Architecture at Ubin

Malay kampung (or village) houses often have a portion raised above the ground on stilts, and large airy verandahs where the family can relax and greet passing neighbours. This increases ventilation, keeps the living area away from floods and easy access by pests. And the family livestock such as poultry can shelter under the house from the sun and rain. In the past, kampung houses were thatched with woven leaves of the Nipah palm. Nowadays, corrugated zinc is more often used.

In Dec 2012, the iconic 'blue Malay kampung house' was destroyed by a falling durian tree. Slowly, it has since been rebuilt.

Chinese kampung houses are usually not built on stilts. They often face South for good fortune.

Pulau Ubin also has an example of a Tudor-style English bungalow.

The iconic 'blue Malay Kampung house' before it was destroyed by the durian tree next to it.

House No. 1 at Chek Jawa.

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