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  Straits Times Online 4 Oct 06
More campaigns needed to save the earth
Letter from Nandakumaran s/o Muthiah

Straits Times Forum 27 Sep 05
Dreadful if Singapore forests have to make way for urbanisation
Letter from Joyce Chng Siok Hwee (Ms)

I WOULD like to comment on the recent articles on global warming. They are starting to hit home as global warming is an issue that will go away easily.

As we move towards an era of rapidly increasing industrialisation and urbanisation, issues like pollution and its consequences are affecting the international community.

How then do we counter global warming and work towards the goal of managing and healing the Earth? How do we balance the tension between protecting the environment and meeting our ever-expanding demands on it?

I realise it is not an easy task.

For a country like Singapore, land scarcity is a major concern. Forests and wild land have to be used for different purposes.

However, trees are also an important aspect of the environment. They purify the air and create oxygen. With land clearance (the worst: deforestation) taking place, we are losing that vital part in the equation.

It will be dreadful if the forests in Singapore disappear to make way for urbanisation and other demands. It is beautiful waking to the verdant green of the trees every morning.

But I start to feel disquiet at the sight of bulldozers removing chunks of trees and land. I wonder about the diverse ecosystems within these pockets of wild forest and how they are gone when the bulldozers appear.

Forests, even small groves of trees clustered together, are a joy to see. I am glad to know Singaporeans appreciate (and are more aware of) nature and spend their time at parks like MacRitchie Reservoir.

Perhaps, more should be done for the trees. Has anyone ever loved a certain tree (or a particular species) and wanted to see it protected? I have.

A friend once told me this quote: 'The word for world is forest.'

Perhaps, we should all remember this quote.

Straits Times Online 4 Oct 06
More campaigns needed to save the earth
Letter from Nandakumaran s/o Muthiah

I refer to the online forum letter 'Dreadful if Singapore forests have to make way for urbanisation' by Joyce Chng Siok Hwee (ST, Sept 27).

I agree that Singapore's urbanisation should not be at the cost of destroying nature.

Singapore is a small country which has a problem with land scarcity. This is a hindrance to our development. Singapore is 99 per cent urbanised, with the exception of the off-shore islands.

Even with such a high rate of urbanisation, we have managed to infuse nature in our environment.

However, is this enough? It is not a common sight in our homes to see electricity being wasted. However, it still totals up to a great amount.

Today, we have to take a long-term perspective. For example, in 30 years' time, we will see the effects of a low birth rate. The changes could be drastic, permanent and irreversible.

As a developed country, we should do our part and try to make our environment safe for Singapore and the region. This can be achieved by education.

Our younger generation should also make this their responsibility. Simple things, such as saving electricity, would go a long way in helping to conserve energy and make earth more habitable for man and other living things.

Educating the public is a vital step as we need the support of our people to save this earth. Campaigns, flyers, neighborhood activities would help to drive home the message. Singapore as a global city should realise that it has such a responsibility.

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