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  Putting a price on nature in Singapore
Economic valuation of nature and the environment: can we? should we put a price to nature?
see also Singapore's biodiversity

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Market-Driven Approach to Habitat Preservation Proposed
Sara Goudarzi LiveScience
Yahoo News 28 Oct 07

Singapore's biodiversity may provide potential cures for diseases
Channel NewsAsia 19 Jul 07

S'pore scientists research fish to find cures for human diseases Channel NewsAsia 22 Apr 07

Depressed? Go Play in the Dirt
Ker Than LiveScience Yahoo News 13 Apr 07

Mysterious disappearance of US bees creating a buzz
Channel NewsAsia 7 Apr 07

S'pore wants to draw more investments in biologics
By Chen Huifen
Business Times 30 Mar 07

Mother Nature Still a Rich Source of New Drugs
Story by Julie Steenhuysen PlanetArk 20 Mar 07

Singaporeans to pay premium price for waterfront public housing
Channel NewsAsia 19 Mar 07

How important are those five minutes?
Was the Fort Canning Tunnel worth it, after all?
Siew Kum Hong Today Online 12 Mar 07

Singapore beckons the water way Republic is turning its network of reservoirs and rainwater canals into areas for water sports, walking and cycling Business Times 8 Mar 07

S'pore ranks among WEF's Top 10 travel destinations It takes 8th place out of 124 territories, two spots behind HK in 6th place By Straits Times Europe Bureau, Neo Hui Min Straits Times 3 Mar 07

Better quality of life will define Singapore as a top First World nation By May Wong Channel NewsAsia 24 Feb 07

Save this 'butterfly' house This grand old Katong mansion, sold to a private company for $9m, isn't designated for conservation. It has one anxious heritage group harping on this theme
By Ng Tze Yong The New Paper 31 Dec 06

Paradise found ... But it's so unspoilt and rare that the fewer who know about it, the better
Budget Tai Tai By Tabitha Wang
Today Online 10 Nov 06

What Price Nature? Bogs US$6,000, Reefs US$10,000
Story by Alister Doyle PlanetArk 10 May 06

Amid Extinctions, Parrots, Panthers Get Costly Aid
Story by Alister Doyle PlanetArk 10 May 06

Pitt professor's article considers nature as a service provider EurekAlert 3 Feb 06

Do your bit for the environment, MM urges
By Aaron Low The Straits Times, 8 Nov 05
MM: Bird flu can cost S'pore dearly
Chow Penn Nee Today Online 8 Nov 05

Nature conservation and water: A link worth noting
by Lee Poh Onn The Straits Times 16 Nov 05

Impossible to put a price on nature
by Marcus Ng Fu Chuan

Letters to The Straits Times, 28 Feb 05

Economy v environment: Let's talk dollars and sense
by Euston Quah Teong Ewe (Dr)
Letters to The Straits Times, 31 Jan 05

"Preserve scarce countryside" and "Heritage road under threat" Letters to the Straits Times Forum Page, 28 Jan 05

Scientists back NMP's call to protect nature The Straits Times, 28 Jan 05

Towards a city in a garden: House approves Bill to strengthen nature conservation efforts Today, 26 Jan 05

Economy v Environment? No, it's about achieving balance The Straits Times, 26 Jan 05

Debate over the price of being green The Straits Times, 26 Jan 05

'Recognise scientific value of nature in S'pore' The Straits Times, 26 Jan 05

Heritage roads laws were changed to conserve scenic, tree-lined roads and save mature trees from being recklessly chopped down. by Joyce Teo The Straits Times, 26 Jan 05

How much is natural heritage worth?
By Lee Poh Onn The Straits Times, 23 Jan 05

Nice view can boost flat's price by 15%
The Straits Times, 31 Dec 04

Singapore's biodiversity: status, threats, commercial applications of our biodiversity

on-line discussions, blogs, website views

Costly comparisons
by N. Sivasothi on his habitatnews blog

Putting a price to nature: too mean a method
a reply to Dr. Quah's letter to the ST
posted 31 Jan 05 by Budak aka Marcus
on his the Annotated Budak blog
more thoughts by Marcus on the issue

Focus Ubin website: put a price on Ubin? is it possible? will it help conserve Ubin? and Focus Ubin forum topic

Habitatnews article: economic valuation on environmental economics; getting the message across; what about EIAs?; who bears the burden of proof?; and no man is an island.

Ria's views on what is the value of our nature seashores and how our wild places can build a stronger Singapore

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