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bukit timah nature reserve
  Bukit Timah Nature Reserve
Guided walk on 5 Sep 04

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Photo Number 1 What a great way to enjoy a meal!

The Reserve was crowded when I arrived. A large group had just finished their morning walk and were enjoying their morning meal all over the carpark area.

Photo Number 2

Wondering and wandering among the tall trees. The short walk allows you get really close to the fabulous rainforest.

Photo Number 3 Fascinating bloom:

Genevie points out this flowering tree with beautiful blooms emerging from the trunk. This habit is called cauliflory and is common among rainforest trees. I forgot its scientific name as soon as she mentioned it...

Photo Number 4

Lianas are lovely: Genevie explains the important role of lianas in the rainforest.

Photo Number 5
Fun for everyone! The trail is great fun for kids of all ages.
Photo Number 6 Wow! What's that! Genevie explains yet another fascinating details about the plants found along the trail.
Photo Number 7 Beauty and the Beast: A young visitor admires the Bat Lily in bloom. What a strange flower!
Photo Number 8 So much to see! Look here, and there...birds, trees, plants. Wow.
Photo Number 9 Never too young! Here must be our youngest visitor! Dad is also having fun.
Photo Number 10 Tall tree: Dad with a tall tall Keruing. And we hope it will still be there when junior brings his children to the forest.
Photo Number 11
Well dressed on the trail: A Japanese group. Coming down from the hill and they still look impeccable. While the rest of us are sweating like pigs.
Photo Number 12

The Pen is Mighty! Especially this one! What a great way to make sure pens
don't walk away from the visitor counter :-)

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