Special tips for photography on the shores

On your shore trip, take nothing but photographs!

And take photos without harming nature.

Don't pursue the perfect photograph at the expense of the welfare of the plants and animals you are photographing.

Do photograph animals where you found them. It is more natural and less stressful to them.

Be patient. Don't catch, dig up or harass animals to get the perfect shot. Most will simply hide and not re-emerge for some time. If the conditions don’t allow for a good photograph, leave the animal alone. There may be another opportunity later on during your visit.

Do watch where your step as you are looking for the best angle.

Never take an animal home to photograph. It will die.

The Ordinary is Extra-ordinary! Great photos can be taken even with an ordinary compact camera. Great photos can be taken of even ordinary and common animals. The most important tool is a keen eye for detail. Many of our shore's inhabitants are well-camouflaged and expert at remaining undetected. The online guide has lots of tips on spotting them. Tread carefully and stop ever so often to scan the area around you. Look at everything carefully. Look out for unusual movements.

Pool Problems: Pools are often where the most interesting creatures may be found. Reflections on the water surface from the sun results in white spots that might spoil your picture. Reflections from your flash will cause the same problem. For things underwater, take the photo at an angle (about 30 degrees) to minimise such reflections.

Don't step into the pool. It will stir up the sediments which clouds up the water.

Care of Equipment: Seawater will ruin equipment, films and batteries. Be careful! When squatting down to take a photo, be aware of where your camera is so it does not accidentally dip into the water. Bring a large plastic bag for your equipment in case of rain.

Nicky Bay has an awesome post on macro photography ethics that apply to seashore and other nature photorgaphy efforts.

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