting and economic growth potential By Leonard Lim Straits Times 27 Oct 07

Clean and Green Singapore to promote pro-active approach in environmental protection Channel NewsAsia 26 Oct 07

Granite stockpile stays, Lim Chu Kang farmers told
Lin Yanqin Today Online 27 Oct 07

Green woes: It's like the Titanic, expert warns
Disaster looming in face of shrinking resources and geopolitical inertia By Arti Mulchand Straits Times 26 Oct 07

'Sense of panic' over rocketing food costs
Russia plans price controls, while China releases stockpiles Straits Times 25 Oct 07

63% of top execs concerned about climate change
By Alvin Foo Straits Times 24 Oct 07

Singapore's population reached 4.48m last year
Channel NewsAsia 22 Oct 07

Eco-fashion show launched at NUS to raise environmental awareness Channel NewsAsia 22 Oct 07

Flour in short supply, so bread prices may be hit
Nur Dianah Suhaimi Straits Times 21 Oct 07

Prices of live chicken rise by 20%
Higher feed costs in Malaysia
By Jamie Ee Wen Wei Straits Times 21 Oct 07

Climate Change and ASEAN: A new consciousness dawns
By Barry Desker Yahoo News 17 Oct 07

Thousands of Bloggers Unite in Blitz of Green Tips
Story by Alister Doyle PlanetArk 16 Oct 07

Blog Action Day 2007
links to Singapore blogs that participated, 15 Oct 07

Cities take the lead on climate change
By Karl Ritter Yahoo News 13 Oct 07

Will S'pore ever land a Nobel Prize?
Straits Times 13 Oct 07

SLA tendering out four sites at Sungei Tengah for agricultural use Channel NewsAsia 11 Oct 07

Farmers send petition to protest at storing granite in Lim Chu Kang Channel NewsAsia 11 Oct 07

Nature reserves may be reunited by eco-passage
Green link will let wildlife move freely and preserve health of Bukit Timah and Central Catchment forests
By Arti Mulchand Straits Times 11 Oct 07

Silly stuff that hurts the image
US expert on how S'pore can enhance its global reputation
Zul Othman Today Online 11 Oct 07

Singapore firms should also think green
Business Times 9 Oct 07

Singapore urged to be more ambitious in developing into sustainable city Channel News Asia 8 Oct 07

It's Farquhar vs Raffles
Mayo MArtin Today Online 8 Oct 07

Get in SYiNC Youth volunteer group wants young S'poreans to be involved in global issues
By Debbie Yong Straits Times 7 Oct 07

Talent flow hinges on green issues That is the new twist on the global warming problem as outlined by MM Lee
By Li Xueying Straits Times 5 Oct 07

Imagine the world without humans: a book review
By Matthew Phan Business Times 5 Oct 07

Golf could be the next big thing for tourism
By Leonard Lim Straits Times 4 Oct 07

700 dress up as endangered animals to spread conservation message Channel NewsAsia 2 Nov 07

Singapore Wildlife Stampede: Come dressed as a vegetable
By Noelle Loh Straits Times 4 Oct 07

We all have a stake in the world Interviw with George Yeo
by Derwin Pereira Straits Times 3 Oct 07

Another 228 buildings in the Joo Chiat/Katong area identified for preservation Zul Othman Today Online 2 Oct 07

Southeast Asia urged to make green push as a block
By Shobana Kesava Straits Times 28 Sep 07

When talking to today's youth ...
Loh Chee Kong Today Online 28 Sep 07

Luring eyeballs and the green bug: Retailers tap into trends to ring in big bucks Jasmine Yin Today Online 27 Sep 07

MM Lee finds climate change a 'woeful' topic
Governments still lack the will to stop environmental degradation
By Lynn Lee Straits Times 26 Sep 07

Shuqun Primary School gets studio to promote environmental protection Channel News Asia 25 Sep 07

National Museum holds exhibition of Farquhar's collection of paintings Channel News Asia 24 Sep 07

Complex regulations a barrier to carbon trading
By Matthew Phan Business Times 24 Sep 07

No need to quake in fear, location roots S'pore firmly
By Arti Mulchand Straits Times 24 Sep 07

