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  our wild singapore: Kent Ridge Park
mms upload for 16 Aug 04 (Mon)

16/08/04 13:13 Kent Ridge Park #1:
I was hoping to visit Bishan Park today but it was pouring when I got there so I drove back, and the sun was shining again. So I nipped by this little part of Kent Ridge Park on the way back. It's another portion of the park with a little known access near Science Park I.
16/08/04 13:15 Kent Ridge Park #2:
A short walkway leads to large pond ringed with tall trees and wild growths. The pond is full of fishes and (sadly) released introduced turtles...
16/08/04 13:15 Kent Ridge Park #3:
It's a lovely place for office workers nearby to relax during lunch break. Joggers often come by in the evening to run the trails.
16/08/04 13:16 Kent Ridge Park #4:
And basking in the sun is a representative of the aforementioned introduced turtles...
16/08/04 13:17 Kent Ridge Park #5:
A little further down is another pond, covered with wonderful water plants with tiny yellow flowers. Tall pines seem abundant here and perfume the air with their typical fragrance.
Posted by kllow14 Posted on 18/08/04 13:36
Wow, i never expect Kent Ridge to be such a nice place. Only been to the top where the tank is. It is a great stopover for driving trips around Singapore.
16/08/04 13:20 Kent Ridge Park #6:
I take the steps up the hillsides that run into a little forest.
16/08/04 13:21 Kent Ridge Park #7:
At the top, not much of view as the trees are very tall. But I came across a Magpie Robin, a native bird that used to be among the top 10 most common birds. It has since been pushed nearly to extinction by the introduction of mynahs.
Posted by kllow14 Posted on 18/08/04 13:38 Tell me more. You mean the mynahs are introduced? From where? How are they pushed? Is it a fight for food?

Posted by Ria Posted on 18/08/04 14:34 So glad you asked. The whole story is on my website about the birds of Sungei Buloh. It's a rather scary story about how easy it is to lose something you think is so common. That's why we need to appreciate and try to conserve what we have; and raise awareness of the serious implications of release of non-native animals into our wild places.

Posted by kllow14 Posted on 18/08/04 23:56 I read all about it on website provided. Have to take my hat of and salute you. Always have a proof to your points. Not bluff bluff one. But mynahs is only part of the cause. But if given a choice, i would rather the Magpie Robins to the Mynahs.

Posted by voyager Posted on 19/08/04 00:57
Same... But don't forget the reason that the mynahs and the crows ended up here in the first place. Poor native life has no way to compete with the invaders!
16/08/04 13:22 Kent Ridge Park #8:
A quick view of the the dense growth of young trees before I rush of back...as usual. Late again :-(

Kent Ridge Park is at Vigilante Drive off South Bueno Vista Road location map
More about Kent Ridge Park on habitatnews and the NParks website
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