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Sisters Islands
Two separate islands each with rich coral reefs and sandy shores. Swimming, camping.

Uniquely Singapore! The reefs of Sisters Islands are only 15 minutes from the city centre by fast boat! More about our city reefs.

The Legend of the Sisters Islands

Legend tells of a poor widow who had two pretty daughters, Minah and Linah who were very close to each other. After the widow died, the sisters left the village to live with a distant uncle.

One unfortunate day, Linah met a group of pirates while fetching water from a well near the sea. Frightened, she ran home with the pirate chief giving chase. At the uncle's home, brandishing a dagger, he made known his wish to marry Linah. That night, the two sisters wept bitterly in each other's arms. When dawn broke, the pirate chief and 16 of his men came to take Linah away. Clinging to each other, they were forced apart by the pirates, and Linah was carried away. The desperate Minah swam after the boat but was drowned and Linah dived into the stormy waters in grief. The next day, the villagers were shocked to see two islands at the spot where the two sisters had drowned. The two tranquil islands, called Subar Laut and Subar Darat, was henceforth known as Sisters Island.

The Two Sisters
Big Sister island (Subar Laut) faces the open sea while Little Sister island (Subar Darat) faces the mainland. The two islands are separated by a narrow but deep channel. Currents through this channel can be very dangerous. It is NOT possible to swim from one island to the other.

What to see and do?
Their beaches laze in the sun and warm blue waters make snorkeling a favourite pastime. Shady palms and tree and beach shelters and conveniences make these islands popular with picnickers and campers.

The Sisters islands are home to some Long-tailed macaques. These monkeys can be aggressive. Please leave them alone and do not feed them. Do not leave food unattended and dispose of your rubbish properly into the monkey-proof bins provided.

Marine life on the Sisters
The islands are home to some of our richest reefs. Many kinds of hard and soft corals are found here, providing shelter to an amazing variety of fishes, crabs and other marine life.

Singapore's first Marine Park!

The Sisters Islands were announced as part of Singapore's first Marine Park in Jul 2014! The Marine Park also includes the western shores of Pulau Tekukor and St John's Island. More about the Marine Park and about public walks at Sisters Islands on the wild shores of singapore blog and NParks website.

More tips for visitors
There is no ferry to the Sisters Islands. To visit, you will need to charter a fast work boat from Marina South Pier. Rates will have to be negotiated with the operator which depends on their availability and diesel prices among others. The work boats operate 24-hours, but the booking desks at the Pier only opens during office hours. The work boats generally service business for ships in our harbour. These boats are not intended for leisure trips and are not designed for comfort.

Current around the Sisters Islands are very strong and swimming is not advisable outside the swimming lagoons.

There are wild monkeys on both islands. Please do NOT feed the monkeys and ensure you safeguard all personal belongings as the monkeys may carry them off and disperse contents of bags over a wide area.

More about preparing for a trip to the shores
More FAQs about visiting the shores
How to take photos on the shores.


Field guides and references
FREE photos of marine life at the Sisters Islands. Make your own badge here.
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