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  Global issues: wild birds and bird flu
issues, policies, impact and other diseases and wildlife

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Mutated bird flu virus can infect humans more easily
Straits Times 6 Oct 07

Dramatic changes in global meat production could increase risk of diseases FAO 17 Sep 07

Project to help Indonesia tackle bird flu finally takes off Administrative problems had delayed scheme to be set up at Tangerang By Salim Osman Straits Times 10 Sep 07

H5N1 virus may pose less danger to wild birds: new findings Channel NewsAsia 3 Sep 07

Growing health threats demand global response: WHO
Channel NewsAsia 23 Aug 07

New bat virus sickens three in Malaysian family
Yahoo News 28 Jun 07

SM Goh calls for pragmatic leadership to meet global challenges Channel NewsAsia 25 Jun 07

Deadly Bird Flu Kills Six Wild Birds, Germany Says
PlanetArk 26Jun 07

Dead magpie tested positive for bird flu virus in Hong Kong Yahoo News 8 Jun 07

Bird flu seen waning but pandemic risk still high
Yahoo News 31 May 07

Indonesia's bird flu policy centre stage at WHO assembly Channel NewsAsia 15 Apr 07

Singapore, US to help Indonesia fight bird flu outbreak
Channel NewsAsia 9 Apr 07

Bird flu may spread from Indonesia, Egypt, Nigeria: FAO
Yahoo News 2 Apr 07

How fast can we rush flu drugs to Cambodia? WHO, Asean to coordinate mock transfer of Tamiflu from S'pore to Cambodia Tan Hui Leng Today Online 28 Mar 07

Indonesia lifts WHO bird flu samples ban
Channel NewsAsia 28 Mar 07

WHO trying to get bird flu vaccine agreement
By Maggie Fox Yahoo News 20 Mar 07

Singapore sets up new centre to enhance risk assessment capability Channel NewsAsia 19 Mar 07

Is Singapore ready if bird flu breaks out here?
Letter from Kelvin Kwan Chee Hong Straits Times 10 Mar 07

Bird Flu Experts Urge Halt to Wild Bird Trade
By Tan Ee Lyn PlanetArk 5 Mar 07

Indonesia to resume sending bird flu samples to WHO
Channel NewsAsia 17 Feb 07

US Wild-Bird Survey Finds no Evidence of H5N1
Story by Maggie Fox PlanetArk 16 Feb 07

Philippines on migratory bird alert amid Asian bird flu upsurge Channel NewsAsia 13 Feb 07

Avian influenza in cats should be closely monitored So far no sustained virus transmission in cats or from cats to humans FAO 8 Feb 07

Critics of Indonesia bird flu ban accept valid point
By Tan Ee Lyn Yahoo News 8 Feb 07

Time to talk turkey on bird flu battle The west has failed to back up its rhetoric by helping countries that will be on the frontline of a pandemic Today Online 8 Feb 07

WHO warns against false sense of security on bird flu
Channel NewsAsia 5 Feb 07

Indonesia to declare bird flu a national disaster Virus endemic in chickens there; ban imposed on raising fowl in living areas By Salim Osman, Indonesia Correspondent Straits Times 2 Feb 07

Small changes stop flu virus spread, study finds
By Maggie Fox, Health and Science Editor
Yahoo News 1 Feb 07

Malaysia issues top bird flu alert
Channel NewsAsia 25 Jan 07

Disaster? That's our line
UNSW Asia's research centre will respond to health threats and disasters, Lee U-Wen Today Online 20 Jan 07

Rash of bird flu cases across Asia raises alarm
Health officials fear repeat of last year's resurgence, when virus hit 30 countries Straits Times 17 Jan 07

WHO warns of bird-flu resurgence
Today Online 13 Jan 07
Flu fears Today Online 15 Jan 07
Asia on high alert for bird flu resurgence
Channel NewsAsia 14 Jan 07

