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  Channelnews Asia 19 Apr 06
Monkey rescued from captivity repatriated to India
By Asha Popatlal, Channel NewsAsia

A young rhesus macaque of Indian origin, smuggled probably by animal traders to Singapore, finally went home on Friday. The monkey, named Asha, was held as an exotic pet before she was rescued from captivity by animal activists in 2004.

Louis Ng, Executive Director of Animal Concerns Research and Education Society, said: "When we first found Asha, she was chained up just outside the warehouse area. So it was in pretty horrible condition. There wasn't much shelter from the sun or the rain and also she was really fat, which means lack of exercise because they chained her up with quite a short leash."

Zoo officials estimate Asha to be about 15 years old, which would make her middle-aged. Asha has been living in the zoo for the past 20 months while letters and appeals flew back and forth to find her a permanent home. She finally headed to the Wildlife SOS Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre in New Delhi on Friday.

Mr Ng said: "Wildlife SOS will be doing the reintegration. They will introduce her to another rhesus macaque and see if she recognises and, maybe, they start to touch each other.....but it's a very long process because in the past few years she has never seen another monkey and it will take some time for her to recognise that this is actually her own kind." - CNA/ir

Animal Concerns Research and Education Society ACRES is dedicated to the issue of wildlife trade in Singapore

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