Not just the economy or the money
Students ask PM about moral dilution, life in congested city
Loh Chee Kong Today Online 22 Sep 07

Conservation: Zoos have 'key role to play'
By Arti Mulchand Straits Times 22 Sep 07

Singapore seen as carbon trading hub
Business Times 20 Sep 07

Civil society making its mark, quietly
Sheralyn Tay Today Online 17 Sep 07

Losing sites of our past
Liang Dingzi Today Online 14 Sep 07

Faster feedback on issues with new system
Revamped feedback unit Reach forms specific policy study workgroups based on concerns that crop up
By Jeremy Au Yong Straits Times 14 Sep 07

Despite profits, zoo gets $1m handout from charity fund Company says: Money used for research, conservation
By Teh Jen Lee The New Paper 13 Sep 07

New spirit of resistance against biopiracy Indigenous peoples have served notice that they will not be subjugated again
By Harish Mehta Business Times 11 Sep 07

First environmental research centre to open here Key areas of study will include future cities, human health and environmental modelling By Jessica Cheam Straits TImes 11 Sep 07

China's first eco-city ready to take shape Located on an island off Shanghai, the project is eventually expected to be home for 400,000Straits Times 9 Sep 07

Singapore Zoo to invest close to S$9m in new children's attraction Channel NewsAsia 6 Sep 07

Wanted: companies with a conscience Those that don't exhibit socially responsible policies will not - and should not - survive
By Raju Chellam Business Times 6 Sep 07

Impact of granite stockpile minimal reply from Building and Construction Authority Straits Times Forum 6 Sep 07

Saving the Butterfly House: Fledgling conservation or just winging it? Straits Times 6 Sep 07

In aid of the poorer or richer?
By Willie Cheng Straits Times 4 Sep 07

Tribute to a built heritage
Cheah Ui-Hoon Business Times 31 Aug 07

Taking the green message to business
Business Times 29 Aug 07

HSBC launches scheme to link SMEs with charities
By Josephine Tay Straits Times 29 Aug 07

Soil quality in stockpile area monitored
Straits Times 29 Aug 07

SPH eco-friendly from production to print
By Arti Mulchand Straits Times 28 Aug 07

Why site granite stockpile in farmland?
Letter from Lau Chee Nien Straits Times Forum 29 Aug 07

Why S'pore can't afford to go slow but must not leave the poor behind By Jeremy Au Yong Straits Times 26 Aug 07

Chronic shortage of green areas leads Jakarta residents to turn into mall rats By Devi Asmarani Straits Times 26 Aug 07

Not easy being green, but necessary
Letter from Law Kah Yen Straits Times 25 Aug 07

More research = greater happiness? New institutes set up and more scientific methods being used to study happiness Straits Times 25 Aug 07

S'pore, M'sia agree to share information to mitigate climate change Channel NewsAsia 25 Aug 07

Greed can flatten the world
John Bittleston Today Online 20 Aug 07

Owner of $33m Kampung: My family ties are not for sale
By Hedy Khoo New Paper 20 Aug 07

HDB to revamp housing estates with series of upgrading initiatives Channel NewsAsia 19 Aug 07

Urban planning needs rethink as climate change looms
by Sophie Mongalvy Yahoo News 17 Aug 07

Subway Flooding: Expect More
Andrea Thompson LiveScience.com Yahoo News 16 Aug 07

Farmers hope to overturn govt's plans to stockpile granite at Lim Chu Kang Channel NewsAsia 16 Aug 07

Sentosa planning to develop Mount Faber ahead of IR
Channel NewsAsia 14 Aug 07

Stand up for Singapore with a dash of heritage
By Tessa Wong Straits Times 13 Aug 07

Eco or Ego Singaporeans are not eco-friendly
By May Yip Straits Times 12 Aug 07

Hong Kong's green revolution
Eco-tourism and environmentalism have taken the urban metropolis by storm By Vince Chong Straits Times 12 Aug 07

We are destroying what is uniquely Singaporean
Letter from Tan-Wee Yin Ping Straits Times 11 Aug 07

Sunny forecast on global warming leaves me cold
By Warren Fernandez Straits Times 11 Aug 07

