Wildlife of Ubin

Ubin is a treasure house of wild plants and animals. Some of these are rarely seen on the mainland, but are still common on Ubin. Some highlights include:

  • Otters have been spotted on Ubin!
  • Monkeys (Long-tailed macaques) are also still present on the island.
  • Mousedeer have also been recorded on Ubin.
  • Hornbills are resident on Ubin and regularly sighted.
  • Straw-headed bulbul a song bird that is endangered by trapping for the caged bird trade. Its bubbling melodious call is commonly heard on Ubin.
  • Red junglefowl the wild ancestor of our domesticated chickens still roam the wild places of Ubin.
  • Wild boar these creatures are abundant on Ubin, probably due to the elimination of predators that used to keep their numbers in check. The most famous wild boar is of course Priscilla of Chek Jawa. Unfortunately, she died in 2004.
  • Other more ilusive creatures sometimes sighted in Ubin waters are dugongs and dolphins.
  • In the past tapirs lived on Ubin, and the island has been visited by elephants swimming over from Johor in 1990.
  • There were also rumours of a tiger on Ubin in 1997

Share your findings! If you spotted any interesting wildlife, do leave a record of it in the NParks Sightings Record Book at the NParks Info Kiosk on Ubin, right next to the Ubin Jetty.

Photos of Ubin flora and fauna on wildsingapore flickr

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Chek Jawa boardwalk.

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  • Chua Ee Kiam, Pulau Ubin: Ours to Treasure, Simply Green, 2000

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