Bird flu, climate change among Asia's threats
Channel NewsAsia 8 Jan 07

Scientists criticize bird flu search
By Libby Quaid Yahoo News 4 Dec 06

Wild birds can spread bird flu to people
By Mike Stobbe Yahoo News 28 Jul 06

Global alert system set up for animal-human diseases: WHO Channel NewsAsia 25 Jul 06

UGA researchers find that hunting can increase the severity of wildlife disease epidemics Sam Fahmy EurekAlert 14 Jul 06

Amid Bird Flu, Activists Plead for Humane US Culling
Story by Jill Serjeant PlanetArk 6 Jun 06

Free as a bird--or under surveillance?
Plan for global wild birds tracking system
FAO website 1 Jun 06

Wild Birds Role Unclear in Spreading Bird Flu - FAO
PlanetArk 1 Jun 06

China reports two new avian flu outbreaks among migratory birds ChannelnewsAsia 24 May 06

Experts eat crow over predictions of bird flu outbreak in Europe ChannelnewsAsia 12 May 06

Smugglers Spreading Bird Flu, Experts Warn
Brian Handwerk National Geographic 9 May 06

Poultry Shipments Also Likely Spread Bird Flu, Expert Says
By Tan Ee Lyn, Reuters ENN 4 May 06

No Need to Cull Wild Birds to Stop Birdflu: Expert
Story by Maggie Fox PlanetArk 24 Apr 06

Bird flu's 'risk to biodiversity'
By Helen Briggs BBC Online 19 Apr 06

Deadly bird flu strain could be hard to spot in migratory birds Written by Lauran Neergaard PlanetSave 21 Apr 06

Restoring Wetlands Key to Curbing Bird Flu - Report
Story by Marie-Louise Gumuchian PlanetArk 12 Apr 06

Activists Flock to Kenya for Migratory Bird Day
Story by Marie-Louise Gumuchian PlanetArk 10 Apr 06

More birds surrendered 48 birds handed over to the AVA between January and March Tan Hui Leng Today Online 7 Apr 06

Bird Flu Poses Fresh Threat to Endangered Species
Story by Ed Stoddard PlanetArk 23 Mar 06

S'pore ruffled by threat of bird flu Teo Xuanwei
Today Online 1 Mar 06

Factory farms blamed for spread of bird flu
By Geoffrey Lean The Independent 26 Feb 06

Reality takes wing over bird flu
Viewpoint of Leon Bennun BBC 17 Feb 06

Swans Not Big Culprit in Spread of Bird Flu in EU
Story by Anna Mudeva PlanetArk 17 Feb 06

West Africa Wild Birds Under Scrutiny in Flu Checks
PlanetArk 15 Feb 06

Hong Kong Government Says Found More H5N1 Flu in Dead Birds Story by John Ruwitch PlanetArk 2 Feb 06

Romanians Torture and Kill Wild Birds Near Danube
PlanetArk 1 Feb 06

US Watching Wild Birds for Spread of Bird Flu
Story by Christopher Doering PlanetArk 30 Jan 06

Wild bird flu blame 'too hasty'
BBC 24 Jan 06

Wild birds: vectors or victims of avian flu?
By Ed Stoddard Reuters AlertNet 24 Jan 06

Dead bird tests positive for bird flu in Hong Kong
Channel NewsAsia 19 Jan 06

The environmental dimension behind the avian flu pandemic
UNEP 18 Jan 06

Lift import ban on ornamental birds from Malaysia
Letter from Mark Tan Chin Hung
The Straits Times Forum Online 12 Jan 06

Turkey reports bird flu in ducks
Channel NewsAsia 7 Jan 06

Christmas trees offer defence against bird flu
Channel NewsAsia 29 Dec 05

UN Vet Dismisses Fish Farming as Bird Flu Risk
PlanetArk 29 Dec 05

Various animal diseases turned Singapore into hot zone for infections By Hasnita A Majid Channel NewsAsia 21 Dec 05

Flu fears as thousands of migratory birds die in Malawi
by AFP Channel NewsAsia 17 Dec 05

