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  Heritage Trees of Singapore
and trees in Singapore in general

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Whither the trees?
Letter from Albano Daminato and Lisa Garris
Today Online 6 Nov 07

Singaporeans can join Plant-A-Tree Programme
Channel NewsAsia 3 Nov 07

Chainsaw massacre: loss of big trees in urban areas
By Tom Geoghegan BBC 24 Sep 07

Remembering a landmark
Lorraine Chee Straits Times 10 Sep 07

100 trees planted in Kent Ridge Park to tackle global warming Channel NewsAsia 29 Aug 07

NParks plans new measures to prevent mishaps
Leong Wee Keat Today Online 27 Jul 07

NParks has regular tree-care programme
Reply from Simon Longman
Director, Streetscape National Parks Board
Straits Times Forum 26 Jul 07

Check huge, tall trees growing near roads
Letter from Wong Yew Kwan Straits Times Forum 24 Jul 07

Much greenery at aerospace saved
Letter from Kelly Wee Director, Communications Department, JTC Corporation Today Online 23 Jul 07

Help save Katong Park and heritage tree on it
Letter from Jack Sim Juek Wah Straits Times Forum 23 Jul 07

A parting letter from Ang Sar Nah
Letter from Tham Chen Munn Straits Times Forum 18 Jul 07

Spare bodhi tree that's 100 years old
Letter from Ng Siek Moi (Mdm) Straits Times 18 Jul 07

The Braddell Tree: It's like losing a friend
By Andre Yeo The New Paper 17 Jul 07

Keep Seletar green
Letter from George Pasqual Today Online 17 Jul 07

Goodbye, Earth; Hi, Green Heaven
By Jamie Ee Business Times 13 Jul 07

Responses to plan to cut down Braddell Angsana tree
No way to get drivers to slow down: LTA
By T. Rajan Straits Times 13 Jul 07
Spare the tree, educate motorists
Letter from thomas lim pai tong Today Online 13 Jul 07

Braddell Rd Angsana tree to be removed after 'near accidents' Channel NewsAsia 11 Jul 07

Helping native plants bloom: School finds namesake tree
By Michelle Neo Straits Times 9 Jul 07

Tree's Company A group of nature lovers has put together a book to remember and celebrate the old trees at Bukit Timah campus By Ho Ai Li Straits Times 8 Jul 07

Seletar's new (old) face Masterplan for new aerospace park will preserve some 200 bungalows, rare trees Valarie Tan and Lin Yanqin Today Online 27 Jun 07

Strike a balance between loving nature and modern living
Letter from Richard Goh Chee Kok
Straits Times Forum 22 Jun 07

Don't take our lovely trees for granted
Letter from Yap Yang Ming Straits Times 20 Jun 07

Many fine Tembusu trees
Letter from Chen Sen Lenn Straits Times 16 Jun 07

For the love of the tembusu
Letter from Shawn K. Y. Lum Straits Times 9 Jun 07

Resorts World at Sentosa launches tree conservation programme Channel NewsAsia 13 Jun 07

NParks has trained arborists to tend to trees
Reply from Dr Leong Chee Chiew Chief Operating Officer and Commissioner, Parks & Recreation National Parks Board
Straits Times 12 Jun 07

Angsanas and raintrees too tall for comfort
Letter from Thomas Hwang Liang Keng Straits Times 12 Jun 07

Who looks after trees not under NParks' care?
Letter from Richard Goh Chee Kok Straits Times 11 Jun 07

Nature guide calls for more regular checks along Tree Top Walk Channel NewsAsia 9 Jun 07

NParks to continue to boost tree-maintenance programme
Letter from NParks Straits Times 6 Jun 07

Nature lovers continue trekking
Sheralyn Tay Today Online 2 Jun 07

Man dies after being hit by fallen branch near Tree Top Walk Channel NewsAsia 31 May 07

Fewer trees are falling
NParks staff paying closer attention to defects in trees
Sheralyn Tay Today Online 30 May 07

Conserve green areas in HDB estates
Letter from Thierry Tan Today Online 24 May 07

Time for a health report on S'pore trees
Letter from Jeffrey Law Lee Beng Today Online 22 May 07

Letters about falling trees
Watch out, falling trees can happen anywhere
Letter from Chong Seow Kheng Straits Times Forum 4 Jun 07
Insurance plan to protect victims of falling trees?
NParks should check soil around big trees
Letter from Richard Goh Chee Kok Straits Times Forum 23 May 07
Letter from Goh Kian Huat Today Online 18 May 07
NParks should act to prevent future accidents
Letter from Albert Tay Beng Guan Today Online 18 May 07