Nowhere to go? Here are some fun places in Singapore — for below $25 Tabitha Wang Today Online 10 Aug 07

National Day Surveys about being Singaporean
various media 9 Aug 07

Going green for a profit
Matthew Phan Business Times 9 Aug 07

Biologics - the next wave
Chen Huifen Business Times 9 Aug 07

People are more environmentally conscious, but not enough: Al Gore Channel NewsAsia 7 Aug 07

Green future: Why MM is not optimistic
By Lynn Lee Straits Times 7 Aug 07

What is our national identity? Young Singaporeans give their take on how they sum up Singapore's national identity Straits Times 6 Aug 07

S'pore's last kampung worth $33m but landowner won't sell
By Bryna Sim Straits Times 5 Aug 07

Singapore 'already making green choices' UN Ambassador tells climate change session the Republic has long-term strategies By Betsy Pisik Straits Times 4 Aug 07

Environment to take centre stage at Asean summit in Nov Business Times 31 Jul 07

Feedback through e-power
Five agencies slated to run interactive sites for more citizen participation Jasmine Yin Today Online 30 Jul 07

More than just talk: youths want to contribute more At session with Minister Yeo, youths say they want want to contribute more By Elysa Chen The Electric New Paper 30 Jul 07

Still carrying plastic bags? It's hip to be green but is there a line between being genuinely concerned about the planet and being an eco poseur? By Sumiko Tan Straits Times 29 Jul 07

Volunteerism among students rising, challenges to keep adults involved Channel NewsAsia 29 Jul 07

A city below the city
Government explores a uniquely Singaporean solution to space concerns Johnson Choo Today Online 28 Jul 07

ECP to be realigned for new Marina Coast Expressway
Channel NewsAsia 27 Jul 07

Saving Gaia Forum aims to raise environmental issues
Channel NewsAsia 26 Jul 07

HSBC sees strong response for Green Sale
Channel NewsAsia 24 Jul 07

Working On Your Break More Singaporeans are looking to do community work, such as building schools, instead of just chilling out on their vacation By Teo Cheng Wee Straits Times 24 Jul 07

Lead by example on biodiversity
Straits Times 23 Jul 07

Singapore a beautiful blend of nature and modernity
Letter from Amarjeet Singh Straits Times Forum 23 Jul 07

An environmental series that promises to shock
Today Online 23 Jul 07

Responsible tourism You can help protect the environment and alleviate poverty by planning your itinerary accordingly, reports Judy Chapman Business Times 21 Jul 07

Restore Seletar Camp residential areas to the paradise they once were Letter from Christina Tan Siew Boon (Ms) Straits Times Forum 20 Jul 07

By all means, redevelop Seletar, but don't take away its charm and beauty Letter from Fiona Lim Huimin (Ms) Straits Times Forum 20 Jul 07

Have a say in making history
HeritageFest aims for a uniquely S'porean story
Daphne Chuah Today Online 19 Jul 07

Eco-travel: Leave that stone unturned
Neo Chai Chin Today Online 19 Jul 07

Breathing new life into great-grandpa's garden Fourth-generation Nyee Phoe heir thinks up innovative ideas to ensure nursery's survival By Erica Tay Straits Times 18 Jul 07

Keep Seletar green
Letter from George Pasqual Today Online 17 Jul 07

Live earth, this way, yeah!
Down Under with Neil Humphreys Today Online 14 Jul 07

Zambia: Lessons Can Be Drawn From Singapore in the Bid to Keep the Country Clean And Healthy The Times of Zambia (Ndola) Kelvin Kachingwe allafrica.com 12 Jul 07

MediaCorp organises green party to fight climate change Channel NewsAsia 11 Jul 07

Eco-City project in China: framework to be ready by Nov 2007 Channel NewsAsia 12 Jul 07

Nature lovers, sign up to be the 'official eyes and ears of the forest' Daphne Chuah Today Online 10 Jul 07

Do we need an Al Gore here? Eco ambassador has to raise awareness as well as initiate action
Sheralyn Tay Today Online 7 Jul 07

