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  Straits Times 10 Sep 07
Remembering a landmark
Lorraine Chee

The days are numbered for these mysterious trees at the Bidadari park (former cemetery), which has been set aside for future housing development.

While being on a photographic expedition in the area enabled me to capture this moment on film, it's no substitute for a physical reminder of the past.

Perhaps it will do the younger generation a great deal of good to leave some of these landmarks around, lest we forget our heritage, and take this nation's history for granted.

I guess it's almost fitting that the Singapore-shaped crown of these trees sits on a plot that was used to remember our ancestors.

Gentle reminders from the past are always humbling, and somehow, I feel it makes me appreciate what I have more.

Lorraine Chee, 23, is a final-year visual communications student at Temasek Polytechnic

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