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  Straits Times Online 25 Oct 06
Name the companies which light fires and cause the haze
Letter from Choy Kah Wai

The annual haze has been around for many years. It is apparent that the governments of Indonesia and neighbouring countries have been ineffective in dealing with the haze. It is time that the people do something about the problem.

For a start I suggest that the relevant authorities release the names of companies that are causing the haze.

With today's satellite technology it is not difficult to pinpoint where the hot spots are and on whose estates they are burning.

It would be helpful if some non-governmental organisations or journalists take up the challenge and compile a list of companies, the products (including the end products) and brand names associated with them, and the number of hot spots on their land.

The consumers can then decide whether to support these companies and their products.

I am sure the combined strength of consumers in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore will be more effective than any government effort.

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