When history's forgotten and roots ignored
The sense of 'home' is then eroded by sheer materialism
By Siow Li Sen, Senior Correspondent Business Times 7 Jul 07

Going green is now mainstream
Business Times 6 Jul 07

Environmental issues hit S'pore screens as MediaCorp goes green Channel NewsAsia 4 Jul 07

For the greater good Socially responsible investing has caught on in a big way among Asia's high-net-worth. Genevieve Cua reports Business Times 4 Jul 07

As City Grows, Rainfall Slows
Ker Than LiveScience Staff Writer Yahoo News 3 Jul 07

Seletar Aerospace Hub: We should be preserving our wild places for our children and theirs Letter from Chng Siok Hwee (Ms) Straits Times 2 Jul 07

New URA master plan to provide more housing options
Channel NewsAsia 29 Jun 07

HSBC sees strong response for Green Sale
Channel NewsAsia 24 Jul 07

HSBC's annual sale goes green
By Arun John Business Times 30 Jun 07

'You ain't seen nothing yet' Mah Bow Tan on Re-Imagining Singapore the City Lydia Lim Straits Times 29 Jun 07

an abode for the soul Buildings are more than just bricks and mortar Tabitha Wang Today Online 29 Jun 07

Heritage conservation can make good economic sense
By Tan Kar Lin, Ho Weng Hin, Dinesh Naidu
Straits Times 28 Jun 07

World must manage urban growth carefully: UN agency Business Times 28 Jun 07

Seletar's new (old) face Masterplan for new aerospace park will preserve some 200 bungalows, rare trees Valarie Tan and Lin Yanqin Today Online 27 Jun 07

SM Goh calls for pragmatic leadership to meet global challenges Channel NewsAsia 25 Jun 07

Bangkok governor ups the tempo on green measures
Nirmal Ghosh Straits Times 25 Jun 07

You can't beat the views of lush greenery here
By Serene Goh Straits Times 24 Jun 07

Singapore scores with expats on quality of life
By Arthur Sim Business Times 23 Jun 07

Butterfly House escapes wrecker's ball
Channel NewsAsia 19 Jun 07

Feeling the pinch of compact cities
Richard Fuller BBC 15 Jun 07

Teh Jen Lee: The New Paper's environment reporter is celebrity guest on TV show about S'pore's water The New Paper 15 Jun 07

Inaugural Ecofriend award goes to 15 Singaporeans
Channel NewsAsia 14 Jun 07

Five youth leaders awarded Youth Environmental Awards
Channel NewsAsia 12 Jun 07

Students design products to help environment and disabled people Channel NewsAsia 11 Jun 07

Sexy city: S'pore is all the rage, even Down Under
Neil Humphreys Today Online 9 Jun 07

The green spirit
Eugene Tay Today Online 5 Jun 07

Boy, 7, gets dad to write book to sell for President's Challenge By Andrew Chin The New Paper 5 Jun 07

Nominations open for President's Award for the Environment Channel NewsAsia 4 Jun 07

Time feels the Singapore buzz
Efforts to re-energise Republic draw the attention of world media
Jasmine Yin Today Online 2 Jun 07

Young S'poreans passionate about environmental issues
Channel NewsAsia 29 May 07

City, citizens and leadership: A tale of three Asian cities
Johan Silas Jakarta Post 29 May 07

Is futuristic the way to go for schools? The great outdoors a better tool than virtual possibilities Letter from Jeffrey Goh Kwee Meng Today Online 26 May 07

Festival gets youth to explore green ideas
Environment the focus at S'pore Youth Science Festival this year By Michelle Neo Straits Times 25 May 07

Clinton, Cities, Unveil US$5 Bln Buildings Energy Plan
Story by Michelle Nichols and Timothy Gardner PlanetArk 17 May 07

Greenhouse gas emissions - tackle the non-industrial culprits Letter from Lim Yew Jin, Research Fellow, NUS Straits Times Forum 17 May 07

World's cities call for action on global warming
Channel NewsAsia 16 May 07

BCA to stockpile granite in Lim Chu Kang from June Area's farmers fear move will harm farming, recreation activities there
By Uma Shankari Business Times 15 May 07