Bishan Family Park - a plea from the trees
Letter from Jo Marion Seow (Mrs) Straits Times 18 May 07

Heavy rain, strong winds caused tree to fall in nature reserve Channel NewsAsia 16 May 07

Woman dies after being pinned under fallen tree
Channel NewsAsia 15 May 07

Trees cut for road works are replaced with new ones Reply from Naleeza Ebrahim (Ms) Deputy Director, Media Relations Land Transport Authority Straits Times 16 Apr 07

Save our only 100-year-old bodhi tree
Letter from Ng Siek Moi (Mdm) Straits Times 11 Apr 07

500 trees planted to ease Sembawang residents' dust problem Channel NewsAsia 8 Apr 07

Spare a tree and I will give up my car
Letter from Chong Chin Onn Straits Times 6 Apr 07

Build IR, but spare 3ha forest
by Joseph Lai Tuck Kwong Straits Times 17 Mar 07

Not Just 'A Few Plants' How Sentosa Forest or any forest should be defined, Joseph Lai's response to this ST article on his eart-h.com website.

Build the IR, but Spare the Few Plants on the tidechaser blog

Hey, the trees are marked
By Teo Cheng Wee Straits Times 11 Mar 07

Tree with historical significance pruned illegally
By Wong Mun Wai Channel NewsAsia 30 Nov 06

Show courtesy before felling trees
Letter from Ananda Perera Straits Times Online 16 Oct 06

Check trees more regularly
Letter from Ang Hak Heng Straits Times Online 13 Oct 06

Trees cut down were infested with termites
Reply from MOE Straits Times Online 9 Oct 06

Why cut down the old trees in Ang Mo Kio?
Letter from Jackie Lau Wai Wan (Ms)
Straits Times Forum 27 Sep 06

Dreadful if Singapore forests have to make way for urbanisation Letter from Joyce Chng Siok Hwee (Ms)
Straits Times Forum 27 Sep 05

Visitors flock to temple's old tree
by Tan Hui Yee The Straits Times 19 Aug 06

Want Orchard Road buzz? Cut down the trees
by Ignatius Low The Straits Times 4 Jun 06

161 trees in Singapore designated as Heritage Trees
By Patwant Singh Channelnews Asia 14 May 06

Save 100-year-old Bodhi tree: Will the authorities be swayed by non-economic arguments? Letter from Tan Swee Ann Straits Times Forum Online 2 May 06

Save both the Bodhi tree and the temple
Letter from Ng Chin Guan Straits Times Forum Online 27 Apr 06

NParks starts register to track rising number of heritage trees
by Jean Loo The Straits Times 23 Apr 06

100-year-old tree may save temple
by Arti Mulchand The Straits Times 21 Apr 06

Roads given the rub of the green
LTA projects planned to minimise felling of trees
Letter from LTA and NParks Today Online 20 Apr 06

Angsana tree along Braddell Road centre of attention
By Ng Bao Ying Channel NewsAsia 5 Feb 06

Split a road, save a tree
by Lee Sze Yong The Straits Times, 18 Dec 05

3 years on...6 trees return to their roots at Bras Basah
The Straits Times, 15 Mar 05

THREE mature rain trees between 60 and 80 years old at the junction of Holland Road and Holland Avenue will be chopped down to make way for the MRT station there by Goh Chin Lian The Straits Times, 26 Feb 05

Trees had to go due to road widening
Reply in Letters to the Straits Times, 18 Feb 05

Roads now safe havens for trees
by Tan Hui Yee The Straits Times, 12 Feb 05

Protect mature trees, no matter where they grow
Why were trees felled for no apparent reason?

Letters to The Straits Times Forum Page, 11 Feb 05

"Preserve scarce countryside" and
"Heritage road under threat"
The Straits Times, Letters to the Forum Page, 28 Jan 05

Towards a city in a garden: House approves Bill to strengthen nature conservation efforts Today, 26 Jan 05

Heritage roads laws were changed to conserve scenic, tree-lined roads and save mature trees from being recklessly chopped down. by Joyce Teo The Straits Times, 26 Jan 05

Developers, contractors face stiffer fines for chopping down protected trees
By Wong Siew Ying Channel NewsAsia, 25 Jan 05

More links
What is a Heritage Tree? What is the current list of Heritage Trees? How can I nominate a tree for the Heritage Tree scheme? Details on the NParks website with an online form to nominate a heritage tree.

More about the Hopea Sangal tree that got chopped down on Siva's habitatnews

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Bukit Timah Nature Reserve guided walk
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