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  our wild singapore: Kent Ridge Park
mms upload for 12 Jul 04 (Mon)

12/07/04 08:19
Stuck in the morning jam, but the serene view of mist-shrouded Bukit Timah hill keeps me sane. Did you know, Singapore is one of the few countries with a rainforest in the city?
12/07/04 13:10 Kent Ridge Park #1:
Thought I should drop by this lovely Park at lunch time.
12/07/04 13:12 Kent Ridge #2:
There's a wonderful view of the Western Coast from the Ridge. Even on an overcast day like today...
12/07/04 13:29 Kent Ridge #3:
Looks like some other people feel the same way as I do and are also chilling out here at lunchtime.
12/07/04 13:30 Kent Ridge #4:
The Park has a rich military history, hence the apparently incongruous military hardware that can be found at various parts of the Park.
12/07/04 13:30 Kent Ridge Park #5:
But where is the wild parts, you say? They are everywhere, starting from the roadside. Amongst the wonders you might encounter are pitcher plants...but I didn't have to time to look for them today :-(
12/07/04 13:31 Kent Ridge Park #6 (last):
On the way back, you can always drop by the famous duck rice place for a good lunch :-) Today the parking doesn't seem to be as crazy as usual...
jani Posted on 22/07/04 14:25
DUCK RICE!!!!! Mmmm..... fantastic duck rice... Ok, I'm drooling just thinking about it! *drool*

Ria Posted on 23/07/04 15:51
You should try not to look too hard at the entries about food...we know what food does to you :-)

Kent Ridge Park is at Vigilante Drive off South Bueno Vista Road location map
More about Kent Ridge Park on habitatnews and the NParks website
Another mms upload on Kent Ridge Park


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