Free from bird flu, but keep your guard up
Reply from AVA Today Online 17 Dec 05

Europe Relaxes Bird Flu Measures as Migration Ends
Story by Michael Hogan PlanetArk 15 Dec 05

Birds have right to poo too
Letter from Tan Chek Wee Today Online 13 Dec 05

Noisy birds roosting in trees: a danger?
Letter from Lim Boon Hee Today Online 12 Dec 05

Row over wild birds' flu role
BBC 8 Dec 05

Role of Wild Birds in Avian Flu Spread Questioned
Story by Ed Stoddard PlanetArk 9 Dec 05

Shanghai Stops Songbird Sales
Story by Lucy Hornby PlanetArk 30 Nov 05

FAO warns against killing wild birds to fight bird flu
FAO 29 Nov 05

Bird-Flu Fears Spur Sales of Star Anise Spice
Brian Handwerk National Geographic 28 Nov 05

Experts Say Flu Fears Over Wild Birds Over-Stated
Story by Alice Hung PlanetArk 28 Nov 05

Vietnam City Poisons Pigeons to Prevent Bird Flu
Additional reporting by Richard Waddington in Geneva
PlanetArk 28 Nov 05

Wild birds with H5 avian flu virus found in eastern Canada Channel NewsAsia 26 Nov 05 35

Should educate people on bird flu rather than seize pet chickens
Letter from Dr Tan Chek Wee Straits Times Forum Online 26 Nov 05 AVA

How can AVA take away my pet chickens without telling me? Letter from Leong Mei Lin (Ms)
Straits Times Forum Online 25 Nov 05

Jurong BirdPark has strict bio-security measures against bird flu
Reply from Jurong BirdPark The Straits Times Forum Online 22 Nov 05

UN to Set Up Bird Flu Early Warning System baed on migratory birds Story by Nita Bhalla PlanetArk 21 Nov 05

Bird Import Ban May Worsen Flu Epidemic - UN Official
Story by Nita Bhalla PlanetArk 21 Nov 05

Canada discovers H5N1 avian flu virus in wild birds
Channel NewsAsia 20 Nov 05

Singapore steps up bird flu tests among local and migratory birds
By Rita Zahara Channel NewsAsia 17 Nov 05
Bird flu checks for migratory birds stepped up
The Straits Times 18 Nov 05
Singapore steps up testing of wild birds for bird flu as winter season approaches
Lee Ching Wern Today Online 18 Nov 05

Can Jurong BirdPark be kept safe from infection by migratory birds? The Straits Times Forum Online 18 Nov 05

More Singaporeans opting for organic food since bird flu scare
By Rita Zahara, Channel NewsAsia Channel NewsAsia 17 Nov 05

Animal rights group launches bird flu campaign on Orchard Road
By Margaret Perry Channel NewsAsia 17 Nov 05

The best hope of curbing human bird flu
by Michael Richardson The Straits Times 16 Nov 05

Climate Change Could Spread Plague - Scientists
Story by James Kilner PlanetArk 15 Nov 05

Some 100 dead pigeons spotted at Clementi Ave 1
By May Wong Channel NewsAsia 15 Nov 05

Over 50 birds die in British quarantine from bird flu
Channel NewsAsia 15 Nov 05

Want to Stop the superbugs? Stop using chemicals
Lim Tian Soo Today Online 15 Nov 05

Bird flu and the high cost of chicken factory farms
by Peter Singer The Straits Times, 12 Nov 05

Culling, food disposal needed to rein in crows
Reply by NEA Straits Times Forum Online 11 Nov 05

Are there rules against feeding crows, pigeons?
Letter from Jonathan Cheng Hern Sinn
Straits Times Forum Online 9 Nov 05

MM: Bird flu can cost S'pore dearly
Chow Penn Nee Today Online 8 Nov 05

Singapore's Bird Park Turns Chickens into Flu Police
Story by Fayen Wong PlanetArk 7 Nov 05

NEA has ongoing crow management programme
Reply from NEA Straits Times Forum Online 7 Nov 05

