Outward Bound Singapore (Ubin)

These details are summarised from the Outward Bound Singapore website:

The Outward Bound School was established on Ubin in 1967 by Dr Goh Keng Swee and came under the People's Association. In 1970 it came under the Ministry of Defence and served to prepare young boys for National Service. In 1991, it came under the People's Association, renamed Outward Bound Singapore and its mission was to help young people develop and better themselves.

In 1995, a reservoir was commissioned which made OBS self-sufficient in water for 1,000 people a day. In 1997, facilities were upgraded to include power and water supply, sea transportation and the area under OBS enlarged to 257ha. In 1999, the Outward Bound Leadership Centre was established as a training wing under OBS for leadership development in the corporate and educational sectors. In 2000, SparkC@Marine Parade was launched by OBS as a children's development training centre.

The OBS Mission Statement is "to develop character, leadership skills and team spirit through direct and purposeful experience in the outdoors." In this way, OBS sees itself has having an important role in the education and nation building.

For the Outward Bound method of education, wilderness is a must. Around the world, Outward Bound schools are situated in special, carefully chosen places with access to mountains, rivers and wide open spaces. In the wilderness, a person is taken out of his/her comfort zone and placed in an environment that frequently demands a change in thinking and behaviour.

The purpose of Outward Bound is not to make people better rock-climbers, kayakers or sailor, but to help them become better persons through these endeavours.

Outward Bound is an international educational movement that originated in the UK, founded by Kurt Hahn, a German educator. The Outward Bound concept focused on training young people physical endurance, community, rescue and personal development skills. Since then, the movement has grown to more than 50 centres worldwide.

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