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As the moblog period comes to a close, I look back and realise more than 50 people have agreed to share their stories with the nation.

Coming from all walks of life, of all ages, they share a deep passion for our wild places and have made a difference.

Putting together their stories has been particularly moving for me. These gentle people prefer to work quietly, without fanfare and are very shy about their achievements. I am deeply grateful for their trust in sharing their innermost thoughts.

Each has done so in the hope that others will realise that they too can make their difference. As Kok Leong said: "there is a hidden naturalist in every person".

Personally for me, it has been a precious gift to read and learn more about these wild people that I've come to know. As Zeehan said: "I actually got to know my friends a bit more. We never question why and how we get involved with nature". Dionne added: "It has been real fun sharing with others my experiences as well as to read what others have to offer."

Working for nature can sometimes be lonely, but now I know I am not alone. As Debby said: "I got to learn about all these people out there who were making a difference in their own little ways, and discover that there're so many wonderful people out there who believe that differences can be made with what skills they have and that's it's worth trying".

More importantly, there are so many younger people too, who care and who are already making a huge difference. As Subaraj said: "so many individuals who are out there quietly working for what we all love so dearly. I now feel so old looking at all those young faces out there!!!"

What is even more amazing is that the people featured here are just a tiny tip of the iceberg.

For every one of them, there are many many more wild people who make equally significant contributions.

Many are too modest about their contributions, others are too shy, most are dreadfully busy. And many many more I don't know well enough to beg to bare their souls to the nation. :-)

Among those who refuse to be acknowledged is one person whose contribution I feel I must mention. He has made it possible for us to visit some shores during this year's super low tides that would otherwise not be documented until next year's low tides begin in April.

Such kind acts, which may appear simple to the giver, make a tremendous difference to our wild places and the efforts of people who try to make a difference for them.

To these wonderful people. Thank you!

Siva, as always, sums it up best: "The moblog was a wonderful means for me to comment and thank just few of the many people who have worked tirelessly for nature, to ensure we have some of it to pass on and to treasure, understand and share the places we still have today.

We haven't used a lot of money to get things done, but heart and soul are invaluable resources, and making the first move - learning about nature yourself first or guiding your friend for starters - has turned out to be very important."

Want to read more about the people featured on Wild Lives?

On the right are quick links to each of the 50 or so people featured on the moblog over the last month.

Mouse over to see their names, and click for a link to the website version of their story.
yang kuang: guide victor yue: nature-singapore moderator kok leong: guide, wildfilms crew
joseph lai: eart-h pioneer priscilla: guide, wildfilms crew dr paolo: monkey island pioneer
debby; protector of pulau hantu tse-lynn: blue water volunteers leader zeehan: researcher, educator and guide
tom: wildfilms director kwok wai: photographer and webmaster subaraj: naturalist, guide
david: photographer, educator chay hoon: guide, wildflims crew mindy: protector of labrador
alvin: wildfilms consultant zaki: guide, educator jacqueline: leader, guide, photographer
nick: leader, webmaster, photographer isaac: photographer choon beng: animal activist, wildfilms crew
beng chiak: educator pui san: artist, guide siew chin: researcher, guide
yandi: guide, wildfilms crew keith: leader, guide si guim: educator, guide
ley kun: guide angeline: leader, guide dr chua ee kiam: educator, author, photographer, guide
joseph koh: researcher, educator, author, photographer siva: researcher, educator, author, guide jani: researcher, leader, guide
bee choo: entrepreneur, educator morten: entrepreneur, author, educator, guide dionne: researcher, educator, guide
adrian: researcher, guide grant: wild force of nature edie: guide
norman: researcher, guide alan: guide cheng puay: educator, guide
abigayle: researcher, volunteer vilma: educator, leader robin: guide, wildfilms crew
dr raju: researcher, volunteer amy: researcher, guide airani: leader, guide
ai lin: guide wild staff at nparks ria: guide
volunteers at the Chek Jawa transect 2004  
More on how YOU can make a difference too...
Posted by EckKheng Posted on 28/08/04 08:08
Thanks, Ria, for showing us that there are so many people who are dedicated to caring for, documenting and teaching about Singapore's wild places. You all have shown that small does not mean insignificant. Indeed, because we have so little, there is so much more reason to treasure it. I salute everyone of you, the wild people of our land. Maju-lah!

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