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Free guided cycling tours of Ubin by Pedal Ubin

The Pedal Ubin programme was closed in Sep 09. More about the closure on the Pedal Ubin website. The volunteers, however, do urge you to continue to explore Ubin on wheels, with these last words ...

"Pulau Ubin has changed considerably since the series began. The island is now very heavily visited on weekends, especially Chek Jawa, roads and huts are well sign-posted and a lot of information has been made available online by the community. The public is urged to explore the island for themselves and suggestions and links are offered at http://rideubin.rafflesmuseum.net/ "

Have you every wondered how Ubin got its name? How about stories of the German girl, the monk who walked from Thailand, the only resident family of hornbills or plantations that speak of times long past?

Journey on a bicycle, with trained guides to discover the nature and heritage of Ubin. The ride is suitable especially for those who are clueless about Ubin. Don't worry if you're a novice cyclist. As long as you can balance yourself on a bike, you can certainly join the ride!

To register, email pedalubin@yahoo.com.
more details about the rides on the Pedal Ubin website.

Photos and stories of the rides
on the Pedal Ubin website.

Want to volunteer for Pedal Ubin?
more details on the Pedal Ubin website.

More about cycling on Pulau Ubin.

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