Find other ways to curb crow population
Letter from Jaipal Singh Gill Straits Times Forum Online 4 Nov 05

Wild birds help to create human flu vaccine
Wildlife Conservation Society Eurekalert 3 Nov 05

Close tabs kept on bird reserve for avian flu
Reply from AVA and SBWR Straits Times Forum Online 3 Nov 05

Don't worry, my birds are very clean
By Tay Shian The New Paper 1 Nov 05

IUCN urges governments to tackle the root causes of shared animal-human diseases IUCN website 1 Nov 05

HK's bird sanctuary a popular site despite avian flu fears
By Steven Jiang Channel NewsAsia 1 Nov 05

Cull crows to prevent spread of bird flu
Letter from Andrew Seow Chwee Guan
Straits Times Forum Online 1 Nov 05

Avian flu danger: Please don't feed the birds
Letter from Margaret Tan (Miss) Straits Times Forum Online 31 Oct 05

No proof of link between cats and bird flu
Letter from Dawn Kua Director of Operations Cat Welfare Society Today Online 31 Oct 05

How to stop bird flu
By Jacques Diouf, FAO Director-General
UN FAO website 28 Oct 05

Singapore remains free from bird flu, dead mynahs found poisoned: AVA By Pearl Forss Channel NewsAsia 29 Oct 05

Bird Danger
Letter from Ken Leong Chi-Yung
Straits Times Forum Online 27 Oct 05

AVA ups checks on migratory birds to keep avian flu at bay
By Valarie Tan Channel NewsAsia 27 Oct 05

Britain suspects bird flu infection originated from Taiwan
Channel NewsAsia 24 Oct 05

Britain calls for EU ban on wild birds after parrot dies of bird flu Channel NewsAsia 23 Oct 05

Culling wild birds to stop bird flu 'dangerous and wrong': BirdLife International People and Planet 22 Oct 05

Sick pigeons a worry
Letter from Azman Abdullah
Straits Times Forum Online 21 Oct 05

Bird flu puts pressure on vulnerable species
Reuters MSNBC website 20 Oct 05

Is bird flu in Europe linked to migratory birds?
Melanie Yip, Perspective Radio Singapore International 15 Oct 05

killing machines?
Experts dread the day a human with flu meets a bird that is sick
Tan Hui Leng Today Online 15 Oct 05

Wetlands International Position Statement on Avian Influenza Wetlands International 10 Oct 05 from nature-singapore

"Bird Flu" Similar to Deadly 1918 Flu, Gene Study Finds
by Brian Handwerk for National Geographic News
National Geographic 5 Oct 05

Avian flu: blame factory farming, says report
People and Planet website 29 Sep 05

Southeast Asian officials discuss ways to shield agriculture from bird flu, other threats
Written by Jim Gomez PlanetSave 26 Sep 05

US launches campaign against Asian wildlife trade amid bird flu threat Channel NewsAsia 24 Sep 05

India to keep close watch on migratory birds for deadly flu
Channel NewsAsia, 14 Sep 05

WHO repeats warning of rapid bird flu spread
Channel NewsAsia, 6 Sep 05

Bird flu risks spreading to Europe and beyond after ravaging Asia Channel NewsAsia, 5 Sep 05

Wild birds expected to spread bird flu virus further
UN FAO website, 31 Aug 05

EU Sees Bird Migration Low Risk for Passing on Flu
Story by Jeremy Smith PlanetArk website, 23 Aug 05

Group Questions whether Wild Birds Carry much Flu
Story by Maggie Fox, Health and Science Correspondent PlanetArk website, 19 Aug 05

Bird Flu Harmful to Humans Found in Siberia - Paper
Migratory birds from Southeast Asia suspected
PlanetArk website, 1 Aug 05

Migratory birds died from avian flu in China
Channel NewsAsia, 22 May 05

Singapore Government Bird Flu website
World Health Organisation avian flu website with latest updates, links, additional info and an FAQ about the avian flu.
Channel NewsAsia fact file on bird flu from AFP
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