Uniquely Singapore What should be done, in the business arena and society in general, to keep Singapore special and unique? Business Times 14 May 07

Why I am not a climate change sceptic
By Warren Fernandez Straits Times 12 May 07

Singapore's green drive: Is enough being done?
By Aaron Low Straits Times 12 May 07

Urban poor part of climate change equation - top UN official
Yahoo News 10 May 07

New burial system neater, space-saving
Ansley Ng Today Online 8 May 07

SM Goh urges architects to turn S'pore into global city
Channel NewsAsia 4 May 07

National Parks Board launches Centre for Urban Greenery Channel NewsAsia 28 Apr 07

S'pore, Beijing agree to jointly develop eco-city in China
Channel NewsAsia 25 Apr 07

Let's live up to our Green City image
Letter from Joanne Soh Today Online 25 Apr 07

Singapore rolls out masterplan to cut dependency on sand, granite Channel NewsAsia 23 Apr 07

Mining work may start at Kekek Quarry in 3-6 months: Grace Fu Channel NewsAsia 23 Apr 07

Green for good: An interview with Simon Tay
by Sheralyn Tay Today Online 23 Apr 07

Mother Earth is sick
Tommy Koh Straits Times 21 Apr 07

'Global warming messages' blanket unveiled for Earth Day Channel NewsAsia 21 Apr 07

S'pore plans to become centre for environmental sustainability research Channel NewsAsia 20 Apr 07

S'pore companies pledge commitment to corporate social responsibility Channel NewsAsia 20 Apr 07

How 3 local 'greenies' walk the eco-talk
Today Online 21 Apr 07

UN urges Asia to invent products and technologies to save environment Channel NewsAsia 19 Apr 07

UN Lauds Al Gore, Environment Leaders at Green Awards PlanetArk 19 Apr 07

Shaming can lead to change, says Champion of the Earth Gracia Chiang Today Online 19 Apr 07

Consumers have the power to save earth
Letter from Terence Fang Zhiheng
Straits Times Forum 18 Apr 07

Green patch of city now a construction site
Letter from Thomas Cody Straits Times 11 Apr 07

Floods and S'pore demand push up price of Johor sand
Straits Times 11 Apr 07

Origin-ator of eco-friendly pest control business
by Pamela Chew Business Times 6 Apr 07

Full eco-friendly business sustainability still elusive: UN
By Matthew Phan Business Times 6 Apr 07

Still cold to green products here
By Matthew Phan Business Times 6 Apr 07

Let's help to rejuvenate this planet which we call home
Letter from Lester Lam Yong Ling Straits Times 4 Apr 07

Myanmar says it could supply sand to Singapore
Channel NewsAsia 3 Apr 07

A permanent vroom? Amid F1 buzz, there is now a plan to build a track at Changi Ian de Cotta Today Online 2 Apr 07

Save energy, go the eco-friendly way
Reply from BCA and NParks Today Online 3 Apr 07

Let's act before it's too late People need to be shaken out of their apathy towards environmental issues Letter from Preeti Athavle Today Online 30 Mar 07

Fairy Point Hill site in Changi may fetch $45m
By Kalpana Rashiwala Business Times 29 Mar 07

World class, we already are Let's now develop greater self-confidence: Mahbubani Tor Ching Li Today Online 22 Mar 07

Save our heritage
Letter from Tan Swee Huang Today Online 21 Mar 07

S'pore the most conducive for business, but lags behind bigger cities in other areas Lee U-Wen Today Online 21 Mar 07

Let this little red dot be green
Letters to Today Today Online 20 Mar 07

Singapore sets up new centre to enhance risk assessment capability Channel NewsAsia 19 Mar 07

Neighbor Leaves Singapore Short of Sand
By Wayne Arnold and Thomas Fuller New York Times 16 Mar 07

The clock is ticking fast and Singapore needs a voice
Timing is right for the little red dot to go green in a big way
P N Balji Today Online 19 Mar 07

Sweet Sour S'pore: Tales of a tourist--from a host's viewpoint Tabitha Wang Today Online 16 Mar 07

What a lifesaver! Chinese explorer taps Singapore expertise in animal care Today Online 16 Mar 07

