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sungei buloh wetland reserve Here are some nature events and activities that held weekly or monthly. Just because they are regularly held doesn't mean they are boring the second time around.

Wild places have seasonal changes that make every visit fresh and exciting! New animals are encountered, different plants are flowering. Visits earlier in the day are also different from visits in the evening.

Those who regularly re-visit are often rewarded with special sights and insights into the full splendour of our nature places.

To view these activities by location

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve Buloh is more than birds. Guided walks introduce you to the strange mangrove trees that stand on stilts, crabs that climb trees, and fish that frolick out of the water. Equally fascinating plants and animals inhabit the freshwater wetlands. If you are lucky, you might spot the family of otters that live at the Reserve, or the crocodile! more
Bukit Timah Nature Reserve Guided walks take you along the short South View trail for a quick introduction to the rainforest. You will learn more about the amazing plant life in a rainforest and how everything fits remarkably together. The trail goes mostly uphill with steps cut into the ground. It is suitable for reasonably fit adults and children, but not for those with walking difficulties. more
Lower Peirce Boardwalk A leisurely stroll along this 900m boardwalks take you through the forest then along the edge of the Reservoir. So you will encounter a wide range of wildlife from forest to aquatic creatures. And enjoy wonderful panaromas of waters surrounding by luxuriant forest. Shaded by the forest, the walk is pleasantly cool. more
MacRitchie Prunus Trail Enjoy breath-taking views of the reservoir and the surrounding forests on this boardwalk that hugs the reservoir. Explore freshwater wildlife, take a closer look at plants include the intriguing Ant plant (Macaranga sp.) and pitcher plants and learn more about our forests. If you are lucky, you might spot the White-breasted fish eagle, or kingfishers. Sometimes, the Flying lemur (Colugo) fast asleep high up on a tree! more
Singapore Botanic Gardens Rainforest Trail
A fabulously easy introduction to a rainforest! Right in the heart of the city, within minutes of Orchard Road, this is the oldest remnant of rainforest in Singapore! A guided walk through shady, paved paths introduces you to strangling figs, a tree vital in fighting AIDs and other strange plants and animals. more
Evolution Garden Tour, Singapore Botanic Gardens Journey through time with our volunteer guides in this one-hour tour. Bizarre plants, bubbling pools of hot lava and lots of other things you wouldn't expect to see in a botanic garden!
Free painting with Pui San at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve Usually held every last Sunday of the month, Pui San welcomes artists of all ages or anyone who wants to learn. His objective is to encourage creativity while enjoying nature at the same time. Bring along your favourite drawing or painting supplies. More about Pui San.
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