Tunnel visions
Letter from readers Today Online 15 Mar 07

Saving the Earth catches on among Singaporeans
Tania Tan Straits Times 14 Mar 07

Fairy Point Hill site at Changi to draw developer interest: analysts By Daryl Loo Channel NewsAsia 13 Mar 07

Sand in your face, smoke in your eyes and a fistful of dollars Julia Suryakusuma Straits Times 13 Mar 07

Chingay's costly, so find more economical and environmentally-friendly alternatives to entertain the masses
Letter from Chia Hern Keng Straits Times Forum 12 Mar 07

Indonesia ups the ante on granite
Today Online 12 Mar 07

How important are those five minutes?
Was the Fort Canning Tunnel worth it, after all?
Siew Kum Hong Today Online 12 Mar 07

Region's first Wildlife Film Festival premieres in Singapore Channel NewsAsia 11 Mar 07

S'pore tremors raise fear of building on reclaimed land
By Koh Gui Qing Reuters 9 Mar 07

Look to productivity, not immigration, to boost growth
Letter from Richard Lim Siong Kheng
Straits Times Forum 10 Mar 07

Concerns whether transport system can handle 6.5m
Leong Wee Keat Today Online 10 Mar 07

Fears of crowding, pollution in clean, green Singapore
by Martin Abbugao Yahoo News 8 Mar 07

Aiming for 6.5m population - is it environmentally sustainable? Letter from Robert Stone Straits Times Forum 7 Mar 07

The green challenge for Singapore businesses
Business Times 5 Mar 07

S'pore ranks among WEF's Top 10 travel destinations It takes 8th place out of 124 territories, two spots behind HK in 6th place By Straits Times Europe Bureau, Neo Hui Min Straits Times 3 Mar 07

S'pore won't 'burst at the seams' with 6.5m people: Minister Mah By Hasnita A Majid Channel NewsAsia 28 Feb 07

6.5m is planning figure, not a target
Quality of life for S'poreans won't be compromised: Mah
Lee U-Wen Today Online 28 Feb 07

Learn from HK how to cope with 6.5m people
Letter from Anne Wong Holloway (Ms)
Straits Times Forum 28 Feb 07

NUS sets up research unit on environmental issues
By Pearl Forss Channel NewsAsia 26 Feb 07

Better quality of life will define Singapore as a top First World nation By May Wong Channel NewsAsia 24 Feb 07

More steps needed to cut carbon emissions
Letter from Brian Lawrence Straits Times Forum 21 Feb 07

Indonesia acts to curb smuggling of sand to Singapore
By Salim Osman, Indonesian Correspondent
Straits Times 18 Feb 07

No mention of steps to address green concerns
Letter from Masood Mohajer Straits Times 17 Feb 07

Indonesian activists back ban on sand for Singapore
Yahoo News 14 Feb 07

6.5 million population: Food, water and a question of stability
By Li Xueying Straits Times 14 Feb 07

Indonesia dismisses criticism of sand export ban
Abdul Khalik Jakarta Post 13 Feb 07

More people? Singapore is already bursting at the seams
Letter from Lim Boon Hee Straits Times 13 Feb 07

Linking Indonesian sand ban to extradition treaty unfortunate: Yeo By Pearl Forss Channel NewsAsia 13 Feb 07

Five things not to eat for Chinese New Year
TRAFFIC 12 Feb 07

Save the earth for current generation
Letter from Liang Xinyi (Ms) SEC Straits Times 12 Feb 07

Creative and innovative solutions will prevent overcrowding: Grace Fu By Farah Abdul Rahim Channel NewAsia 10 Feb 07

HDB looking to cut sand usage by 20-30%: Mah He also says govt will help bear the higher cost for public projects By Arthur Sim Business Times 10 Feb 07

Singapore gearing up for 6.5m population Plans being drawn up for future housing, recreation and land transport needs By Lydia Lim Straits Times 10 Feb 07

Think you can't have your way? People power, uniquely, quietly Low Ching Ling The Electric New Paper 9 Feb 07

What is procedure for managing energy crisis?
Letter from Raymond Tham Kon Weng Straits Times 8 Feb 07

Indon navy seizes sand barges for breaching deadline: report Business Times 8 Feb 07

Aussies develop a taste for Newater
Ng Hun Wei Today 8 Feb 07

A rude reminder of dependency
By Seah Chiang Nee The Star 3 Feb 07

Govt to boost security to enforce sand export ban
Fadli The Jakarta Post 3 Feb 07

S'pore can cope with sand ban in the long term as well
By Farah Abdul Rahim Channel NewsAsia 3 Feb 07

Sand ban from Indonesia not significantly affecting IR construction By May Wong Channel NewsAsia 2 Feb 07

New system to help S'pore detect potential threats, emerging trends By May Wong Channel NewsAsia 1 Feb 07

Taking over private turf for public's good The State is right to acquire land if it is clear the purpose is to benefit the majority Ngiam Tong Dow Today Online 2 Feb 07

'Fa cai' has many medicinal benefits and is important for CNY celebrations Letter from Heng Cho Choon Straits Times Forum 2 Feb 07

A class apart on the seven seas For the 48 students in the Class Afloat programme, the world is literally their classroom Lee U-Wen Today Online 2 Feb 07

Better than the ban Indonesia's eco-friendly move is potentially lucrative but must be managed well Gavin
Chua Hearn Yuit and Martha Maulidia Today Online 1 Feb 07

Fa cai meets local safety standards: AVA
Sheralyn Tay Today Online 1 Feb 06

Sand ban a wake-up call for industry: architects
By Farah Abdul Rahim Channel NewsAsia 30 Jan 07

Singapore’s Shifting Sands
Asia Sentinel 31 Jan 07

Consignment of land sand from source outside Indonesia arrives in S'pore Channel NewsAsia 29 Jan 07

Singapore Zoo undergoing change into a Rainforest Zoo
By David Teo Channel NewsAsia 28 Jan 07

Mating in Mandai It's boom time as endangered species have babies here Lin Yanqin Today Online 25 Jan 07

Indonesia bans sand exports
By Pearl Forss Channel NewsAsia 24 Jan 07

Disaster? That's our line
UNSW Asia's research centre will respond to health threats and disasters, Lee U-Wen Today Online 20 Jan 07

More roads to be built underground in future
Limited land and the densely built-up environment makes this necessary By Samuel Ee Business Times Singapore 16 Jan 07

Atomic energy for a region that can't even handle haze?
Letter from Maryanne Maes Today Online 16 Jan 07

Singapore to tap into multi-billion dollar carbon trading market
By Wong Mun Wai Channel NewsAsia 15 Jan 06

PM Lee suggests ASEAN Declaration on Environmental Sustainability at next summit By Wong Siew Ying and S Ramesh Channel NewsAsia 13 Jan 07

Parliament's 9 new faces Latest NMP line-up includes four members under the age of 40
Lee U-Wen Today Online 13 Jan 07

NUS sets up new institute to spur environmental education
By S Ramesh Channel NewsAsia 12 Jan 07

Former PE teacher all for artificial turf
Letter from Steffen Toh Hai Chew Straits Times Forum 13 Jan 07

Abrasive turf left bruises on son's legs and torso
Letter from Hwang Liang Keng Straits Times Forum 13 Jan 07

Rethink plan for artificial turf in schools
Letter from Patrick Tan Siong Kuan
Straits Times Forum 11 Jan 07

Cities Most Innovative in Global Warming Fight
Story by Deborah Zabarenko PlanetArk 11 Jan 07

Plastic grass? You can't be serious, MOE!
Letter from Dr Lee Siew Peng Straits Times Forum 9 Jan 07

Synthetic football fields at what cost environmentally?
Letter from Tan Choon Ming Straits Times Forum 9 Jan 07

Cashin Mansion in our urban village
Letter from Serene Laudene Lee (Ms)
Straits Times Forum 8 Jan 07

Don't neglect the green, green grass of home
Ho Hua Chew The Straits Times Forum 5 Jan 07

Don't rob our children of naturally green grass fields by going synthetic Letter from Chen Bin Straits Times Forum 5 Jan 07

Changi excellent location for future IR
Letter from Huang Pengxie Today Online 3 Jan 07

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